These 7 wonderful wood kitchen ideas will add "natural warmth and beauty" to your space, say interior pros

Designers love using beautiful and inviting wood kitchen ideas

Wood kitchen ideas are so chic. Here is a kitchen with white walls and ceiling, dark wooden beams on the ceiling, white kitchen island and cabinets, and a wooden dining table with white seats underneath
(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / Brian Madden)

Wood kitchen ideas are wonderful for those who love bringing the outside in and enjoy a natural touch in their space.

We've asked design experts who have brought wooden elements into clients' spaces how you can do it in a sophisticated and stylish way. Being mindful of wood grain, paint colors, and the overall design aesthetic are all important aspects.

If you're scouting out kitchen color ideas and want to keep in mind texture, wood is a classic style you just can't go wrong with.

Chic wood kitchen ideas

Wood pairs well with white kitchen colors, along with plenty of other shades. This makes it a brilliant choice to go for if you don't want to keep changing up your kitchen scheme.

Our design pros have recommended useful paint, furniture, and decor throughout, which we have shopped in case you want to start styling your place.

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1. Pair with jewel tones

A kitchen with a dark green ktichen island with books on the shelves and two black stools, three white pendant lights, and light wooden cabinets behind it

(Image credit: Wood Works Brighton)

Dazzling jewel tones are key interior design trends and will add serious pizazz to your wood kitchen.

“Warm wood finishes go incredibly well with deep forest greens,” explains Adrian Pedraza, design expert and founder of The California Home Buyer. 

He continues, “I also adore using royal blue or navy cabinets for a hint of glitz, as the vivid hue contrasts beautifully with the natural wood grains.”

For a more dynamic effect, Adrian recommends choosing navy colors with slate blue or teal undertones, such as Benjamin Moore’s Teal which has decadent tones of dark blue and green.

2. Try coastal design

A coastal kitchen with white cabinets and wooden wall shelves to the left, a white kitchen island with wooden drawers and an oven to the right, gold and gray pendant lights above it, and a wood floor with a runner rug

(Image credit: Frances V Isaac)

Choosing coastal kitchen ideas is extremely popular thanks to the coastal grandmother design wave — and it goes very well with wooden materials.

“Infuse your kitchen with nautical vibes by incorporating whitewashed wood accents,” suggests Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

She recommends choosing whitewashed cabinets or a reclaimed wood island to evoke a beachside retreat. 

“Pair with sea-inspired decor such as blue glass tiles for a backsplash or woven rattan bar stools,” Nina adds.

Just be sure to keep the palette light and airy with soft blue or aqua accents to enhance the coastal theme.

3. Choose live edge countertops

A farmhouse dining room with dark wooden beams on the ceiling, a white chandelier, a glossy wooden table with a vase of orange roses on it, with white leather chairs underneath it and tall green plants to the left

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / DNA Photography)

Bring a touch of nature indoors by incorporating live edge countertops into your wood kitchen design. 

“The natural curves and textures of live edge wood add a unique and organic touch to the space,” Nina says.

She continues, “Pair with white or light-colored cabinetry to allow the wood to stand out as a focal point.”

Nina recommends adding the best indoor plants (we love the Costa Farms Peace Lily from Walmart which is air-purifying and would make the perfect housewarming gift) on top of these to enhance the organic connection. Sustainable and sophisticated? Yes, please.

4. Go for lighter woods

A kitchen with a light wooden kitchen island with a white counter, three gold pendant lights, a gray concrete tiled floor, and a black window

(Image credit: Wood Works Brighton)

Opting for lighter wood will brighten up a small kitchen and is perfect for bringing Scandinavian interior design into your space.

“I recommend selecting lighter tones like maple or oak to create an airy ambiance,” says Adrian.

“Maple offers a slightly reddish, warm hue that pairs well with various color schemes. White oak is another excellent choice — its beautiful grain and texture add lovely visual interest,” he adds.

Go for wider planks to highlight the wood's natural pattern and richness — for example, the Barrington Hardwoods Store Maple Lumber Boards from Amazon are sturdy, versatile, and splinter-free (phew!).

5. Go to the dark side with rich wood

A kitchen with black wooden cabinets, a black stove with gold handles, and a white marble splashback

(Image credit: Higham Furniture | Alison Hammond Photography)

Moody interior design has made a major comeback, and the kitchen is a fabulous place to bring this in. A cozy and casual cooking space is always a winner in our books.

Nina explains, “Add impact and sophistication to your wood kitchen with dark wood accents such as mahogany or cherry.”

“Incorporate painted wooden cabinetry or a statement island to create a focal point,” she suggests.

Her top tip? Finish these off with brass or gold fixtures and hardware (these Goldenwarm 25 Pack Brushed Brass Gold Cabinet Pulls from Walmart are made with premium-grade steel and won't fade easily) for a luxurious finish that's ideal for modern kitchen design. 

6. Mix and match wooden colors and textures

A kitchen with an open wooden kitchen cabinet with bottles, jars, and plates in it, and a white kitchen island with two white bar stools underneath it

(Image credit: Wood Works Brighton)

Add contrast to your wood kitchen by pairing together different grains and shades throughout the space.

Adrian says, “When designing wood kitchens, I like to creatively mix wood finishes and textures.”

“For example, you can use a reclaimed wood accent wall with sleek white cabinetry or use bamboo surfaces for an eco-friendly element,” he explains. “Mixing natural, stained, painted, and distressed wood surfaces adds visual dynamism.”

If you don’t want to change up all your cabinetry and surfaces, you could always incorporate this with kitchen counter decor, such as with the Jamie Young Co. Laurel Small Wooden Bowl from Saks which is carved with natural wood and has a raw, unfinished texture.

7. Bring in wooden beams

A kitchen with white walls and ceiling, dark wooden beams on the ceiling, white kitchen island and cabinets, and a wooden dining table with white seats underneath

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein / Bernardini Builders / Crafted By Nick / Brian Madden)

For those who are homeowners, don’t be afraid to create an eye-catching focal point by bringing in warm wooden beams.

Nina says, “Create a rustic and inviting atmosphere by incorporating exposed wood beams into your kitchen's ceiling.”

She continues, “Pair with wooden cabinetry in warm tones such as oak or walnut to complement the natural texture of the beams.”

You can enhance this look with wrought iron fixtures and vintage-inspired accessories (the Stella Kitchen Handle from Anthropologie is made with brass and has matching knobs). This would work especially well in French-style kitchens.

Ultimately, wood's versatility is a great choice, as it’s a brilliant canvas for adding in personal touches.

“Experiment with different wood finishes, textures, and accents to achieve a kitchen with natural warmth and beauty,” Nina finishes by saying.

Wood kitchens also work well with two-tone kitchen ideas, as the material is a chic base for creating contrast with.

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