Tween to teen bedroom decorating ideas

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Keeping up with the kids’ tastes and preferences can be exhaustive as their interests dramatically swing from one fad to another. Just as you get your head around their Justin Bieber obsession, their tastes take a dramatic U-turn and, all-of-a-sudden, their fingernails are painted black and their dyed black hair is carefully coiffured to cover one eye.

Whilst a completely natural part of growing up, this fluid transition between tastes can wreak havoc for their bedroom’s interior design. As a reflection and extension of their personality: the majority of children will want their bedroom to be representative of their tastes for their own comfort and (even if they won’t admit it) to impress their friends. So how do you help them feel comfortable in their room year-after-year without spending hundreds of pounds annually?

Create a Neutral Core

Whilst the superficial top-layer of the bedroom décor can be replaced relatively inexpensively, investing in new beds, wardrobes and cabinets every year can soon mount up financially. Investing in high quality, neutral furnishings can continue to complement the ever-changing décor of the children’s bedroom.

The Stompa range from FADS comprises of minimalistic bedroom furnishings designed for children. The straight lines and single-tone concepts ensures the furnishings complement a wide range of different bedroom styles from My Little Pony-inspired magical kingdoms to Joplin-centric hippy playgrounds. The use of high quality Scandinavian pine also helps the furnishings stand up to the sometimes-robust playtime of children.

The creation of a neutral long-lasting base will also shorten the length of time which needs to be dedicated to redecoration (thankfully potentially limiting the number of nights when the offspring becomes your unwanted roommate).

No Mess Picture and Poster Removal

As their heroes and fictional favourites change, kids naturally want to decorate their bedroom walls with their likenesses. This can leave a veritable mess of blu-tack stains and small nail holes. Clever utilisation of UHU No Stain White Tack from Tesco or Unibond No More Nails can help protect your valuable wall whilst helping the kids decorate their bedroom.

If your child is adamant they’ll never want their old Danger Mouse posters adorning their bedroom wall again, they can be donated to your local charity shop or children’s centre – helping someone else enjoy your child’s former interests.

Seek Artistic Direction

The subtle nuances of children’s tastes in culture, film, TV and music can often go over the head of the older generations – making it important that you seek out input from the kids every step of the way. Whilst all those auto-tuned boy bands may look and sound the same to you (and to everyone before Photoshop intervention) you child will immediately notice if the wrong poster is hanging from their newly-decorated room. If you want to complete the redecoration quickly and on-budget (and avoid hissy fits), make sure you get it right the first time around.

However, it is important to temper the input of the children – ensuring that the redecoration does not grow to become grandiose in ambition and unrealistic in execution. Make compromises with the children and ensure they understand that whilst you appreciate their unique personality and tastes, a wall-mounted LED snake tank is neither practical nor realistic.

Remember the Basics

A 1920s Great Gatsby theme is just a theme, so make sure the thematic flourishes are in the décor alone – not compromising the functionality of the bedroom. Retain the bed (in lieu of a chaise longue) and an area for homework and studying. When the initial excitement of a highly stylised bedroom (and apple juice in a decanter) wears off, kids will undoubtedly yearn for the creature comforts of a traditional bedroom – so ensure these are not inhibited in the redesign.