Wallpapers for children's rooms: 16 best designs for 2019

Add instant personality to a children’s room with one of these fun wallpaper designs

Classic Seasons Winter Snowdrift Wallpaper
(Image credit: Sian Zeng)

Using wallpaper is an easy way to turn your kid’s room into a space they’ll love to spend time in. One of the easiest ways to give any child's bedroom design an instant injection of colour and pattern is with a feature wallpaper. Bold colours and fun characters are great way to inspire young minds, while older kids will jump at the chance to express their creativity with a striking design of their own choice.  

Don’t be put off by a bold design either as you don't need to paper the entire room. You could try papering just one or two walls, or perhaps make a feature of a desk area with a wallpaper as the backdrop to that part of the room.  

Whatever option you choose, let their imaginations run wild with one of these children's wallpaper designs. Find more wallpaper related loveliness on our hub page, and find out how to design a child's bedroom, too. And, once you've made your all important choice, check out our step-by-step guide to hanging wallpaper

1. Have fun with bold colour and pattern

Keep kids' rooms classy but fun with a neat geometric wallpaper design and a bold background colour. Combine with a colourful rug and cushions. 

Available with a blue, green or neutral backdrop, this Reggie Robot wallpaper by Harlequin features rows of mini robots to create the effect of a striped wall. You can complete the look with a matching range of accessories too. Around £38 per roll.  

Colourful children's bedroom with robot design wallpaper and fabric armchair

2. Foster a love of nature with a forest print

Nubie Into the Woods wallpaper

Woodland Tree Scene Panel by INKE, £125, available at Nubie

(Image credit: Nubie)

Botanical wallpaper is trendy – and in a children's bedroom, a botanical print will help develop the kids' interest in animals and plants. Think of the walls as an opportunity to delight and entertain, and also educate them. 

Our pick is The Forest Friends Wallpaper by Karlie Klum (shown below), available at Lime Lace. 

Forest Friends Wallpaper by Karlie Klum

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

3. Add a little texture for a multi-dimensional effect

Textured wallpapers are fun and useful for visually enhancing a small room. Kids will love their tactile look. Pick a colourful option for younger kids' rooms and something monochrome for older children.

We like the Rain Wallpaper in teal by Karlie Klum, available at Lime Lace.

Rain wallpaper in teal by Karlie Klum at Lime Lace

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

4. Choose pastels for a relaxed look

Pastels are an enduringly popular choice for kids' bedroom – and with good reason. Easygoing and fun, a pastel wallpaper will complement most rooms, while making the most of the natural light coming into the room. 

We love the dreamy Marshmallow Clouds design from Graham & Brown, £20 per roll.

Children's bedroom with bright cloud design wallpaper and designer chair

5. Pick a wallpaper to match your child's interests

When kids are interested in something, whether it's animals, cars, or playing nurse, they can't get enough of their new interest. Encourage them to explore their favourite activity with a matching wallpaper. 

We like the Zoom Away Blue Wallpaper by Arthouse. Perfect for a budding mechanic or car enthusiast. 

Arthouse Zoom Away Blue Wallpaper

(Image credit: Arthouse)

6. Enhance playtime with an activity wallpaper

Bring outdoor play inside with this stylish Teepees wallpaper from Hibou Home. It’s also a paste-the-wall design, which makes it very easyto hang.  £59.95 per roll.  

Children's wallpaper with bold teepee design

7. Choose a bold print for a statement wall

The great fun of decorating kids' rooms is that patterns and colours don't need to match. Indulge your child's love of bright colour with a bold geometric print. Experiment with different patterns by wallpapering just one statement wall.

Find similar geometric wallpaper at Murals Wallpaper. 

Sofa.com Alfie Mini Two Seat in Tutti Frutti Caterpillar , £390, Murals Wallpaper, Multi coloured

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

8. Go for a delicate print for an understated look

If you prefer a subtle look in neutral tones, go for a wallpaper in a monochrome print. It can still be playful and fun, but will not overpower an understated kids' room decor.

We love the very sweet Portraits Wallpaper by Hibou Home.   

Family portrait animals wallpaper by Hibou Home

(Image credit: Hibou Home)

9. Pick a versatile pattern in older kids' rooms

Older children will want a more grown-up wall treatment; this doesn't mean that only plain white wall will do: choose a wallpaper with a graphic design, such as asymmetrical polka dots, and it should see you through most of the teenage years. 

For a similar polka dot wallpaper design, try the Dots Black & White Wallpaper from Graham & Brown. 

Ikea children's room

(Image credit: Ikea)

10. Choose an abstract print for a sophisticated look

Abstract prints also work very well in older children's rooms  – and will also appeal to children who like drawing and painting. Choose a wallpaper with a neutral background colour for a sophisticated look that will work with most furniture sets. 

The Terrazzo wallpaper from Nubie is perfect for creating a modern, on-trend look. 

Spot design wallpaper for children's bedroom

11. Pick a wallpaper that tells a story

Nothing keeps little kids occupied like a good story. With a storytelling wallpaper, getting them to imagine that they are inside a fairytale will be easy and effortless.

We love the very colourful 'Monkeys' Wallpaper Mural by Clare Wilson Studio, available at Wallsauce.com. 

'Monkeys' Wallpaper Mural by Clare Wilson Studio

(Image credit: Wallsauce.com)

12. Don't be afraid of pink

Pink is a firm favourite of many children – and rightly so, it's a warm, welcoming shade. An especially popular choice for decorating a girl's bedroom, many boys will like pink, too. If you can't stomach an overly pink bedroom, but your child loves the colour, pick a wallpaper with pink accents, then pair with a pink chest of drawers. 

Our pick of wallpaper pink is the wonderfully named Felicity Flamingo wallpaper from Scion, available at Wallpaper Direct.

Colourful children's bedroom with pink flamingo wallpaper

13. Choose a wallpaper design that will grow with them

Most kids' room wallpaper designs will need replacing several times while your kids are growing up. If the prospect of renewing the children's room wallpaper every few years does not appeal, choose a design that is not exclusively for kids' rooms and it should accommodate all age stages.

The Classic Seasons Winter Snowdrift Wallpaper by Sian Zeng is a keeper – even after they've grown up. 

Classic Seasons Winter Snowdrift Wallpaper

(Image credit: Sian Zeng)

14. Help them learn about the world with a map design

What better way to help you kids learn the map of the world than having it up on the wall? The light blue background is a bonus, since it will work with most bedroom designs. 

A variety of Children's Map Wallpaper designs is available from Wallsauce.com.

Childrens Map Mural From Wallsauce.com

(Image credit: Wallsauce.com)

15. Decorate together with wall stickers

Make a fun day of decorating the bedroom together with your kids (and perhaps even get them into DIY along the way!) with wall stickers. 

The Croatian Fabric Sticker Sets from Sian Zeng are easy to reposition and remove, and are eco-friendly, too. 

Croatian Tree Fabric Sticker Set by Sian Zeng

(Image credit: Sian Zeng)

16. Go for a super-cute design – if it matches your child's personality

If your child is a delicate, sensitive soul, and their favourite thing to do is to quietly play with their pet bunny/kitten/puppy, why not reflect their sweet personality in your choice of wallpaper? 

The Little Bunny wallpaper in pink by Bear & Beau is delicate and oh, so cute. 

The Little Bunny wallpaper in pink by Bear & Beau

(Image credit: Bear & Beau)

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