9 pantry storage containers to make your snack organization look TikTokable

Dried pasta never looked so pretty

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Looking for pantry storage containers to keep your space in order? Open sesame! If you're lucky enough to have cupboard space in your kitchen, you need to ensure it works as hard as possible. And the best way to do that is with the right storage for your cookies, crackers, rice, and pasta. While a pantry organizer (or four) will help you go a step further, let's kick things off first with pantry storage containers for your dried food.

Deciding how to organize a pantry isn't necessarily straightforward. From pickles to pretzels (and a few cartons of backup oat milk), our pantries can store a lot. So firstly consider what exactly you'll be storing, and choose your containers to suit.

I've chosen a selection of airtight jars to keep your cookies fresh, clear glass containers that'll make auditing your food inventory easy, and Tiktok-worthy canisters for your pasta tubes. There's a lot to choose from online, so we've saved you a job and relayed the best receptacles right here.

9 pantry storage containers to keep yours in working order 

Is it better to store pantry items in glass or plastic?

While both glass and plastic have their pros and cons, without doubt, glass is the better option. In terms of durability and longevity, glass will always last much longer than plastic. And of course, glass is much kinder to the planet – it's 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again without compromising on quality. 

That said, we've taken great strides to create hard-wearing plastic that does last a long time. And being generally much cheaper, more lightweight, and less breakable than glass, it can be the best option, depending on what you're looking for. 

Are airtight containers worth it?

In short — yes. It's worth investing in containers that have an airtight seal for many reasons. Of course, they help to keep air out so your food can remain fresher for longer. An airtight container can prevent bacteria growth, and also prevent any unwanted substances from contaminating your food. 

Not only does it keep the air out, but it also keeps any smells in. No matter how strong the scent — hello, pickled onions — an airtight container will always keep the smell under wraps. This can be especially useful in highly urban or rural areas — if pests are a common occurrence, airtight containers can block the smell and make your pantry less attractive to pests.

How we chose these pantry storage containers

Despite writing about all the options known to man, our pantries are on the petite side. So, in order to assess what's best for your space — we've relied on a healthy mix of reviews and ratings. First, we undertake a li'l bit of consumer research to see what y'all are searching for. Then, we cross-reference what people like you have Googled to curate a most-wanted list of must-have items.

What to consider when choosing pantry storage containers

Size: Is the container fit for purpose to store the food item in question? Well... you wouldn't put spaghetti in a short and stubby jar, so make sure your container measures up.

Material: Plastic and glass are usually the top two choices in a kitchen, but if you have butterfingers — you may be safer with the former. On the other hand, glass tends to look more expensive, and doesn't stain like plastic does.

Lid: Once you've shut food inside, how are you going to open the container? Think about what's going to be appropriate for your needs. If you're less able, a screw top may not be suitable. Also think about whether the cover can keep air out as cookies, cereals, and crackers can go stale.  

Where to buy pantry storage containers

Still searching? Here's where to continue browsing for the perfect pantry storage containers...

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