These beds with storage are your answer to a good night's sleep (and some extra room)


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Bedroom space and tidiness is not a topic I take lightly. Trust me. After countless hours spent searching for lost passports, favorite shirts, or missing socks, I've come to the slightly hasty conclusion that a well-organized room is the answer to a successful life. Forget waking up at 5 am or selling Bitcoin (I'll leave that to the CEOs); my cheat code for optimized living lies in a few totally genius bedroom organizers. That and perhaps the best invention since the wheel: beds with storage

Until recently, my bed was filled with dead space, all the while, my closet took a beating. In fact, at one stage I couldn't shut its drawers without a kick and a shove. I know, it's hard having an online shopping addiction. Nowadays, though, it's a different story. Rather than stuffing everything into my closet and chest of drawers, I've realized the space under my bed is more than just a hangout for monsters (yes, I still get scared!) but actually the world's most underrated storage spot. That's why I've spent my last few weeks scrolling the web in search of chic storage beds. From wooden to upholstered and day beds, these are the fruits of my research.

To build this list, we kept the criteria simple. If it looks great and really improves the lives of users, then it's a green tick from us. So, while we haven't been able to test out every design just yet, we can vouch for their quality based on the honest reviews of happy customers. Indeed, if anything scores lower than four stars, it isn't making the cut. If you can't get rid of your current bed because of your landlord, then don't lose hope just yet — we've got plenty of under-bed storage buys for you to browse.

The best beds with storage 

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Upholstered beds with storage

If your tastes tend towards the softer, cushier bed designs, then follow our lead. These specific beds offer tufted headboards and considered hues to chime with any personal sanctuary. Think comfort and style.

Wooden beds with storage

When it comes to beds, wood is a material you can trust. I needn't explain to you why — it's sturdy material as old as time itself. Aesthetically speaking, it looks fab, too. Whether you're after a rustic aesthetic or something a little industrial, wood is the way to go.

Day beds with storage

Sometimes, we need a spot in the home for a little bit of daydreaming. Yep, I enjoy the odd power nap between jobs, and so should you. Not only do day beds serve as modish alternatives to sofas, but they're also a little more fun. Throw in some storage, as well, and you have triple-function furnishing.

Are beds with storage a good idea?

Absolutely! In fact, Valerie Ruha, owner of Very Organized by Valerie and professional organizer, thinks they're great, too. As Ruha affirms, it's about making the most of every space we have in the home. Always on the hunt for extra storage areas, she likes to be creative with her organization. For example? "Beds with storage are great for items like off-season clothing or bedding, but you can also use it in unexpected ways," she says. "Add drawer dividers to organize craft projects, photos, or other hobbies. Or store a few books on your reading list to save time when you're already tucked in for the night." 

What to consider before buying a storage bed?

The main consideration when it comes to choosing a storage bed, besides the way it looks, has to be its storage. Some storage beds have drawers, whilst others lift up to reveal storage space. Either way, both are undeniably handy when it comes to hiding your clutter. Which one will you choose?

Drawer storage
If you are choosing a storage bed with drawers, whether it's one drawer or four, be sure to measure that your new bed fits inside your room — with every drawer open. You can get storage beds with drawers that aren't attached to the bed so that they can be pulled right out or organized however you wish, and this still allows for a bit of visible space underneath the bed, too. We suggest buying a storage bed with drawers if you have a lot of floor space to play with.

Lift-up storage
Storage beds that lift up are otherwise known as ottoman beds. This obviously means you can only access your items when no one is sat on the bed, which might be a bit of an annoyance sometimes. Saying that, ottoman beds are definitely better for space-savvy rooms, with no need to allow for extra space when it comes to accessing your storage. 

Where to buy a bed with storage?

Discover the ultimate beds with storage to revive dead space in your home with the help of our favorite retailers, shared below.

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