These are the top 5 kitchen storage buys Marie Kondo would approve of*

*Or so our intuition tells us. Either way, we love these storage buys to banish clutter in every kitchen

Marie Kondo
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Summer will be over before you know it, but the mess of having the kids home day-in, day-out for over a month can leave your kitchen disorganised for weeks to follow. Marie Kondo to the rescue, with her world-famous KonMari tidying up and decluttering method. 

To achieve a clutter free and serene kitchen, think both big and small storage ideas, from an all-singing-and-dancing kitchen dresser to the humble storage container that will help keep your fridge organised. 

For more ideas, find inspiration in our kitchen storage ideas gallery. 

1. Kitchen storage containers

If you want to keep your kitchen free from accidental spills, and your food as fresh as possible after it's been cooked, a set of containers is a must. You can't beat Joseph & Joseph for quality and space-saving, contemporary design. Their containers come in handy sets of three or five. 

Joseph & Joseph storage containers

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Joseph Joseph storage containers, set of 5 | £28 at John Lewis & Partners
Completely airtight and leak proof, these storage containers are perfect for keeping your sauces and stews fresh – and your fridge free from spills and smells. And the cheerful colour coding is just the sort of thing Marie Kondo would approve of.View Deal

2. Kitchen storage jars

The humble jar has a multitude of potential uses: basically, anything that comes in lots of different pieces will benefit from being stored in a jar, from grains to sweets. And Marie Kondo always approves of storage that is pleasurable to use as well as functional: a jar is much nicer than the easily ripped plastic packaging most dry goods come in. And, if you have a packaging-free store nearby, you can take these when you go to stock up on essentials.

Find more jar storage ideas in our gallery. 

 VonShef Set of 5 Glass Storage Jars

(Image credit: Amazon/VonShef)

VonShef set of 5 glass storage jars | £20 at Amazon
Great for storing almost anything in your kitchen, from pasta to rice and dry pet food. The different jars will make a lovely display on your kitchen counter/in your dresser. You can also label the jars with chalk to make them look nicer.View Deal

3. Kitchen display cabinet with storage

Ready to think big? Or simply want one single item that will solve most of your kitchen storage problems? A great kitchen dresser will go a long way to creating a home for all your dinnerware, cutlery, cookbooks, and, as in the case of this gorgeous Termonde Display Cabinet, your wine bottles. 

Termonde Display Cabinet

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Termonde display cabinet | Was £830.57, now £719.99 at Wayfair
With its beautiful coastal look, the Termonde offers plenty of kitchen storage potential. With additional bottom drawers and a wine storage compartment, it's a stylish and multifunctional storage solution.View Deal

4. Shelf plate rack

Wobbly stacks of plates that threaten to collapse in your kitchen cabinets really don't spark joy. A corner plate rack is an easy and affordable solution. Simply slide it into the corner of your cupboard – hey, presto, your plates are looking neat and are easier to access.  

Corner Add A Shelf Plate Rack

(Image credit: Amazon)

Corner Add A Shelf plate rack | £9.99 at Amazon
No frills, but oh, so useful. Keep plates organised and safe from smashing onto the floor (when the washing machine is going, for example). View Deal

5. A kitchen trolley

The star of the Marie Kondo-inspired kitchen, a kitchen trolley can really transform the way you use your space. For kitchens with insufficient worktop space, it gives an additional surface. For those without any storage, it can accommodate everything from cookware to produce. And this black metal trolley from Not On The High Street looks cool, too, with its industrial vibe. 

metal stylish kitchen trolley by not on the highstreet used as a kitchen storage idea

(Image credit: Not On The Highstreet)

Black Metal Kitchen Storage Trolley | Was £1,650, now £1,320 from Not on the Highstreet
Portable and roomy this kitchen trolley can easily work as an extra food prep table, impromptu wine bar, or dedicated storage unit for all your kitchen essentials. View Deal

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