7 of the best fruit bowls

Encouraging healthy eating is easy when you make your fruit centre stage with our top picks of funky fruit bowls

The best fruit bowls: rose gold-effect fruit bowl from Next

Fruit bowls make for great centrepieces or simply a place to store your healthy snacks. When they’re on display, you’re more likely to want to eat them, and we all know we’re guilty of chucking old fruit away when it’s been neglected in the cupboard. 

Classic fruit bowls are usually a simple wooden or glass bowl. They can hold a lot of different fruits and they complement most interiors. Pedestal fruit bowls look a bit more luxurious and sophisticated but tend to hold just the same as a classic bowl. However, if you don’t like mixing your fruits then a tiered fruit bowl will allow you to separate your apples and pears, and makes a nice addition to the kitchen counter or dining table. 

We’ve picked out a variety of bowls, both big and small, to cater to your taste in design as well as your weekly fruit intake. From classic wooden bowls to funky and unique pieces that look like artwork, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Berard France Olive Wood Fruit Bowl

1. Bérard France Olive Wood Fruit Bowl

A classic wooden fruit bowl for storing your favourite snacks

Best for: Classic design
Material: Wood
Colour: Brown
Reasons to buy
+ Unique grain of olive wood + Durable (unlikely to break) 
Reasons to avoid
- Not dishwasher safe 

This classic wooden fruit bowl is made from a unique grain of olive wood meaning that each individual bowl is different in some way. The wood is dense and the bowl deep, making it durable and able to hold a range of different fruits. The bowl isn’t recommended for wet items and it is not dishwasher safe, so make sure you hand wash it whenever you need to. The type of wood it is made from is able to resist odours and staining, so you can expect this fruit bowl to last you a long time.  

Alessi Blow Up Basket, open-design silver fruit bowl

2. Alessi Blow Up Basket

A unique technical design that turns your fruit into a work of art

Best for: Unique design
Material: Stainless steel
Colour: Silver
Reasons to buy
+ Polished finish + Iconic Italian design
Reasons to avoid
- Not suitable for smaller fruit 

This unique fruit bowl was designed by Carlo Alessi and those who have bought this fruit bowl say it is a stunning piece of artwork for your dining table. The design is not uniform, which makes it stand out, however this does mean it might not be suitable for smaller fruits which could fall through the gaps. If you have a modern home, then the minimalist design of this polished stainless steel fruit bowl could be an eye-catching feature to hold your fruit in.  

Traditional fluted crystal fruit bowl by Waterford

3. Waterford Marquis Sheridan Flared Bowl

A luxury glass bowl for displaying fruit or other decorative items

Best for: Decorative
Material: Glass
Colour: Clear
Reasons to buy
+ Bold but simple design + Hand-crafted fine crystal 
Reasons to avoid
- Heavy  

This luxury glass crystal bowl could make the ideal wedding or anniversary gift for those who like the finer things in life. Suitable for all types of fruit, this bowl looks elegant but is thick and durable. It is narrow at the bottom and wider around the top, which means you may struggle to fit some fruit items in it; however users have also said this bowl is perfect for decorative stones or candles.  

Daan Marble and Metal Bowl by MADE: gold-effect bowl with marble-effect stand

4. Daan Marble and Metal Bowl

Put your fruit on a pedestal

Best for: Displaying fruit
Material: Marble & metal
Colour: Gold
Reasons to buy
+ Modern design + Well built 
Reasons to avoid
- Fairly shallow 

This Marble and Metal Bowl will allow you to literally put your fruit on a pedestal, encouraging all the family to get their 5 a day. The luxury modern design is well built with a sturdy marble base which also makes it easy to pick up and move around from room to room when needed. The metal bowl is shallow, but will keep your fruit at the perfect temperature.  

T&G Woodware Provence 3-tier basket: cream-coloured solid and chicken wire

5. T&G Woodware Provence 3 Tier Basket

Keep your fruit separate and colour co-ordinated with this 3-tiered basket

Best for: Separating fruits
Material: Metal
Colour: Cream
Reasons to buy
+ Keeps different fruits apart + Looks decorative 
Reasons to avoid
- Quite large  

If you have a large family and want to keep your fruit bowl stocked up to make sure everyone gets their 5 a day, then this 3 tiered basket is a great way to display everything in a decorative way. You can separate fruits into size or type to keep things organised and the handle at the top means it’s easy to move around from room to room. 

Rose gold effect fruit bowl with curved edge and contrast silver interior

6. Rose Gold Effect Fruit Bowl

A large fruit bowl that’s shiny and stylish

Best for: Modern style
Material: Metal
Colour: copper
Reasons to buy
+ Mirror effect + Keeps fruit cool 
Reasons to avoid
- Not everyone likes the copper trend 

Copper has become very popular among household items lately, and if you’re jumping on board with it, then you’re likely to love this copper-effect fruit bowl from Next. It’s a large bowl which has plenty of room to fit all the family’s fruit and the metal is more likely to keep fruit cool than a glass or wooden bowl.   

InterDesign fruit bowl in black wire with banana hook

7. InterDesign Axis Fruit Bowl

A funky basket for hanging your bananas

Best for: Bananas
Material: Stainless steel
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+ Large  + Hang bananas separately  
Reasons to avoid
- Bigger bananas may not fit  

This funky medium-sized fruit bowl is perfect for keeping your bananas separate from other fruit to stop them ripening too quickly.  The hook is said to hold a bunch of medium-sized bananas well, but any more than 6 may still get in the way of other fruits. This design then also allows for all other fruits to sit comfortably in the bowl section. 

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