Barbie x 1-800-Flowers bring the perfect bouquets and luxe gifts for International Women's Day

Barbie blooms? Yes, please! Barbie x 1-800-Flowers is a pink sensation that celebrates strong, empowered females

Barbie x 1-800-Flowers Barbie flowers on a pink background
(Image credit: 1-800-Flowers)

The Barbie x 1-800-Flowers International Women's Day collab is chock-full of beautiful blooms and empowering merchandise, serving as a thoughtful way to show the important ladies in your life some gratitude. 

Ahead of the big celebration on Friday, March 8, the floral company has partnered with one of the most iconic women of all time. The result? Irresistible pops of pink for your botanical display, luxe bathrobes and gorgeous trinkets to treasure.

If you're looking for an inspirational twist for your indoor plants and flowers, just say, "Hi, Barbie!"

Shop the Barbie x 1-800-Flowers collection

Shoppers will be delighted with the beautifully arranged flowers and exclusive accessories, including a vase with the many iconic faces of Barbie featured alongside the slogan, Strong women make waves.

The Barbie x 1-800-Flowers selection offers a combination of pink roses, lilies, customisable robes, and long-burn candles to honor Barbie‘s 65th anniversary, and International Women's Day. It’s a perfect pairing, if you ask us.

You can shop other Barbie-approved picks, like a bouquet of the precious peonies, a.k.a. 1-800-Flowers' 2024 Flower of the Year, or a warm combination of sunflowers, orange and red lilies, and pink carnations, when perusing the collab.

 Let’s not forget the gorgeous merch to accompany the Barbie flowers, including the 1-800-Flowers girls night in rosé gift basket, the uplifting home fragrance and manifestation Light it into Existence Candle by Spoken Flames.

Add a touch of Barbiecore to your pad with the collab’s beautiful blooms and trinkets. 

What to shop in the Barbie x 1-800-Flowers collab

You're probably going to like a little bit of everything, but have a look at what we're eyeing from the adorable line.

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Love Barbie x 1-800-Flowers? We do, too. For more female empowerment in the design world this March — and beyond — support female-owned homewares and women-owned small businesses hand-picked by our editors. 

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