10 en-suite bathroom design ideas

Whether your en-suite is in need of an update or a new addition to an extension or loft conversion, find advice and inspiration with our gallery of en-suite bathrooms

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Are you looking for design ideas for your en-suite bathroom? You've come to the right place for this often tricky bathroom space. Often small, awkwardly shaped and sometimes open to the bedroom, it's a room that needs careful planning if it's to be right.

So, whether you're updating a tired space, designing a bathroom from scratch or adding an en-suite to a bedroom, extension or loft conversion, our en-suite design ideas are compact, contemporary and practical in their design. 

1.  Opt for streamlined sanitary ware

Opting for streamlined sanitary ware in an en-suite is a practical option that maximises space while giving a bathroom a sleek and contemporary feel – a countertop basin with a simple silhouette is both a practical and stylish example.

For similar fittings, try GSG Ceramics.

light coloured bathroom with large windows and neutral scheme

(Image: © GSG Ceramic Design)

2. Maximise awkward spaces

En-suite bathrooms, particularly those in a loft conversions, can be small, awkward spaces with tricky angles. It's important to plan your en-suite effectively in order to maximise space and come up with design solutions that tackle awkward angles. 

Transforming an en-suite into a wet room can be a great way of tackling this issue as it allows the installation of a simple shower screen (rather than a fitted shower unit), ensuring that awkward spaces are utilised effectively. 

A wetroom en suite with polished concrete floor and walk in shower

(Image: © Impey)

3. Design a scheme that complements adjoining rooms

When designing an en-suite, it can be a good idea to opt for a scheme that complements the adjoining rooms. This creates a sense of flow and continuity through the spaces, making them feel connected and well considered. 

Find a similar shower unit at Impey.

Impey showers en suite wetroom with shower screens

(Image: © Impey)

4. Consider opening up a space with a doorless frame

If you want to create an open feel between a bedroom and en-suite bathroom, consider choosing a doorless frame. This can help enhance the feeling of continuity between the two spaces, particularly when similar colours run through the schemes of both spaces. 

en suite bathroom with colour blocking in vanity area

(Image: © Dunelm)

5. Create the illusion of space with open plan design

A minimalist, open-plan scheme is a great option for a small bathroom or en-suite, creating the illusion of a space that's large and light. Consider installing a recessed wall unit during the process of designing a bathroom, as this maximises space and makes for an effective bathroom storage solution

This small, open-plan en suite has been decorated with Marmi tiles from Domus. 

marmo Nero Hex floor tiles by Domus

(Image: © Domus)

6. Optimise storage with built in units

If maximising storage is essential in your en suite, it may be worth considering a built in or bespoke storage unit – we'd recommend opting for a sleek and minimalist style to prevent an en-suite from feeling boxy. 

No space? An under-the-sink storage unit can fulfil most storage needs in a small ensuite. This small en suite has been kitted out with a Solo 50 unit and cast mineral marble basin in quartz, £600, from Crosswater.

Solo 50 unit and cast mineral marble basin in quartz, £600

(Image: © Crosswater)

7. Create a partition between your bedroom and en suite with the addition of a stylish glass screen

A floor–to–ceiling glass screen can make for a stylish option if you're adding an en suite and are concerned that doing so will compromise natural light within a space. 

Patterned floor tiles, like these London Funk Compass Tiles from The Baked Tile Company, help create flow between the two spaces.

small bathroom with freestanding bath and stylish screen

(Image: © The Baked Tile Company)

8. Choose tiles that complement a space

En suite bathroom by Topps Tiles

(Image: © Topps Tiles)

Take time to consider a tile scheme that complements your en suite bathroom – particularly if it's an awkward shape.

We love the unique feel of this bathroom, with White Hexagonal Tiles from The Baked Tile Company making the most of a slanted roof. 

bathroom with sloped roof and skylight, freestanding bath and white scheme and intricate wall tiles

(Image: © The Baked Tile Company)

9. Go colourful and eclectic with a fun wallpaper

Enhance your en suite visually with a colourful wallpaper. A particularly good option for loft en suites, since the wallpaper with draw attention from the awkward shape of the room. 

This stylish en suite features the Fleur bathtub and Hattie vanity unit by Soak.

Fleur bathtub and hattie vanity unit from Soak

(Image: © Soak)

10. Embrace a monochrome colour scheme

En suites tend to be small spaces, and using colour contrasts is a good way to make them seem larger. 

We love the elegant monochrome juxtapositions in this en suite by Britton Bathrooms

En suite bathroom by Britton Bathrooms

(Image: © Britton Bathrooms)

Looking for more en-suite inspiration?