Move over kitchen islands... these are the coolest kitchen trolleys to shop right now

Say hello to the most stylish storage solutions, on wheels.

Ikea kitchen trolley in mid century modern kitchen
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We all love a kitchen island, and if you’re lucky enough to own one, congratulations — you have achieved the ultimate kitchen goal. However, if like many of us you simply don't have the budget, space, or even option to have one right now, perhaps because you rent, rest assured that we have got the next best thing. Yes, that’s right, renters and small homeowners, a cool kitchen trolley could actually be the ultimate storage solution you’ve been looking for.

Versatile, and non-permanent, a cute kitchen trolley can tuck into just about any corner, and be moved around your room as you need it. Something of a chameleon in the kitchen, or even living room, it'll keep all your utensils, drinkware and more organized, and very much within reach.

As you will see, kitchen trolleys are now very stylish too, whether you get yours from your favorite Amazon furniture brand, or another store like Amara, Ikea or Wayfair.

9 kitchen trolleys to make life a little easier 

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The answer to any storage dilemma and much more affordable compared to your average kitchen island cost too, whether you want yours to feature a little space for making sandwiches or a built-in wine rack, we're here to serve you all the best kitchen cart options.

How we chose these kitchen trolleys

Louise Oliphant author illustration
Louise Oliphant

Louise loves nothing more than a sleek storage solution that looks just as good as the rest of the decor at home: 

"Living in a small rental apartment with two friends means we don't have too much room for our individual things, as well as space for decorative items to go on display without it looking overly cluttered. These carts are great for this kind of space, as they provide additional room for an affordable price. As someone who paints, I have the Amazon Basic cart in my bedroom, where it holds all my art supplies, from brushes to canvases, colors and more. I also own the black metal bar cart from Ikea — which my housemates and I LOVE. It's in-keeping with the industrial vibe of our home, and showcases the cocktail sets, glasses and accessories that we like to keep on display, and to hand for when we have guests come to stay".

How to select a kitchen trolley: from style to practicality 

If you're in the market for some extra storage space, for just about anything at home, then a kitchen trolley is a cool and versatile solution. With affordable options available on Amazon for as little as $30, to more expensive, design-led pieces that might push $100, they make a great alternative to a whole kitchen island, display cabinet or even storage box. 

There are a ton of different types to choose from too. Whether you're looking for a way to show off your favorite trinkets, your best tumblers or to give you a little more countertop space, there are plenty of cool looks that will suit your budget and lifestyle needs.

What can you store in a kitchen trolley?

Kitchen trolleys honestly have no limits. They may be called a kitchen trolley, but we think they are great to use all around the house — especially if you rent, have an open plan living room, live in a studio or even a camper van.

From fruit bowls, to toiletries, makeup, glassware and more, they are great for storing anything that you want to keep organized but within reach. 

When thinking about what to keep in yours, consider where you'll keep it and then what you use the most in that space day to day. Cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils are most conveniently kept in a kitchen trolley. But if you're keeping your cart in your living space it might be where you keep a cocktail shaker, plus the remote and a couple of cool magazines to ease up space on your coffee table. The choice is yours.

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