This TikTok Christmas tree hack is perfect for small space dwellers

Plus, it's a fun DIY. Check out the TikTok Christmas tree hack all over FYPs

photo of a tiktok screen with a christmas tree on a green background, meant to symbolize the tiktok christmas tree hack
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Garlands have been getting a lot of love on FYPs, but a TikTok Christmas tree hack has particularly won us over. 

If you're getting ready for the festive season but don't have much room to execute grandiose ideas, fear not. There are still ways to make things merry, even when space is confined. Crafter Emma Villaneda will prove it to you with her nifty viral trick. 

As we inch closer to the holiday, and you weigh your Christmas decor selections, allow us to make the case for TikTok's beloved holiday DIY.

Check out the TikTok Christmas tree hack

If you're wondering how to fit a Christmas tree in a small space, Villaneda's method will gladly assist. She snagged a $5 4-foot Christmas tree from the Dollar Store, cut a hole in a large bucket, removed the handles, and applied some spray paint to the bin before setting the faux spruce inside.  

"I am always thinking of nontraditional ways to DIY items," she tells Real Homes. "I was drawn to the idea of creating a tree collar, simply because they are often expensive and I had not seen many options out there." 

Of course, this could be applied to a tree of all sizes, as evidenced on social media, but we're pleased to know that it spices up a small setup to look chic and festive. Plus, we can consider it one of the best ways to save money on a Christmas tree. Win-win!

"Anyone can do it," Villaneda assures us. "It's a high-end look on a budget."

If you want to use something that's already in your home, opt for the storage baskets in your living room or bedroom, which will seamlessly complement the aesthetic you already have in your home.


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Emma Villaneda
Emma Villaneda

Emma founded The Crafted Studio Co., where she shows off various home decor projects each season. Keep up with her favorite Amazon finds and follow along with her on social media for fun DIYs. 

What you'll need

If you're going for the space-saving route, try a few of these selections to recreate Villaneda's look.

Other options

Want to take the craft up a notch? Perhaps you have multiple trees in your home that need a little TLC. Villaneda also attempted the project with a laundry basket and tied Sisal Rope from Amazon around it to create a rustic look. We're equally in love with both projects, unsurprisingly. 


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Alright, now you have the perfect winter wonderland. If you're curious what to do when the holiday wraps up, we have you covered. We spoke to organization experts about how to store Christmas decorations in a small space so there's no fuss.

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