These are the coziest bedroom rugs to make this key space feel even more luxurious

Warm toes FTW

Alaca Area Rug from Boutique rugs in black and cream underneath bed dressed in blue and white bedding with red pillows and wooden end bench
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My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s my sleeping spot, it’s my WFH station, it’s my movie-watching location, and most of the time it’s also my dining room. (Yep, I eat in bed… even with the risk of crumbs. Sue me!) 

Personally, I like my bedroom to feel as cozy as possible, which is why I'm all about those Scandi vibes. I mean, I want to feel as though I’m being wrapped in a warm hug of marshmallows and cotton candy while someone sings “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” next to my pillow. And one of the things I love more than anything is climbing out of my bed and sinking my feet into a high-pile rug underneath me. It’s the perfect wake-up call, and I love how the soft textures complement the often hard and harsh feel of closets and bedroom furniture that make up the rest of the room. And let's face it: a bedroom rug is an easy way to cover ugly rental carpet or floor that you can't change.

But bedroom rugs aren’t just for hygge lovers like me. No matter whether you’re into vintage patterns, monochrome colors, geometric patterns, or abstract color blocking, the perfect bedroom rug will bring your entire space together. See below for some of my favorite styles to buy right now, to spruce up the space you snooze in an instant.

9 of the best bedroom rugs for all of the cozy vibes

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What kind of rugs are best for a bedroom?

As most people only use their bedrooms at night, it’s considered to be a low-traffic area of the home. Because of this, there are more opportunities to experiment with the style and the pile of your rug. In fact, the bedroom is one of the best places in the home to have a high-pile shag wool rug, as it’ll feel soft underfoot, it’ll keep your room warm, and it’s naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to a high pile. This is especially true if you want a rug to add an accent of softness or color without the rug becoming the focal point of the room. A shorter pile will serve by function rather than aesthetic, so you first need to work out what it is you want from a bedroom rug.

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