15 genius kitchen organizers to help you categorize your small kitchen with ease — shoppers are obsessed

Store more using less space

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If you're fed up because every time you open your kitchen cabinets you get greeted by being smacked in the face with food packets (we've all been there) then you need to buy one thing: a kitchen organizer. Okay, maybe you'd benefit from buying a few different kitchen organizers, but the proof is right here that these will make your life easier. And your kitchen less cluttered.

These genius kitchen organizers can help whether you have minimal cabinet space to work with so you'd like to use every inch of space in yours (totally understandably). Or maybe you like things to look categorized because... well it's aesthetically pleasing and it makes everything a whole bunch easier when cooking. One thing's certain: shoppers love them, and we highly rate them too. Whether your kitchen is small, or even if it's large enough to cook for and feed 10 in there.

As you're supposed to do in your kitchen with types of foods and dinnerware, we've categorized these kitchen organizers by type. These are the most popular kitchen organizers people search for, and the products below come highly recommended by actual reviewers. We've also got plenty of small kitchen storage ideas for you to browse afterward.

15 genius kitchen organizers to help declutter your small kitchen

Kitchen utensil organizers

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Keep your drawers looking tidy and your utensils and kitchen gadgets easy to navigate with help from these three genius buys. All are easy to clean and they should fit your drawer easily.

Kitchen organizers for cabinets

Some things are naturally a little harder to store, but not if you have the right organizer! Enter a pots and pans storage solution, and something to help you keep those container lids in check, plus more...

Under sink kitchen organizers

Underneath your kitchen sink can every easily get overwheming. Especially if there's not already a built-in shelf under there. These under-sink organizers are an easy way to use up every inch of space, to store your cleaning supplies in style.

Kitchen countertop organizers

If you're all out of kitchen cabinet space, then it's time to resort to your countertop. These three solutions will help you store things on your countertop in style, without it getting too cluttered or taking up too much space.

Kitchen organizer shelves

If kitchen shelves are on your lust[list but your landlord has said no (or you just can't be bothered) then these DIY solutions don't require a drill, and they can be used in seconds. Plus, they'll make use of space that's already there and probably unused.


What are the must-have kitchen organizers for a small space?

If I had to choose three types of kitchen organizers, then it would definitely be a cutlery drawer organizer, under-shelf baskets, and something to hold your pots, pans, and lids.

What is the best way to organize a small kitchen?

We've got an abundance of kitchen storage ideas for you to scroll through and save for later, but in short, there are a couple of things you'll want to do now if you're looking to reorganize your kitchen cabinets and countertops:

1. Get everything out of your cabinets and put it on your countertops or on the floor. Clean out your cupboards.
2. Sort through what you have and put them into piles based on things that are similar. Put anything you consider an "extra" into a separate pile. For example, excess cutlery, pans, mugs, and plates.
3. Think smart when choosing where things will live. For instance, make sure your mugs are kept in a cabinet below or above your coffee maker. Put things that you use less (think certain types of glassware or serving plates) higher up.
4. Put anything you don't want on your countertops or open shelving into a cabinet. Stack anything that you can.
5. Place things you don't mind showing on your countertops. Make use of a storage container for a more seamless look.
6. Identify any empty spaces outside of cabinets that you can use, and look for an organizer that will fit this space.
7. Donate any unopened cans to your local food bank and take kitchenware you've not used in a while to your local thrift store.

How should I arrange my appliances in my small kitchen?

You're going to have to be space-savvy with appliances, which means that anything you don't use often will need to be stored away. Keep anything you use daily on your countertop and make use of corners where an appliance is square in shape. It's easy to make your countertops look cluttered with appliances, so you might want to give any that you rarely use to friends or family members. Or better yet: invest in multi-purpose appliances.

To hide wires, which can take up a deceptive amount of room on a countertop, buy a cord organizer (like these ones from Amazon) and stick them to the back of your appliance.

Where outlets are a problem, get yourself an extender that's not an eyesore (like this one from Amazon) as this means you can nestle your appliances together.

How we chose these small kitchen organizers

We carefully handpicked these organizers, based on customer reviews, price, and most importantly, how handy they really are. We've only included products that have lots of reviews from shoppers and a high star rating.

Where to buy a kitchen organizer?

If you're still on the hunt for a kitchen organizer for your space, then don't look any further. The retailers below have your back.

I've also listed some of my favorite Amazon organizers for your home, whether you're a Prime member or not.

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