Aldi's getting our creative juices flowing with these fab crafts buys

Check out these Aldi Specialbuys from felting kits for your little ones to sewing machines for the pros... if you're feeling crafty

Aldi crafts buys
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi does crafts, proving that it certainly is not a one trick pony. You thought Aldi was just the place to be for cheap booze and toiletries? How wrong you were! They're currently stocking everything a keen crafts(wo)man could need. Whether you've got little ones who love to get creative or are a machine on the sewing machine yourself (the friend we all need), you'll love the range on offer in store and online, right now!

We're talking everything from books, how-to kits and paint brushes to full on sewing machines, craft trolleys and reading lights. It's unfair that arts and crafts can be an expensive hobby and so we are so on board with these budget solutions from Aldi. And, just for balance, we've listed some of our favourite craft buys at today's best prices from other retailers, too.

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1. So Crafty Hobby Trolley, £16.99

Aldi crafts trolley

(Image credit: Aldi)

Being crafty isn't a job... it's a way of life. For that reason it's important to have a way to transport your bits and bobs so that you can get creative on the move. With one zipped and two velcro sealed pockets, there are enough compartments to keep organised, while the padded walls will keep your equipment protected and the wheels and extendable handle promise practicality.

So Crafty Hobby Trolley, £16.99

2. So Crafty Green Hobby Storage Case, £4.99

Aldi storage case for crafts

(Image credit: Aldi)

As stereotypes go, creative people are often accused of being expressively messy... well, you'll show them with this storage case with double cantilever trays and multiple compartments so that you can keep your kit in shape. 

So Crafty Green Hobby Storage Case, £4.99

3. Needle Felting Kit, £2.99

Aldi felting kit

(Image credit: Aldi)

What looks like a cactus but is soft to touch? This adorable cactus felting kit! There are loads of different options to choose from, including a bright pink flamingo and a cute little koala. The kit is super easy to get used to and the instructions are simple to follow so this would be a great gift for a blossoming craftsperson! Included is a felting mat, two needles, an assorted wool roving and the instructions.

Needle Felting Kit, £2.99

4. Singer Tradition 2263 Sewing Machine, £99.99

Aldi crafts buys

(Image credit: Aldi)

Now, this is for the pros (figuratively speaking... but we reckon this is also a great model for beginners). Create clothes from scratch or alter old curtains with this brilliant sewing machine. There are 23 sewing programmes including a four step automatic buttonhole. Six basic stitches, five stretch stitches, eleven decorative stitches and 70 watts motor power. What more could you want?! Oh, maybe you'd like an LED sewing light? Check. This sewing machine comes with more features than we can list so seriously, check it out and get your hands on it, now – what a price!

Singer Tradition 2263 Sewing Machine, £99.99

5. Lifemax White Magnifying Table Light, £19.99

White magnifying light

(Image credit: Aldi)

Making close work more comfortable and easy, this is the perfect table light for a perfectionist. The magnifying glass has a 10cm diameter and the illuminating light is super bright, making the smallest of details visible. It's also adjustable so you can customise it to work for you. 

Lifemax White Magnifying Table Light, £19.99

6. Gold Round Sash Brush Set, £8.97

Aldi paint brushes set

(Image credit: Aldi)

Crafted with birchwood handles, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (a pretty big deal in the eco world) these paint brushes are not only super easy to use and high quality, but also environmentally friendly. A great price too for six brushes!

Gold Round Sash Brush Set, £8.97

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