33 of the best cleaning supplies — highly-rated disinfectants and household essentials we've tested

The best cleaning supplies to make your home feel squeaky clean and sanitized

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We updated this page in January 2024 to include six additional products and added a meet the cleaning experts section with information about our in-house panel.

The best cleaning supplies are a must-have in any home, whether you can afford a cleaner (we're jealous) or not. And using the right cleaning products is key — because not all of them actually work, and some products take much less effort to use than others. 

Having a stocked caddy ensures you'll never be stuck with a spillage and nothing to clean it with. Because we've been there, and we're not sure about you, but we'd quite like our security deposits back from our landlord.

So, what exactly do you need to buy to keep on top of cleaning your home? We've listed all of the essentials just below. These are the cleaning supplies we've tested that we really love, which we buy again and again to restock our cleaning caddy when they run out. We've also included some highly rated selections that have 4–5 star reviews from real customers.

There are a handful of deals on popular cleaning pastes, cute cloths, and a fancy French air freshener (that happens to be made with organic essential oils, too).

The best cleaning supplies, as tried and tested by the Real Homes team

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General cleaning supplies

In order to keep your house clean and tidy, you need a few of the basic essentials to get you by. We're talking about the cleaning supplies that you stock up on or buy time after time, like these products that we're totally obsessed with. We've categorized these into general stock because you'll find yourself using them all around your apartment and even to repel pests once you've identified bugs in your home.

Kitchen cleaning supplies

As a food preparation space, it's no wonder that the kitchen can get pretty grubby at times. If a mess isn't cleaned up quickly, it can be an open invitation for pests and harmful bacteria. These are the things you need to keep your kitchen clean that we love to use on a daily basis.

Bathroom cleaning supplies

It's vital that your restroom, bath, and shower are kept clean and hygienic. Thankfully, you only need a few essentials to keep that communal space of yours spotless — here are three must-have bathroom cleaning supplies.

What to consider when buying cleaning supplies

There's plenty to consider when you're building up a cleaning selection for your home, from where you're going to stash it all to what kind of scents you favor. These are the essential things we keep in mind when restocking your cleaning caddy. 

1. What does it smell like?
We know there's more to a spray or toilet cleaner than its scent, but at the end of the day, it is still important to like the smell of whatever you're spritzing in your home. Work out which scent profile you like, whether that's fresh cotton, a citrus burst, or something more specific like lemongrass, and try and line your products up with that smell, to avoid a headache when you're deep cleaning. 

2. Does it have any eco-friendly credentials?
For a lot of us, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure that the things we buy for our homes are certified as being good for the planet in the long term. Some companies have started to bottle their products in recycled plastic, and others create concentrated formulas so you can dilute them at home (saving on water and shipping costs). There are so many great brands you can invest in that have starter bundles featuring glass bottles and cheap refill programs for when you run out of your favorite cleaners. Some of our favorite eco-friendly cleaning retailers include Blueland, CleanCult, and Grove Collaborative. Oh, and don't forget that you can subscribe and save on cleaning products on Amazon. Take this Lime and Sea Salt cleaner from Method as one example.

3. How long will it last?
Investing in a cleaning product that you can only use once always feels wasteful, and isn't good for those who forget to pick another one up next time they're at the store. Using microfiber cloths or mops with washable heads is great for ensuring longevity, as you can throw them into your washing machine and use them again once they're nice and clean. Just be sure to ditch the fabric conditioner when washing cloths as they can become clogged with the waxy residue.

4. Is it made using any hazardous chemicals?
Understandably, people have different viewpoints when it comes to using chemicals to clean their homes. While some won't mind using a stronger cleaner to get rid of something like mold, some want to avoid it entirely. Always check the hazards involved when it comes to cleaning supplies, and prepare yourself with a pair of household rubber gloves (available at Amazon) and protective clothing if necessary. If you have pets or young children, ensure these are kept out of reach where possible. You might want to store these out of reach. If this isn't a viable option, consider investing in some magnetic cabinet locks from Amazon.

Where to buy cleaning supplies online

Cleaning your home is a pretty personal thing, and you might be searching for a more niche product for a particular area or appliance. Or, you might have more specific needs when it comes to sustainability or products needing to be used around children, animals, and those with sensitive skin. These are our favorite retailers to head to, to stock up on cleaning products for your home.

How we test cleaning supplies

Eco-friendly cleaning products from Method on kitchen stovetop

Method cleaning products in review on stovetop

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Cleaning products are so important when it comes to making your home sparkle, which is why we've gone to lengths to test the majority of these products out firsthand as a team at Real Homes. The products with star ratings have been reviewed, the ones without we are currently working to review.

First of all, we asked our whole team what their favorite products are (and their reasons why) so that we can show you why we really think these products are worth your money. Then, we made sure to include the products that we've used to test cleaning hacks and to write our how-to cleaning guides, too. 

There are some products on this list that we haven't had a chance to test in our homes (just yet). The cleaning products that are not listed as our favorites have been chosen based on incredible customer ratings.

Meet our cleaning experts

Christina Chrysostomou
Christina Chrysostomou

Christina lives with her husband in a 2-bedroom maisonette in the suburbs. As our appliances expert, most of the cleaning she does revolves around her kitchen. She owns Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray, OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set, Febreze Fabric Refresher, and Scotch-Brite Dish Wand.

Danielle Valente
Danielle Valente

Danielle lives in a rental studio apartment New York City. She's the storyteller behind the Sprayway Glass cleaner and Drano drain unblocker featured in this guide. 

What are you waiting for? You can use these supplies for all of those TikTok cleaning hacks that are always on your FYP, too. 

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