These unusual factors could add up to £180,000 to your house value

Got a nearby Waitrose and fishing rights? You're in luck...

(Image credit: Thomas Sanderson)

Selling your home? Well then you'll know all about the things that affect your house value. Nice neighbourhood, low crime levels, off street parking, good schools, even a decent local pub can make a difference. But there are a few more... unusual things... that might be affecting the value. Research carried out by The Advisory, an advice service for home sellers, has revealed some of the more niche factors that will that help increase the value of your home...

1. Having an odd door number 

Well the 50 per cent of you this applies to are in luck because it could add up to £538 to your house value. Sure that doesn't sound like much but considering you have to do absolutely nothing to add that value, it's a pretty easy win.

2. A nearby Waitrose or Aldi

Turns out having a Waitrose nearby does more for you than just provide a convenient place to pick up your samphire and truffle oil, it can actually add a huge £40,000 to your house value. A local Aldi could also up your house price by as much as £5,000.

3. Or an easily accessible farmers market

People are willing to pay more to be able to walk to local market, up to £87,000 more in fact. 

4. Growing wisteria up your house

We've all seen the Instagram posts – everyone's got #wisteriahysteria. It's not therefore surprising that having these purple blooms growing up the side of your home could add 5 per cent to your house value. Similarly, tree-lined streets can add up to 25 per cent. 

A word of warning though – pretty as it may look, it isn't always great for your brickwork...

5. Fishing rights 

Yep you read that right. Obviously a property with any kind of body of water next to it is going to fetch a good price, but stick some fishing rights in there and you could boost the price of your property by 15 per cent. 

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