How to build a home cinema room

Find out how to build a personal home cinema, one of the most sought after additions to a luxury home

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Is a home cinema room right for you?

For the luxury home that already has generous entertaining spaces, a guest bedroom suite and home gym, next on the list of ‘must haves’ is a home cinema room.

Home cinema room design ideas

When planning a cinema room, consider how many people will use the space – will it just be your family, or will you be inviting guests to enjoy the latest blockbusters with you? The answer to this question will determine the amount of seating, and therefore, space, you need.

‘One of the most important questions to ask yourself is whether it will truly be a dedicated home cinema or a multipurpose room capable of transforming from a beautiful living environment into a private cinema,’ say Mike Beatty at Pulse, consultants for the luxury home  cinema market. ‘The two are very different and, although both can provide a truly immersive experience, a multipurpose room will always have a degree of compromise.’

When it comes to the right layout, you’ll need to take into account factors such as screen size viewing angle, projection method, seat comfort, speaker placement, equipment storage and acoustics.


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Home cinema and games room

Left For pure indulgence, combine a home cinema with a games room.

(Image: © Coleccion Alexandra UK)

‘At the very minimum you’ll want to include a 4k projector and high-quality screen, speakers, an AV receiver, mood lighting, a dedicated control system, and comfortable seating,’ says Robin Bailey, from GadgetMyPad. ‘Think about where the cinema room will be located in relation to other rooms in the house, as soundproofing will be required if there’s a chance of noise disturbing other spaces in the home.’ If the cinema room has windows, automated blinds will reduce glare when you’re watching films.

When it comes to acoustics, the surfaces need to absorb sound rather than reflecting or transmitting it. ‘Lightweight acoustic boards and carpet tiles are great for the walls, while acoustic tiles are ideal for the ceiling,’ says Robin. ‘A second layer of insulation also helps. The floor of the room should be thickly carpeted.’

How much will a home cinema room cost?

A multipurpose cinema room with sofa seating, dimmable lights, projector, screen and surround sound will start at around £10,000. A two-seat luxury cinema in a garage-size room will cost around £20,000.

‘There’s almost no limit on how much you can spend – a top-end projector alone will cost £500,000, so a high-end home cinema can easily cost from £1-£2million,’ says Michael Holmes.

luxury cinema room with projector an padded walls

Beautiful homes need elegant cinema solutions. This projector, screen and speakers disappear into the ceiling, while subwoofers are hidden behind the sofas. From £20,000, Pulse Cinemas