Spring mantel decor — 7 sweet and seasonal ways to style

We're in love with these spring mantel decor ideas from interior designers

These Spring mantel decor examples are so cute. Here are three examples of these - one white mantel with a pastel egg wreath leaning on it, one white and yellow painted mantel with a green vase of pink flowers and a painted green landscape behind it, and one corner of a white mantle with an orange carrot garland
(Image credit: Lights4Fun / Molly Mahon / Anthropologie)

It's time to glow up your fireplace with spring mantel decor. This is a central focus point in any room it's in, so it's smart to give it the love it deserves.

We've quizzed designers to find out what they do to make this space shine with seasonal touches. From pretty pastel candles to cute vintage ceramics, they have given us lots of fabulous inspiration.

If you're looking for a quick way to bring spring home decor ideas into your home, the mantel is a brilliant place to start.

Spring mantel decor styles that are so dreamy

Whether you want to follow spring decorating trends or your own heart, we've got you covered with a variety of spring mantel tips.

If you are in a shopping mood, we have also scouted out matching buys from our expert recommendations.

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1. Choose vintage pottery

A cream mantel with a brushed gold photo frame, a tea cup with a white flower in it and a an empty floral tea cup, and a gold wall sconce with two candlesticks

(Image credit: Future / Symons Hatton)

Go down the Alice in Wonderland route with quirky, whimsical spring ceramics with seasonal motifs.

“You can display a collection of vintage china teacups, plates, and vases on the mantel,” explains Michael-Chase Strollo, principal designer at Strollo Interiors and director of Dash Fine Arts.

A picture of Michael-Chase Strollo, a man wearing a blue checked shirt and blazer with brown hair and black glasses
Michael-Chase Strollo

Michael-Chase Strollo is principal designer at Strollo Interiors and director of Dash Fine Arts. Having worked for a major global interior design company, he's an expert in design, home interiors, and decor for various areas of the home.

“Choose pieces with delicate floral patterns or pastel hues to evoke the spirit of spring,” he adds.

Michael also suggests arranging them in clusters or groupings for a curated and eclectic look. If you don’t have any already, head to vintage and secondhand furniture stores to scoop up treasure.

2. Place wall art

A blush pink couch with two white floral throw pillows on it, with a mantel behind it with wall art on it and above it on a peach wall, and a vase of roses on top of it

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

Wall art can easily be added as spring mantel decor, as you can either hang it up above it or lean it on.

“Display a collection of framed prints or watercolors with spring designs to introduce artworks depicting the season,” suggests Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, which has twice been honored as finalists in the international SBID Awards and acknowledged in the NYCxDESIGN Awards. He has a decade of extensive and global residential and commercial interior design experience, and is always on top of seasonal trends and decor.

Michael-Chase adds, “Look for pieces featuring blossoming flowers, fruits, or landscapes bursting with spring colors.”

He also recommends not being afraid to layer them up, to add even more vibrancy to the area.

3. Add bird motifs

A collection of glass bird decorations hanging down with ribbons from a bronze chandelier, with a sage green wall in the background

(Image credit: Future)

Seeing beautiful birds flit about is a sign spring has arrived, so pay tribute to its sweetness with themed mantel decor ideas.

“Add a few ornamental bird nests (these The Bridge Collection Egg Nests from Amazon would be perfect) into the arrangement for a whimsical, seasonal finish,” Artem suggests. 

You could also make something yourself, as easy spring DIY ideas. “Design a whimsical display by filling vintage birdcages with faux birds, nests, and blooming branches, and hang them above the mantel,” Michael-Chase adds.

Either of these will create the feeling of a European spring backyard and add a touch of vintage elegance.

4. Opt for pastel shades

A light pink and yellow patterned mantlepiece with a countryside painted print above it and a green checked vase of light pink roses, three candles, and photo frames on it

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

For those who are able to paint their mantels, you can give it a fresh look for the season by brushing pastel shades on it (which are also small space color trends for the year, FYI).

“Light, pastel colors can complement floral pieces and further enhance the spring mantel decor vibe, making the mantlepiece a focal point of renewal in the home,” says Ricky Allen, interior designer and director of Ever Wallpaper.

A picture of Ricky Allen in a suit
Ricky Allen

Ricky Allen is the interior designer and director of Ever Wallpaper, experts in high-quality wallpapers and murals, using non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly materials. As the director of a wallpaper brand, he's always on top of the latest seasonal colors and aesthetics.

If you can’t paint your mantle, you could always add color with pastel vases or the best candles (this Opalhouse Peony Candle from Target is pretty) in sugary shades.

Even a good clean of your fireplace will leave the area looking fresh and aesthetically more pleasing. Learn how to clean fireplace glass with these budget-friendly and effective methods.

5. Think beyond flowers

A marble living room fireplace with a mantel with a trailing plant, red and yellow books with a head vase on it and a vase of yellow tulips next to it, against a dark green wall with white and blue plates on it

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Flowers? As spring mantle decor? Groundbreaking. If you’re bored of blooms, go for the best indoor plants on your mantel instead.

Ricky explains, “I like to add small potted herbs or succulents to add texture and interest.”

Succulents fit especially snugly on mantels, which is why we’re eyeing up this Shop Succulents Plant Pack on Amazon.

Having them in a place you often see will help you remember to give them water, too (learn how often to water succulents, in case you go for these).

6. Try Easter decor

A white mantle with an orange carrot garland draped on top of it and a bowl of colorful speckled eggs out of focus

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

The best day of the year this season is arguably Easter. You can enjoy the festive hallmarks of cutie animals, chocolates, and colorful eggs to the top of your fireplace easily.

Artem says, “Choose adorable animals such as bunnies and bring in eggs reminiscent of chocolate ones to add subtle nods to this holiday.”

We're loving this Large Wooden Decorative Bunny from Target, as it's a classic enough style to bring out year after year. Target Easter buys are well worth a look for decorating for this event.

7. Finish with lighting

A white fireplace with pastel colored candles and eggs on top of it and on the edges of it, with a mantel with a ceramic vase of flowers, a green floral garland, and an egg wreath and egg string lights

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Even if your small living room fireplace is only ornamental, you can still add spring mantel decor lighting into it to give it a glow.

“Decorate with the best string lights in flower or egg shapes for a fun spring touch, or even dot around pink and yellow electric candles for low-maintenance brightness,” Artem suggests.

We like these Furora Lighting Flameless Candles from Amazon, not just because of their pretty dusky pink color, but because of the handy remote they come with.

We advise just going for a few of these spring mantel decor ideas, for a spring nod in your place which isn’t too overwhelming. We’re all about personality, but we’re also into making places look chic and curated.

If you’re on the hunt for more pieces for the season, these Anthropologie spring homewares are a total green dream.

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