15 blue kitchen ideas to make you want to try this on trend look

These blue kitchen ideas are enough to convince any neutral lover it's time to add some color...

blue kitchen ideas
(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Looking for blue kitchen ideas? Well good, you are in the right place. Blue is such a classic choice for a kitchen – bolder than grey but still very liveable, it's no surprise it's one of the top choices for a kitchen color scheme.

It's also super versatile, and there are so many shades to choose from that will all create a totally different look. So whether you want to go for an elegant navy kitchen or a cornflower blue for a more country vibe, there will be an idea here to get you inspired. 

On cabinets, walls, or in your kitchen decor, we cover plenty of ways you can bring this bang on trend hue into your space. We'll also talk you through what colors go with blue so you can get your color combos spot on, and as always, make sure there are plenty of budget-friendly kitchen ideas in here too. So just keep on scrolling to get inspired...

1. Match your walls to your cabinets

deVOL blue kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

If you are blessed with a kitchen that gets plenty of natural light like this gorgeous one, why not go all over blue. Match your cabinets to your walls to create a dramatic but still really cozy and inviting space. 

We'd go with a soft muted blue over a stark navy for this look and keep the woodwork and ceilings light with either white or cream for contrast. You could go lighter with the floor too, to lift the look even more.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate those battered copper worktops? They bring in a touch of glamour but in a rustic way that totally works in this deVOL kitchen. 

2. Pair blue with white for a crisp classic look

Andrew and Katie White’s conservatory-style kitchen extension is a bright, sympathetic addition to their Edwardian home in Lewisham

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

If you are into classic, elegant more traditional kitchens but love the trend for blue cabinetry, be sure to go for a clean crisp white backdrop. You can add in the warmth and balance the contrast with wooden flooring and brass hardware, plus dotting a few houseplants around will add in texture. 

We like how in this kitchen the cabinets have space to breathe – by that we mean the walls aren't crammed with units. By breaking them up with shelving keeps the space light and airy and feels more relaxed. 

3. Add in some yellow for a lovely contrast 

Little Greene kitchen

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Two toned kitchens are bang on trend for 2021 and blue works with so many colors so you can really take your pick. And don't be afraid to pick a contrasting color, too. This yellow and blue combo strikes the perfect balance between bold and subtle – contrast, yet soft and muted tones – so that the overall effect isn't too loud at all.

You could totally recreate this look yourself too by painting a splashback rather than replacing your tiles completely. Just check out our guide to how to paint tiles.

4. Add pattern with tiles 

Blue kitchens

(Image credit: Future)

Speaking of tiles, they are a really easy way to bring pattern into a blue kitchen. Tile the floors, tile a splashback or, like in this kitchen tile the sides of your breakfast bar or kitchen island

If you want to create this look in a weekend, you could stencil on a tile pattern. We've seen loads of really gorgeous results over on Instagram and all you need is paint and some patience. 

5. Be bold with a vivid blue 

Blue kitchen

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Now this is a look. It's bold yes, but there's something about the simple design of the cabinetry, the pale grey walls and the light wooden worktops that stop it from becoming too in your face. The pops of pink are fabulous too, and again work to tone down that vivid blue.

You could test out this look by painting your kitchen cabinets. It's a weekend job that needs a bit of prep but so worth it to completely change the look of your kitchen. Plus it means you can test out bold colors like this without the commitment. 

6. Tile a blue splashback

Blue kitchen with blue tiled splashback

(Image credit: Original Style)

Bring in some aquamarine hues with a splashback. This a great way to add some blue without committing to something as permanent as blue cabinetry. Pick some stylish dark blue subways tiles for a contemporary look, or copy this look and pair soft pale blue tiles with subtly patterned darker ones.

This horizontal layout is great for adding height to your kitchen too, so definitely one to consider if your kitchen is on the smaller side. 

7. Upcycle furniture with blue paint

Blue kitchen dresser

(Image credit: Julia Currie)

Mixing vintage pieces and antiques in your kitchen is a great way to bring in some personality and make the space feel more unique. So scour eBay and shop your own home for pieces that could be repurposed in your kitchen. A side table, a chest of drawers or, as you can see here, a gorgeous dresser. Don't be put off if the shade of wood isn't perfect or is been through a shoddy paint job, paint it a gorgeous blue shade and make it a permanent part of your space.

If you need a guide to how to paint furniture, our step by step is super easy. 

8. Bring in burst of blue

Kitchen tiles for small kitchens

(Image credit: Covet House)

Neutral lovers, this one is for you. Even if you don't want to stray too far from an all-white kitchen, adding in pops of blue can bring in some color and yet still keep the space looking light and airy. 

Pick out a statement light with blue tones, and add some blue accessories like vases and crockery to disperse the color throughout the room. We love the yellow and green in this kitchen too – it's making us yearn for spring – but you could always switch up the color scheme with the seasons, keeping blue as the core hue. 

9. Accent a blue kitchen with black 

Harvey Jones blue kitchen

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

While blue and black aren't a combo you often see in interiors, add a few dark hues to an all blue kitchen can create a really chic and expensive vibe. Despite being such similar colors in this kitchen, the black in the lighting and the barstools actually contrast the blue and grounds it too, making it feel more contemporary.

If you are tempted to go even darker than a blue kitchen, check out our black kitchen ideas too. 

10. Pick a blue and green color scheme

deVOL green and blue kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

Blue and green should never be seen? Well, just take a look at this kitchen and try and justify that. Dark blue cabinetry, mint green walls, a marble splashback, and gold accents add up to the dream kitchen. It's colorful yes but at the same time feels really classic and liveable. The colors are fresh and vibrant but still don't overwhelm the space. Basically, this kitchen proves you can have fun with color and still create a space that's elegant and timeless.

11. Give a blue kitchen an industrial vibe

small kitchen by Naked kitchens

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

This cool, contemporary kitchen by Naked Kitchens only further proves how many different styles blue can work with. The cabinets are really simple, so you have your modern feel there, but the vibrant colors make it a playful space and that flooring! It's actually reclaimed boards from a school gymnasium so you just get the odd pops of color from the markings – genius. 

12. Zone your kitchen with color

Blue kitchen by Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

Using color in your kitchen is a great way to create 'zones' in your space. You can define and break up larger or open plan kitchens by using different colors in different areas. 

See how in this kitchen there's a neutral backdrop, and there's a mix of white and blue cabinetry. Have the blue island in the middle, separates it from the cabinetry around the edges of the room, making it the focal point of the kitchen. Plus the green tiles distinguished the area around the hob too, again making it feel like another 'zone'.  

13. Add warmth with wooden accents

Kitchen Instagram styles

(Image credit: Lundhs Real Stone)

Depending on the tone of blue you choose, it can make a room feel quite cold. But you can easily warm up blue walls or cabinets with wooden accents. Don't worry if you aren't blessed with natural wooden beams and a gorgeous vaulted wooden ceiling – some wooden shelves and a display of chopping boards will have a similar effect.

14. Pink and blue? A winning combo

Kitchen ideas

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

We can't get enough of pinks and blues, it's such a gorgeous combo if you pick the right tones. A dark navy blue with a dusky pink is always going to be a winner, and note how in this kitchen, the white tiles lift the muted hues to give the space some freshness. 

Also note the painted ceiling! A look we are seeing more and more, and why not? The ceiling is just as worthy of color as a wall, right? Check out our guide to how to paint a ceiling to give it a go. 

15. Keep things light with teal

deVOL pale blue kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

If you are looking for a softer look than all the navy kitchens that are floating around Pinterest, a muted teal hue would be perfect. You still get that pop color but it's almost just one up from a neutral and looks so lovely with creams and greys too so if your a bit of a colorphobe wanting to experience these are the hues to go for. Check out how in this kitchen there's no wall cabinetry either so the room still feels very light and fresh. 

Is blue a good color for kitchens?

We are going with a strong, yes, blue is a good color for kitchens. It's stylish and on-trend but also a classic so it's not going to date any time soon. It's super versatile, you'll definitely find a blue to suit your style and it works with loads of other colors too.

Are blue kitchens still in style?

Yes, blue kitchens are still in style. There is a tendency that once something becomes super popular it has a shelf life, there will come a time it's out of style. But for blue kitchens that's just not true, they are classic and timeless, and a very safe bet when it comes to choosing a kitchen color scheme. 

What color walls go with blue cabinets?

The best wall colors to go with blue cabinets if you are going for longevity is a neutral – whites, greys, creams. Pick a color that's going to be a clean backdrop, and you can add in more colors with accessories and decor.

If you want to paint your walls and go for a bolder look, we love pink and blue together. Terracottas and plaster tones will warm up a blue kitchen and will create a more unique space. Remember you can always paint walls as your styles and trends change too so don't be afraid to experiment – just always test out your colors with swatches first!

Loved these blue kitchens? Check out all our green kitchen ideas next for more inspiration. 

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