12 storage ideas for kids' rooms

Practical storage is key for kids' rooms, so it needs to be functional and fun at the same time

Loaf Matey storage desk with shelves and mango wood top
(Image credit: Loaf)

Kids' rooms need lots of storage solutions, and they all need to be easily accessible. For small children especially, bedroom storage furniture needs to be mini-sized so they can reach their favourite books and toys easily. You should also look out for ‘soft profile’ and soft close pieces that won’t hurt little fingers and storage options that are safe for toddlers to pull themselves up on. 

As they get older, children will have different needs and will want their bedroom storage to be more stylish; friends come visiting and stay over, homework needs doing and more clutter appears! There are some fantastic modular storage systems around that you can involve your child with so you can design the best solution together. 

We've got every kids' room storage idea covered, from clothes' storage to children's book storage and toy storage; if you're starting from scratch, our guide to designing a child's bedroom will be invaluable, too.

1. Discover the versatility of box shelf storage

Simple but effective, a box shelving unit is perfect for a kid’s room, it can be used for storing toys, stashing books and knick knacks and the wooden storage boxes can be bought separately if you want to hide some of the mess! Shelf dividers can also be added if you want to make the squares smaller. 

Wood Collection medium vertical shelving unit, £442, Horizontal Unit (shown in front) £332, from Diddle Tinkers. 

White box shelves from Diddle Tinkers

(Image credit: Diddle Tinkers)

2. Store children's books in a mini bookcase

Versatile kid's storage furniture is essential to match the variety of items that you need to store away. Children's book storage is no exception, with a variety of options available depending on your child's age and habits.

With two cupboard spaces and two open shelves the Storage bookcase from Little Folks Furniture has two doors and has a refreshingly gender-neutral design. It can also work as toy storage and Lego storage.

Two door cubed shelf with white frame and wood effect doors

(Image credit: Little Folks)

3. Pick a wire storage desk for easy access

Pick your child's first desk carefully – think something that can still accommodate their favourite toys when they get tired of sitting down. Choose an item of kids' storage furniture that will allow your child to see where their toys are – a helpful reassurance while they are getting used to the routine of doing homework.

The unique Matey Boy Desk from Loaf looks super trendy and the  storage at each end is perfect for stationery, books, files, pots and pens. It’s all topped with a beautiful hand-carved piece of solid mango wood with curved edges. 

Loaf Matey storage desk with shelves and mango wood top

(Image credit: Loaf)

4. Pick laundry storage that is fun and functional

It is hard enough to get your kids to keep their clean clothes neatly hanging or folded away, let alone their discarded laundry. We can't promise they will use it, but kids' laundry storage bins will certainly increase the chances of them putting clothes ready for the wash to if they have their own cute laundry basket in their room.

The generously sized Rocket Laundry Storage from Soak & Sleep is crafted from felt, is super durable and will add some fun to a kids' room with its cute appliqué design. It has two rope handles for easy lifting and is part of a larger Dark Space bedroom range. 

Rocket laundry basket with towels hanging over a ladder

(Image credit: Soak & Sleep)

5. Choose multipurpose storage furniture

When it comes to choosing kids' room storage, you have two main options: mix and match different items, or invest in a comprehensive, multi-purpose storage system. While for the style conscious, carefully curating the different storage unit may be the answer, time-strapped parents will benefit from an all-in-one storage solution with shelving, boxes, and adjustable framing. 

The Trofast range from Ikea is a very versatile kids' storage solution. There are so many elements that you can design your own storage system that’s unique to your children’s needs. The sturdy frames hold brightly coloured storage bins, which are low, making them easy for your child to use. Other items used in this kids' room are the Busunge bed and wardrobe, and the Smila Hjarta wall lamp

Kids storage furniture and pink bed and wardrobe with black chalkboard wall

(Image credit: Ikea)

6. Store smaller items in a kid's storage cabinet

A wall-mounted or freestanding cabinet is the best solution for small items, especially those that are easily broken. Pick a cabinet that is modern and simple in design, and it will serve you all the way into your child's teenage years.

The handmade Libitina children’s metal storage cabinet from Out There Interiors in grey has two handy painted pine shelves, and the top can be used for extra storage. The industrial unit will look great in a Scandi-style kids' room.

Mesh cage style kids storage furniture

(Image credit: Out There Interiors)

7. Use toy storage boxes to keep toys tidy

There are many toy storage options available, from bins to baskets and storage boxes. Upholstered storage boxes are a great idea for younger children, since they prevent accidents, keeping your child and their toys sage. 

The large Milo storage boxes from Sofa.com are perfect for toys, spare bedding, and blankets. The lid is padded so it can be used to sit on, and it comes with soft close hinges, so it won’t unexpectedly slam shut on little fingers. You can choose from a range of 17 fabrics, seen here is the Citrus Huckleberry Stripe (green) and the Candyfloss Huckleberry Stripe (coral).  

Milo upholstered storage boxes

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

8. Pick a bed with shelving storage

A kid's storage bed is a great way to maximise space in a child's bedroom and keeping the floor clear for playtime. 

The Stompa Uno S Plus Children’s storage bedroom range from John Lewis provides every solution possible to growing children and their storage needs. Prices range from £20 to £1,099 depending on what configuration you go opt for. The mid-sleeper come with either open shelving or a cube storage system. Cube colours available in blue/grey and pink/purple.

Stompa Uno S Plus children's storage furniture range including storage bed and shelving from John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

9. Choose a storage table for book storage

Encourage your little ones to read with this smart Potter Library Table  from Great Little Trading Company. It’s designed to be the perfect height for kids to use and has handy sectioned spaces that props the books up so they can see what they’d like to read easily. There’s a handy shelf underneath that can be used for toys. 

Potter Library table infront of a cloud wallpaper wall

(Image credit: Great Little Trading Company)

10. Put up a wall shelf

Sometimes it’s good to get books and toys off the floor so they don’t get tripped over or trodden on. Wall storage also leaves more floor space for play. 

The Atlas shelf in Nimbus White from Mamas & Papas is the ideal solution. Part of a wider range of stylish children’s furniture, this handy shelf also comes in oak.

White wall shelf from Mamas & Papas against a pink wall

(Image credit: Mamas & Papas)

11. Use a chest of drawers as all-in-one storage

A chest of drawers is the best way to store most of your children's clothing and offers a handy surface for additional storage or for displaying favourite toys.

This six drawer chest from Habitat will work well in most children’s rooms. The bright green handles add an element of fun, but the chest is also suitable for older children who want something more grown-up. 

Kid's 6-drawer chest of drawers in oak from Habitate

(Image credit: Habitat)

12. Build a kid's storage combo

Use a combination of storage types to build a stylish storage wall in your child's bedroom. Here a run of storage benches has been combined with open shelving and hangers for a quirky set up that provides a space for everything.

The flexible array from Ikea includes Algot shelving, Stuva benches and hooks, and could be moved and adapted as your child's needs change.

baby clothes storage with Algot and Stuva from Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

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