The best beds with storage

Bedroom clutter can be the stuff of nightmares, so keep everything neat and tidy with these beds with storage

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It’s surprising how much stuff we collect over time - so much in fact, that putting things in cupboards becomes a game of Tetris rather than a simple task of storing something away. When space is at a premium and you simply can’t squeeze a single other item into your closet, the idea of buying another piece of bedroom storage is thwarted by the fact that there’s not enough floor space to place it anywhere. It means chests of drawers aren’t always a viable solution, and they also limit you to the size of the objects you can store. 

Many of us don’t realise that we are quite literally sleeping on a fantastic storage idea. If you can think back to when you were a child and remember the surprising amount of junk you could store away under your bed and forget about, then there’s no shock that designers have refined this solution into a completely workable option that allows you to organise and easily access everything that you want to hide away without taking up any more room.

When it comes to choosing the best bed with storage, you should think about how this new piece of bedroom furniture is going to fit in with your existing bedroom design (or new bedroom design if you’re going for a complete redecoration). There’s classic wood for traditional bedrooms and faux leather for those who love a touch of modern. And while you’re buying a new bed – is queen size causing nightly quarrels over space? From double bed to king, make sure you consider all options when purchasing your next bed. 

1. Happy Beds Phoenix Ottoman Storage Bed

Happy Beds make for a happier you with this bed with storage

Best for: Organisation
Material: Wood
Size: 4ft-5ft
Reasons to buy
+Retain organisation+Gas assisted for easy open and close
Reasons to avoid
-Price dependant on mattress selected 

First of all, we applaud the solid wood design and the range of finishes that are available to purchase. From modern grey to traditional oak, this bed can be considered for any style of bedroom. The designers have been able to integrate as much storage space as possible, with the cavity taking up almost the entire area of the mattress. While some people may thank Happy Beds for dividing the storage space into organisable sections, others who just want somewhere to chuck the spare duvets and pillow sets may want to create more space by leaving the panels out. Available to purchase in a range of sizes alongside a mattress of your choosing, investing in a new bed will almost feel like a dream.  

2. Hygena Chapton Double Ottoman Bed Frame

A modern storage solution for chucking it all in

Best for: Ample storage
Material: Faux Leather
Size: 4ft
Reasons to buy
+Cave-like storage+Contemporary design
Reasons to avoid
-Bed size a little small 

If you’re looking for a modern, contemporary looking bed with storage that isn’t going to break the bank, then this is the one for you. With its faux leather effect available in black or cream, it’ll seamlessly synchronise with any design theme. The black will lean towards big, bold colours, while the cream can be used to create a light and airy finish. The storage underneath the mattress is ample. There’s no frame to separate items – instead stuff as many spare towels, duvets and clothes in there as possible and sneakily hide it away as soon as you lift down the lid. Double sized, this bed is big enough for two adults and perfect for compact apartments. 

3.John Lewis Rouen Storage Bed Frame

With its name inspired by the capital of Normandy, this is the Notre-Dame of bed storage solutions

Best for: Plush style
Material: Fabric
Size: 5ft
Reasons to buy
+A fantastic centrepiece+Design optimised for comfort
Reasons to avoid
-On the expensive side 

If it is a centrepiece you need, this popular Chesterfield-esque bed will provide that dramatic effect. As design goes, every detail counts. From the shape and size of the headboard that’ll provide ample backrest for a couple of chapters of your current read before sleep time, to the storage, which has been neatly designed to include two large drawers. We’ll come out holding our hands up in the air and say that if it’s mega cave-like storage you’re after, this bed isn’t going to come out top. But if you tend to be a bit style over substance (and there is nothing wrong with that!), then look no further. As a 5ft kingsize bed, there’s plentiful room for the pair of you to comfortably sleep in your own separate space.  

4. Stompa Curve Mid-sleeper Bed With Pull-Out Desk

This mid-sleeper provides more than enough storage space

Best for: Kids’ storage
Material: Solid Pine
Size: 3ft 6
Reasons to buy
+Ample storage+Desk space included
Reasons to avoid

We all know how messy kids’ rooms can become. The older they get, the more items they seem to hoard and somehow, there’s always a reason to keep something that hasn’t seen the light of day for two years. To remedy this, this mid-sleeper bed uses most of its gained height to provide as much storage space as possible. From long drawers to square drawers and a pull out desk for doing homework, the use of space is incredibly smart. Made from solid pine and with a white MDF exterior, it’s solid and robust looking finish will fit in seamlessly with any existing decor – meaning the bed can transition between several redecoration missions as your child grows up. 

5. Hush from Airsprung Astbury Ortho Divan

A budget buy that combines comfort with multi-drawer functionality

Best for: Budget buy
Size: L200cm x W150cm x H35cm
Material: Fabric
Storage: Two to four drawers
Reasons to buy
+Firm yet supportive+Insulator pads to eliminate the ‘spring feel’
Reasons to avoid
-Headboard isn’t included 

If you’re not looking to spend excessive amounts of money and don’t want to compromise on quality, this bed fits the bill. For those who prefer firmness and support, the bed incorporates Hush’s Supercoil spring unit and a foam layer to create that balance.There are two storage options to choose from – two drawers or four drawers – so you can ensure that the bed meets your requirements exactly. Note that the headboard doesn’t come with the bed, but investing in one is a great way to spruce up the bed and your existing decor. 

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