New Desenio prints made entirely of candy take mosaics in a sweet new direction — and start at just $29.95

New Desenio prints from "Candy Garden" will give Willy Wonka and maximalists everywhere something to love

Three Desenio prints from the Candy Garden collection made entirely of jelly beans on a peachy background. Left shows abstract pattern with green, orange, pink, middle is Frida Kahlo, and right trees by river scene
(Image credit: Desenio)

New Desenio prints utilize an unexpected yet deliciously compelling medium: jelly beans. 

That's right, folks. The Frida Kahlo portrait and abstract florals you see in the recently-debuted "Candy Garden" collection are all courtesy of springtime sweets. If you were suspicious about the lack of candy in your Easter basket, now you know where it all went. 

For those in search of where to buy wall art that veers from the typical and truly makes a museum-worthy statement, you've come to the right place as these fun wall decor items will give Willy Wonka a run for his money.

Desenio prints get the sweet treatment in 'Candy Garden'

Desenio prints have long been considered home to some of the best wall art, but "Candy Garden" truly takes things in a new direction. According to the company, its "in-house artists have created mosaic-style art with a twist, using jelly beans as their art medium to create garden-inspired art."

If you're considering experimenting with dopamine decor, you have the perfect accessories to put the finishing touches on your room thanks to this collection. 

From the rolling landscapes of Tuscany, to hummingbirds perched on rose petals, the line features a variety of floral-inspired designs that would be complicated with a paintbrush — imagine working with jelly beans!

Desenio artists put the line together by drawing, painting, a lot of gluing, and a little bit of snacking along the way, naturally. Did you expect anything less? 


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What to shop

All pieces in the collection start at 12" x 16" and cost $29.95. Sizes vary per offering, and some go all out in the size department, like Desenio's Candy Garden Frida Kahlo poster, which is available in 39" x 59" for $119. 

Our expert in-house shoppers have rounded up a few of Real Homes favorite selections from the fun release. 

Prices were correct at the time this article was published.

How to style the desenio prints

When thinking about how to style these pieces, designer Nina Lichtenstein's take on carnivalcore evokes a similar feeling as "Candy Garden."

"It's a very vibrant world where it's a celebration of color, patterns, and joy," Nina previously told Real Homes. "The key is to let your home radiate energy and positivity. The ways you can do this are with bold hues and contrasts and pair [it all] with white or neutrals."

If you'd like to make a statement, use neutral colors for your larger pieces, like a couch or accent chair, and add the color through accessories like these sweet prints, throw blankets, pillows, and other wall art. 

What's more, the jelly beans perfectly one of our favorite small space color trends of 2024: pastel serenity. 

Elizabeth Grace, interior designer and founder of Dream Home Making told Real Homes' Eve Smallman that if you want your space to be pretty in pastel, it's best to use the hues in upholstery or accent pieces, and "Candy Garden" certainly qualifies as an accent piece.

"Engage in a delicate interplay of pastel hues like soft blush pinks, serene sky blues, and mint greens," she told Eve. 

If you're not afraid to go bold, why not give color drenching a try and match it to the shades in the "Candy Garden" piece you select? This style calls for dwellers to immerse a room in one shade with different variations. The sky is truly the limit with these Desenio prints, that's for sure.

So, which jelly bean beauty catches your eye, if not all of them? We can't wait to see how your Candy Land-esque gallery wall shapes up!

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