7 colorful kitchen island ideas that will bring character into your cooking space

These colorful kitchen island ideas will add vibrancy and personality in the heart of your home

Here is a colorful kitchen island with a dusky pink kitchen island, white countertops, a brown flower pendant light above it, and dark purple walls with a pink vertically tiled splashback
(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

Choosing chic colorful kitchen island ideas is a great way to make this design feature a real standout visual focus in your cooking space.

Decorating with vibrant shades will show your personality off to guests, making it an enticing place for them to gather around while you cook up a storm. From gorgeous jewel tones to clever color blocking, there are so many ways our experts advise bringing it in.

If you're searching for kitchen island ideas with oodles of character and a fan of all things bright and beautiful, these seven tips and tricks from our interior designers will be just the ticket.

Brilliant colorful kitchen island ideas

For those looking to switch up kitchen island colors and go big on boldness, it's time to get inspired.

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1. Go monochrome

A dusky blue kitchen island with three gray-blue and gold bar stools in front, large gold pendant light above it, and a brown marble splash with blue hues

(Image credit: Higham Furniture)

If you’ve fallen for a particular color, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t decorate your whole kitchen island with it.

“Make a striking statement with a colorful kitchen island painted in a bold monochromatic hue,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

“Go for vibrant shades like cobalt blue, emerald green, or fiery red to create a focal point that commands attention,” she suggests.

You can make this really shine by pairing the colorful island with neutral cabinetry (the Homfa Farmhouse Storage Cabinet from Walmart is a smart choice). 

2. Try color blocking

A kitchen with a curved dusky pink kitchen island with a white countertop, a brown flower pendant light above it, and dark purple walls with a light pink tiled splashback behind it

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

Instead of settling for just one colorful kitchen island idea, you can bring in multiple colors all at once to create interest and depth.

“This adds a dynamic visual element and can make a small kitchen appear larger due to the contrast and focal point created,” explains Nick Chatzigeorgakis, design expert and CEO of Intrabuild.

This can be done with bold and rich shades, such as with the pink above (Benjamin Moore's Palmetto Pink is similar).

“We also like to use color-blocking by sectioning different sections of the kitchen island are painted in complementary or contrasting colors,” he adds.

He says this method can cleverly create separate areas for cooking, eating, and socializing, even within a compact layout.

3. Make a splash with coastal shades

A light green kitchen island with a white countertop, two glass pendant lights above it, and a wall of blue cabinets with two black ovens

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

You can balance out colorful kitchen island colors by picking a theme that allows you to bring in neutral shades alongside it. For example, coastal kitchen island ideas are a chic choice for this.

Nina explains, “Use a combination of navy blue, sky or turquoise blue, and crisp white to evoke a beachy feel.”

Pair the colorful island with natural materials like wood or rattan (we like the Juliska Provence Rattan Medium Urn from Saks) to complete the coastal-inspired look.

4. Pick playful patterns and textures

A kitchen island with a yellow, purple, blue, and gray base, a granite worktop, a wooden breakfast bar next to it with purple and blue chairs, and red and green hanging pendant lights above it

(Image credit: Wood Works Brighton)

Can’t decide on a couple of colors? We can relate — there are too many gorgeous ones to choose from. 

Instead of uming and ahing, simply go for many colors at once with the help of patterns and textures.

“Consider using patterned tiles, mosaic designs, or textured finishes on the island's surface to create an eye-catching colorful kitchen island,” Nina says.

She adds, “Patterns can range from geometric shapes to floral motifs, depending on your style preferences.”

If you know you’re going to want to switch yours up frequently or if you’re renting, we recommend going for peel-and-stick tiles (the Walpus Peel and Stick Tiles on Wayfair are bright and budget-friendly) to do this. 

5. Pair with marble

A kitchen island with a white surface, black hob with copper pot, and dark green cabinets, with a black sliding door behind it

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

One of our favorite styles has to be marble kitchen islands, as they can make a kitchen look seriously luxe. Even with this refined feature, you can still opt for colorful touches, though.

“One of my favorite tricks is to select a paint color for the island cabinet base that coordinates with a color in whatever marble or granite slab you choose for the countertop,” says Amanda Wyatt, interior designer and founder of Design Insider.

She suggests going for deep blues and greens (Benjamin Moore's Dark Teal is similar to the shade above) to do this, as these are in right now and also age well. 

6. Enhance colors with lighting

The corner of a red kitchen island with a dark brown countertop, and pink cabinets behind it and a orange and white glass pendant light above it

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

Once you’ve hunted down your favorite shades, make them shine with kitchen island lighting ideas.

“Under-counter LED lighting or well-placed kitchen island pendant lights can accentuate the color and texture of the island, turning it into a luminous artwork after dark,” Nick says.

He continues, “This not only highlights the island’s hue but also creates ambiance and warmth, essential in any home but particularly impactful in kitchen spaces where families gather and memories are made.”

For those with small kitchen islands, you can simply go for a sweet table lamp, like the Hudson Valley Table Lamp from Saks.

7. Coordinate across the space

A curved white kitchen island with a gray dining table in the middle with white flowers and blue velvet chairs eithe side, plus a brown woven pendant light above it

(Image credit: Simon Taylor Furniture)

Kitchen islands are often featured in larger kitchens which open up into dining areas, working as a way to divide up the space. This being said, you can still tie the zones together using color.

Amanda explains, “For instance, if you have an open concept floor plan, perhaps you select a dark blue island color (like Sherwin Williams Salty Dog) and add indigo linen chairs in the living room.”

She continues, “Or you go with a timeless dark green (like Farrow & Ball Studio Green) and select a dining chair with a green leather cushion or seat back.”

With these colorful kitchen island ideas, you can transform your kitchen into a vibrant and inviting space that reflects your unique style and creativity. 

“If you dare to be adventurous with your color choices, your kitchen island can become a captivating centerpiece,” Nina finishes by saying.

For those looking to balance bright and natural colors and textures, boho kitchen island ideas may also be of interest.

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