10 fabulous kitchen sink ideas to consider for your key space

Any of these beautiful picks from design experts will set your kitchen apart

kitchen sink ideas, kitchen with pale pink cabinetery, black window frame, large sink, black wall lights vaulted shiplap ceiling, open shelving, kitchen island
(Image credit: Willow Designs by Bridget / James Furma)

Planning a kitchen remodel? There are many things to consider during this process — countertops, cabinets, color schemes, flooring and backsplashes — but have you chosen your sink yet? 

Picking yours early on pop important design features on your radar for when you choose your countertop and flooring. Sinks are one of the most hardworking parts of your kitchen, but they also present an opportunity to add character and form.

This is one of our favorite kitchen ideas to write about because there are so many options to consider beyond the classic Butler sink so strap in for marble, concrete, stainless steel and so much more, with expert tips and insight from our panel of interior designers.

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1. Beautiful brass sinks

A polished brass sink with black countertop

(Image credit: deVOL Kitchens)

Brass has been having a resurgence for a few years now, mainly in terms of faucets and hardware, but now we see the exciting trend of brass sinks sweeping in.

Helen Parker, creative director of deVOL Kitchens explains, "Our most recent sink to the party is a large 40 inch wide brass sink, its color and size are tempered because it is under mounted, so you can just see a glimpse of the sunshine gold brass rather than a full front view. 

"A very traditional Victorian sink would have been brass or zinc or copper and it is this authenticity and longevity that makes these sinks so appealing. We love the idea of all these sinks aging beautifully and naturally and any marks that gather over time just adding to their beauty."

Match yours to the beautiful one pictured with the lookalike KS1272PXBS Heritage Bridge Faucet with Side Spray from Wayfair, which has a polished brass finish. It's extremely hard wearing and will last well. 

expert headshot of Helen Parker, creative director of deVOL Kitchens, a blond woman standing in a kitchen with a white shirt on
Helen Parker

Helen Parker is deVOL's creative director. Joining in 2004 as a kitchen designer, by 2011 she had become responsible for deVOL's style, creating one-of-a-kind showrooms, sourcing antiques and gifts and designing new pieces of furniture and accessories.  

2. Under mounted

gray and pink kitchen with gray cabinets, patterned floor tiles, open shelving, pink walls dining table, cream countertop

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Most kitchen sinks are under mounted as pictured above to allow an uninterrupted look through the countertop. This design choice is a great option when funds are tight and as a budget sink won't really show and with the counter over the top, will look fabulous.

If you go for an under mounted sink, make sure you pick a beautiful countertop that creates a clean aesthetic and suits a contemporary scheme. Amazon's TORVA Black Ceramic Coating with NanoTek Under Mount Kitchen Sink is a budget buy which still looks stylish and modern.  It also comes in eight different size and color configurations so you're bound to find one that fits your needs.

3. Double up

kitchen with pale pink cabinetry, black window frame, large sink, black wall lights vaulted shiplap ceiling, open shelving, kitchen island

(Image credit: Willow Designs by Bridget / James Furma)

If your kitchen is large and spacious, a double sink will look better proportionately and be easier for those large items that are hand-wash only.

Bridget Zemar, founder of Willow Designs by Bridget, "The kitchen design was rooted in the need for a gathering space for family and friends and the centerpiece is the deep Blanco fireclay sink with its generous 36 inch single basin and apron design, offering enough space to wash the dishes, clean those veggies, and even cut flowers from the garden.

"Framed by a stunning La Cantina window, it provides a perfect view of the beautiful backyard. Bonus workhorse features like the cutting board and drying rack ledge are perfect for this active household."

White is easier on the eye in a scheme that has pale painted cabinets and light countertops. To help you copy this large double sink look in your home, I've curated three matching sinks below. 

Bridget Zemar
Bridget Zemar

Bridget is the founder of Willow Designs by Bridget, a full-service interior design studio located in beautiful San Diego, California. As a self-taught designer with over 15 years of creative experience, Bridget’s passion for design began with renovating her own homes. Her California upbringing influences her designs, blending tailored comfort with elevated, welcoming elements and reminding us that home is the heart of design.

4. Fluted

Fluted sink with gray cabinets, mirror behind, brass hanging rail,

(Image credit: deVOL Kitchens)

Fluted accessories have become increasingly popular this year, from lampshades to vases, it's a lovely trend immediately adding visual interest to any space.

We've also seen it trickling through to sinks and it's easy to see why. It particularly suits cottage and farmhouse style kitchens

The Belfast fluted sink from deVOL Kitchens fluted sink pictured above is a stunning example of how amazing they can look.

"They seem to elevate the washing up and sink area into a feature rather than just a practical place to wash up," says Helen Parker. 

5. Butler style

Victorian looking kitchen with black hex floor tiles, wooden cabinets, marble countertop, Butler sink, artwork, and blue printed wallpaper

(Image credit: Divine Savages / @house_loves / @exploringinteriors)

Butler sinks are perhaps one of the most popular, and the difference between it and Belfast sinks is simply the size. Originally, the Butler sink was designed for pantries in London and was designed to hold more water. Belfast sinks on the other hand are smaller and more compact.

"The Butler sink is a timeless design that adds a touch of classic elegance to any kitchen," explains Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages. "Its clean lines and robust, glossy structure create a striking contrast against a playful, patterned wallpaper as you can see in this eclectic kitchen. Whether your kitchen has a vintage, rustic, or modern look, the versatile butler sink complements all design aesthetics.  It will also seamlessly integrate with the pattern on your walls, whether it's a delicate floral, a bold geometric, or a paper full of personality, like our Safari Soirée wallpaper." 

6. Concrete

itchen sink ideas, concrete sink, white walls, dark gray units, dark grey floor tiles, white wall tiles

(Image credit: KS Design / Madeline Harper)

If you love an urban style then a concrete sink could be ideal for you. 

Contrary to popular belief, concrete is very durable in water as long as it has been sealed professionally. An investment for sure, but one that if looked after, really can last for decades. 

It's a fabulous kitchen sink idea if you love raw material that has texture and style in in spades. It could also be integrated with a concrete countertop or be under mounted. 

If you love DIY and doing a partial upgrade to you kitchen, learn how to microcement your existing counter to complement your new sink. I've sourced my top three favorite concrete style kitchen sink ideas below. 

7. Marble

kitchen sink ideas, detail of kitchen sink with marble countertop, window view of garden, white units, chrome faucet,

(Image credit: Anja Michals Interior Design / Jessica Burke)

An integrated sink is when it's a seamless part of the countertop – one continuous piece that's all the same material – could be marble, granite or a composite for example. 

When done well, it can work in any type of scheme, "This is a project that is dear to my heart as it's my home," says Anja Michals, founder of Anja Michals Interior Design

"When updating the kitchen I wanted to reinvent Farmhouse Eclectic," she tells Real Homes. "Rather than going with a traditional farmhouse sink we designed an integrated marble sink, which paired with the iconic Waterworks Henry Kitchen Faucet is a beautiful, fresh, timeless take on Farmhouse."

Anja Michals headshot
Anja Michals

Anja's approach to her design work is organic, with each and every project unique and tailored to her clients needs. Anja draws architecture, the bones of a home, and her client's specific lifestyle into her design inspiration, creating spaces that are meaningful and a reflection of the client in their best light.

8. Within an island

Blue kitchen cabinets with white countertops, white and blue island with integrated sink, brass faucet, gold pendant lights and ornately patterned blue floor tiles

(Image credit: Bakes & Kropp / Sharer Design Group / Stylish Detroit)

There's often quite a bit of discussion about what should be added to a kitchen island with the two main queries being sink or hob. Both have their place and remember, if you have a large enough island you can have both. 

So what size sink should you consider? A kitchen island sink has different uses because it's mainly used for food prep and cleaning, this means you can go smaller or choose a rectangular shape like this smart design. The dishwasher will bear the brunt so this smart addition can allow you extra functionality without compromising on space. 

9. Stainless steel

Kitchen with stainless steel sink under mounted in kitchen island, white

(Image credit: Living with Lolo / Life Created)

Love a cool, clean aesthetic? Stainless steel sinks have that industrial look that many love, and they're also great value — to make them look stylish invest in the countertop instead. 

One downside though is that it can be prone to scratches and general wear and tear, this can be dealt with by polishing it frequently. There are different gauge (thickness) stainless steel options to consider if you've got your heart set on one. Opting for 16 gauge over the standard 18 will give you a more high-end finish. 

Learn how to gently clean a stainless steel sink with baking soda. My favorite steel sink offerings are detailed below.

10. The classic Belfast

Forest green kitchen cabinets with white sink, brass faucet, black counter

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

For a beautiful classic looking kitchen sink you can't go wrong with a square Belfast sink. 

Richard Moore
, creative director, Martin Moore says, "Belfast sinks are a popular option due to the generous depth of sink, making them perfect for things like flower arranging. In this instance, the classic Belfast sink boldly stands out against the dark viridian [blue-green] cabinetry; combining traditional elements with striking, contemporary colors can make a very interesting and eye catching kitchen design," says

"We always recommend Belfast sinks. They look the part, are sturdy and traditional and there is just something about them that feels much nicer than a plain stainless steel under mounted sink," agrees Helen Parker. 

The Wayfair's DV-1K0067 Deervalley Single Basin Kitchen Sink is a great Belfast sink option. 

Richard Moore

Richard Moore is the Creative Director of Martin Moore. Founded in 1975 by his parents, Martin and Barbara Moore, Martin Moore has been creating bespoke, handmade kitchens for over 48 years. Richard heads the company alongside his brother, Michael Moore.


Kitchen sinks can be as subtle or as a eye-catching as you like, they are essentially part of kitchens for practical reasons, but today we have much more choice when it comes to sizes and material choices. 

Once you've selected your kitchen sink, learn how to clean a kitchen sink drain to avoid a stench ruining your room's ambiance.

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