4 Style lessons from Shea McGee's nursery for new baby Margot

Behold, baby Margot's room (it's nicer than our own adult bedrooms)

Studio McGee nursery with boucle armchair and crib
(Image credit: Lucy Call)

After keeping fans waiting for months, Shea and Syd McGee have finally revealed the stunning nursery they designed for their newborn baby. We can confirm that little Margot McGee's room is even more cute, stylish and Studio McGee than we had imagined.

Interiors expert Shea shows how it's done, using stunning girls' nursery ideas to bring together a calm sleep space for her third baby. There's a bold patterned wallpaper, a bouclé armchair, and even pink shiplap...

Studio McGee nursery crib, lampshade and artwork

(Image credit: Lucy Call)

Choose pieces that will grobw with your little one

Shea recommends investing in the fundamental pieces, such as paint, furniture and rugs, and going for items that will work as your little one gets older. So keeping the walls and flooring on the more 'grown up' side will save you from needing to decorate in a couple of years' time.

You can 100% incorporate lots of fun and colorful girls' bedroom ideas elsewhere, with storage, bedding, decor pieces, toys, throw pillows and a crib mobile.

Studio McGee nursery with green cabinet

(Image credit: Lucy Call)

go bold with wallpaper

Shea has opted for a neutral wallpaper in a bold botanical pattern - shop the exact wallpaper on McGee & Co. This enveloping, whimsical pattern adds depth and interest, and the warm tones contribute to the overall feeling of comfort and coziness in the room.

With a bit of luck, neutral colors on the walls will make for a soothing backdrop to encourage your baby to have a restful sleep. Okay, maybe a lot of luck.

Try pink and green hues

Pink and green are always a winning combo. We have to admit, we're ob-sessed with the pink shiplap in Margot McGee's nursery - it just works.

The muted pink tone complements the forest green chest of drawers (pictured above) and olive tone floor lamp (below). In a room that's predominantly neutral, these splashes of color come into their own.

Studio McGee nursery for Margot with crib, armchair and patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Lucy Call)

Introduce plenty of different textures

nursery by studio mcgee

(Image credit: Lucy Call)

One of the most notable things about the nursery is how cozy and inviting it feels. By introducing lots of tactile materials, Shea has made a room that literally creates the feeling of being tucked up in bed. 

There's bouclé, there's rattan, there's wool, and there's even cement, natural wood and stone. And this is no accident. Paying attention to texture and including a good mix will really elevate any kids' room.

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