Hidden wall storage ideas — 7 chic ways to conceal your belongings

These designer-approved hidden wall storage ideas will help you hide everything in style

A living area with brown burl wallpapered walls, a deep green curved velvet couch with black and white patterned throw pillows, a rectangular black and white polka dot ottoman with a circular tray with a ribbed glass
(Image credit: Gaia Guidi Filippi / Michael Hunter Photography)

Hidden wall storage ideas are on our wish-list for sure. If you've ever imagined having your own Hollywood-style secret storage spot hidden in plain sight, these savvy ideas are for you, especially if you've recently bought your first home and looking for great ways to maximise your storage space. 

We've spoken with designers who have all executed brilliant hidden wall storage ideas in clients homes to find out how you can do this in your space. From sliding panels to clever door mechanisms, there are so many ways to enjoy these clever storage spots.

When finding small space interior design ideas which won't make your place look untidy but will expand how much you have, thinking outside the box — and inside the wall — is a smart move.

Hidden wall storage ideas from the pros

If you're searching for small space storage ideas, rolling up your sleeves and going for creative wall solutions is a good choice, especially for those living in smaller homes where floor space is at a premium and usually in short supply.

Where our designers have suggested particular types of products, our expert shoppers have sniffed out matching picks where possible to help shop the guide.

1. Look under the stairs

A living area with cream wall panels on the stairs, a cream couch with five throw pillows in navy blue, yellow, and multicolor, a dark wooden rectangular coffee table, and two curved navy blue arm chairs with yellow throw pillows on them and a multicolored rug on the floor

(Image credit: Valerie Helgeson / Sarah Baker Photos)

You don’t have to live under the stairs like Harry Potter, but you can certainly make use of the copious space it can provide.

“Making the most of storage opportunities underneath the stairs is a detail that should never be overlooked,” explains Valerie Helgeson, lead designer and founder of Design Directions.

A picture of Valerie Helgeson, a woman wearing a black dress with blonde hair
Valerie Helgeson

Valerie Helgeson is an interior designer based in Oklahoma City. She specializes in creating bespoke homes with a comfortable, classic design. Her meticulous attention to detail is a hallmark of her work and her approach is characterized by versatility that transcends any singular style. Instead, she tailors her designs to harmonize with the unique vision of each client.

She suggests concealing the access to storage by disguising it with millwork, giving the space architectural detail, and keeping the space from being interrupted by an awkward door. 

“For example, we used push-to-open hinges on this hidden door to access the bar area we created underneath this new staircase,” she says.

By doing this, no unsightly door knobs or cabinet pulls were needed.

2. Tap into the attic

A white closet room with shelves, a set of drawers, a full-length curved mirror in front of a hidden wall storage door, and a light leather brown bench with curved cushion arms

(Image credit: Ayten Nadeau / Tubga Tuncer Photography)

If going into your attic feels like heading on a trip to Narnia, make it a magical journey instead of a hazardous one by creating a concealed door to it in a room with close proximity and access.

“Create a hidden access door to unused attic space is ideal for storing boxes, sporting equipment, or infrequently used bulky items,” suggests Ayten Nadeau, principal designer and founder of i-Ten Designs.

This also applies if your attic eaves begin around the edges of a bedroom and currently are dead space waiting to be utilized.

A picture of Ayten Nadeau, a woman with a blonde bob wearing a white puffed shirt and white jeans leaning on a white counter sitting down, with a black counter in the background
Ayten Nadeau

Ayten Nadeau is the founder and principal designer of i-Ten Designs based in Raleigh North Carolina. Her interior and architecture studio is infused with global perspectives for clients who are looking for unique and discerning spaces filled with decor and design tailored to them.

Ayten did this in the dressing area above. “Concealed behind a freestanding mirror, the attic access seamlessly integrates into the overall design of the closet,” she explains.

If you’re renting and already have a hidden wall door, you can go one step into making it a secret space by placing one of a brilliant full-length mirror (such as the fun Orren Ellis Lighted Full Length Mirror from Wayfair) in front of it.

3. Go swish with sliding doors

A black wardrobe with three wall storage sliding door panels, with the left hand one open with shelves and rails of shirts hung and folded up, with the doors reflecting a room with a large grid window and a bed

(Image credit: Sharps)

We do love modern small bedroom ideas, and one of the best ways to add contemporary storage is by choosing wall panels that slide.

“Sliding panels are one of my favorite stylish solutions for hiding storage areas,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, which has twice been honored as finalists in the international SBID Awards and acknowledged in the NYCxDESIGN Awards. He has a decade of extensive and global residential and commercial interior design experience in spaces in need of storage solutions.

He adds, “When closed, they can integrate with the wall, providing a sleek, minimalist style.”

You can DIY these in your own space by measuring up your walls, cutting panels to size, and installing track panels at the bottom (this Outwater Sliding Door Track Set is Amazon’s Choice).

4. Try techy, motorized panels

A green wooden wall panel with a woven storage basket to the left, a curved wooden table with a magazine, glass, and red lamp on to the right, and a beige wall strip with a framed white wall art print above it

(Image credit: Naturewall)

Have you ever imagined having your own spy-style storage zone? We can’t promise this will open up to a secret lab, but we can say it will look and feel cool to use.

“When it comes to a more high-tech solutions, motorized panels that uncover or cover storage areas with the press of a button introduce a technological aspect into the room,” explains Artem.

Consider the Graywind Motorized Sliding Panels on Amazon, which come in 18 different colors and have a remote control for smooth operation.

5. Push open the wall

A living area with brown burl wallpaper walls, a deep green curved velvet couch with black and white patterned throw pillows, and a rectangular black and white polka dot ottoman with a circular tray with a glass

(Image credit: Gaia Guidi Filippi / Michael Hunter Photography)

If you still have physical DVDs and games in your living area (it’s always fun picking a movie from an in-hand collection), keep them neatly stashed away with a smart push-close door.

“We added much-needed storage space in this media room behind the sofa with concealed jig hinge and push-close doors,” says Gaia Guidi Filippi, principal designer and owner of Gaia G Interiors.

A picture of Gaia Guidi Filippi, a woman wearing an orange top in front of a background with trees
Gaia Guidi Filippi

Gaia Guidi Filippi is the principal designer of Dallas-based Gaia G Interiors. She founded her interior design firm out of a love of combining her innate creativity, discerning eye and endless resourcefulness. Her creative process merges beauty and functionality, culminating in bespoke, design-forward yet welcoming spaces. 

She continues, “From here, we hid the seams by covering the whole wall in this gorgeous burl wood wallpaper to make everything look intentional.”

This is an idea you could easily do yourself, with the help of a jig hinge such as this Milescraft Euro Hinge Jig on Amazon which is Amazon’s overall pick.

6. Hide behind wall art

A white bedroom with a gallery wall with six prints, a white bed with four throw pillows, a white duvet and beige and dark green throws, a rug underneath the bed, and a chair and door with an orange shirt hung up

(Image credit: Desenio)

You may have already brought gallery wall ideas and budget-friendly wall decor prints into your space — but you can take these a step further by making them multifunctional, as well as fab.

Artem explains, “Hidden cabinets behind paintings or mirrors provide a two-in-one solution. They contribute to the aesthetic quality and offer a discreet storage space for things you would like to hide.”

To do this, simply find a plain cabinet with a flat surface (or remove the handles) and superglue on a wall art print the same size. How easy, right? A few of these would work well as small bedroom storage ideas, too.

7. Utilize wall framing

An open door in a wall with colorful necklaces hung up in the wall and on the door, three shelves (two with bracelets and one with boxes) and wall shelves and drawers to the left

(Image credit: Valerie Helgeson / Caleb Collins)

Adding wall framing to your blank spaces can make a small space look luxe and can be utilized for your hidden wall storage needs, too.

Valerie explains, “Using the space between wall framing for hidden storage is a trick we frequently employ. In a traditional 2 x 4 framed interior wall there is typically a void of 3.5 inches, but a lot can be stored in a cabinet 3" deep, such as cosmetics, toiletries, medications, and jewelry.”

Valerie also suggests adding a hinged mirrored door to the front of the cabinet, which can act as a full-length mirror and double the function.

For those with a little extra budget, you could always get hidden wall storage ideas built-to-order for your place to ensure they truly fit perfectly.

Artem finishes by saying, “Such products can be made to suit the decor of the room and, therefore, the storage will be almost unnoticed.”

If using walls is your new favorite design trick, you may also be into these small bathroom wall storage ideas.

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