Boy nursery ideas: 17 designs for your little man

Want to master some boy nursery ideas? These sleep spaces span far beyond a pastel blue palette.

Boys nursery ideas by Brooklinen with cream chair, rug, baby and father
(Image credit: Brooklinen)

Boy nursery ideas have come quite a way from the classic blue and pared back color schemes of the past. Sure, finding an interior theme for any child's room can be a challenge but it's actually the perfect opportunity to get creative with color, texture and any items that will naturally spark more interest and curiosity in their surroundings.

Make the most of your babe's space and put your favorite nursery ideas into play. From monochrome designs to starry schemes, there's a world of decor inspiration for your little bud.

Boy nursery ideas that aren't just pastel blue

1. Create a sophisticated scheme with black and white

Monochrome boys nursery idea with black and white decor by Naomi Coe of Little Crown Interiors

(Image credit: Little Crown Interior)

Looking for a little boy room ideas that not only looks chic, but will stand the test of time as they grow older? Move over colorful spaces - it's all about monochrome.

'The color scheme for this nursery was a simple black and white, but we brought in some gold accents as well to give it some warmth.', says Naomi Coe, author, interior designer and founder of Little Crown Interiors.

'A simple floor plant made all the difference as well!'

'We designed a custom changing table from a local brand and had them paint the outside frame in black. We also added a custom changing tray.'

'The best part of this design is the subtle black and white wallpaper on the ceiling!'

2. Mix print and paneling with peel-and-stick wallpaper

Green boys nursery ideas with wall paneling and woodland wallpaper by Chasing Paper

(Image credit: Chasing Paper)

If you're looking to add a touch of class to your little king's boudoir, a combination of paneling and paper can create a superior scheme.

We love this modern take on a classic by NYC born wallpaper company Chasing Paper. Vignettes of woodlands with watercolor details achieve a sophisticated look that can be turned into an adult green bedroom idea or simply peeled off.

'Hunter green is a beautiful gender-neutral hue that is a great choice for a little boy's nursery. It feels timeless, and its earthy vibe makes for a soothing space that will help ground your child's adventures!', says Elizabeth Rees, founder.

'We love using this color in wallpaper, but you can use it in accents that you think your little guy would love - whether it's a little stuffed alligator or a push-toy car, too!'

Making use of an awkward alcove, lightweight curtain add an airiness to the room and emphasize the nature-inspired scheme.

3. Use Terrazzo to add a modern touch in a nursery

Blue and green Terrazzo boy nursery idea by Naomi Coe

(Image credit: Little Crown Interiors)

Terrazzo can add a contemporary touch to your tots nursery design as one expert explains.

'We wanted this nursery design to feel fresh and modern. Since the room was on the smaller side (as most nurseries are), we opted for an acrylic crib.', says Coe.

'This particular crib also has rose gold detailing, which we pulled throughout the room.'

'The terrazzo wallpaper had many hues of blues and greens, so we used those colors throughout the room as well in the decor and artwork.'

Cooing over Coe's creative designs? Buy her book on Amazon.

4. Mid-century modern looks

Black and white nursery with whale wallpaper by Karen B Wolf

(Image credit: Christian Garibaldi Photography)

If your baby boy loves under-the-sea creatures, he's going to have a whale of a time in this marine-themed  boy nursery design.

Little Whales wallpaper from Pottok, a mid-century modern chandelier and pops of blue and green combine to create this stylish boy's nursery by Karen B. Wolf Interiors.

She says: 'Pop your accent color at least three times around the room, but throw in an unexpected color. Have fun and let yourself go.'

Want to give your little star a red carpet entrance? Our bedroom lighting ideas will add a warm glow to your bub's room.

5. Create a maximalist scheme with color and pattern

Maximalist boy nursery ideas by Karen B Wolf

(Image credit: Christian Garibaldi Photography)

Celebrate your baby's journey into the world with a colorful combination of color, texture and pattern by creating a maximalist boy nursery design.

Though babies won't see a full spectrum of color until at least five months, by integrating stripes, polka dots and zig-zags into his scheme, you can provide a source of visual stimulus and sensory entertainment.

'The long room was originally bland and boring with no architectural features. What seemed like a negative became the perfect playground for the offbeat mix of patterns, textures and colors.', explains Wolf.

'The more things I showed my clients, the more patterns and colors they liked. The main challenge in the space was a balancing act — how to make all these elements work together.'

Want to emulate the palette that Wolf has put together? Choose shades Blue Spa, Laguna Yellow, Gray Owl from Benjamin Moore.

6. Invest in a soft rug for lots of play time

Boys nursery ideas by Brooklinen with cream chair, rug, baby and father

(Image credit: Brooklinen)

Spending most of his formative months crawling, you'll want something cozy on the floor for your little one before they graduate to a proper playroom design idea.

But if carpeting the whole room feels impractical (cue reflux and diaper disasters), introducing a rug can be a revelation. Better still, if you can find one that is machine-washable or easy to wipe down.

Brooklinen's 'Brooklittles' range is the perfect collection of essentials including rugs, sheets, swaddles and more.

7. Use a blank white wall to create a canvas for art

Safari themed nursery with animal wall art by Naomi Coe of Little Crown Interiors

(Image credit: Naomi Coe (Little Crown Interiors))

If you don't want to spend time mixing paste, or anxious about cutting and lining up wallpaper – why not consider other wall decor ideas? Stencils and stickers are great tools if you're scared of spending too much or if you lack confidence.

'This colorful safari boy’s nursery was designed for a client in Laguna Beach, CA.', explains Coe.

'The home overlooked the ocean and had modern design throughout, so we wanted to keep the nursery clean and sleek! The room had existing patterned curtains that my client wanted to keep, so we worked the color scheme and design to incorporate them.'

'We pulled the color scheme of blues and greens from the curtains, but also wanted the nursery design to feel bright and colorful, so we also brought in some yellows and oranges, and lots of colorful toys. Since the walls are white, all of the colors added vibrancy and contrast.'

'My client was also a big fan of the classic Eames lounger, so we used that instead of the traditional nursery glider. It’s still very comfortable, and because it’s upholstered in leather, it will last for years!'

8. Opt for a patterned carpet idea to add interest

Blue stargazer carpet in boys nursery idea by Carpetright

(Image credit: Carpetright)

If you've recently given birth to a little star, you'll want a scheme that shines bright! So how about a star-motif carpet in a boys nursery? Soft, yet durable, this Polyamide flooring design is durable and resilient and can withstand spills and spitting up milk.

Jemma Dayman, Buyer, Carpets and Rugs, at Carpetright explains: 'Decorating your nursery can be an exciting yet daunting task. Incorporating a statement carpet helps to instantly transform a space, setting the tone and creating a base for neutral furniture.'

'Consider using the carpet’s pattern as inspiration for the rest of the room and replicate the pattern on the walls or accessorizing with similar textiles and toys to establish a theme.'

9. Create a seaside theme with nautical accessories

Boys nursery idea with striped curtains, boat rug and sea wall paint decor

(Image credit: Laura Ashley)

Hunting for a beautiful design for your little pirate? As well as wavy wall painting ideas, we love a sailor's nod to stripes, bundles of boats and splashes of sea accessories.

For those with a love of all things nautical, Laura Ashley's nursery collection features drifting sailboats for your little explorer in fresh blue and white colorways across bedding, muslins, a sleeping bag, swaddle blanket, and woven stripe eyelet blackout curtains.

Available to in the UK and US via Next (with free shipping over $30).

10. Invest in a comfy changing table setup

Boy nursery idea by IKEA with changing table

(Image credit: IKEA)

When nature calls for your little boy - you'll know. So it's important to be prepared with all the furniture and gear that you need ready to grab!

This solid birch Gulliver changing table from IKEA has lots of space for everything you need to change baby boy's diaper in comfort.

The raised edges on this particular model help him stay secure and storage areas keep essential items like powder and refuse bags easily in reach. It comes complete with a changing pad that fits the table for safety.

The cloud-shaped LED wall lamps allow him to focus on a soft glow which'll hopefully keep your wriggle monster still while you get to work.

11. Create a fun animal-inspired shelfie idea

Panda Rattan Wall Shelf by Beaumonde

(Image credit: Beaumonde)

From diapers to wet wipes, plush toys and books, you'll want everything at hand height ready to reach for when mister is being particularly grumpy, or needs a change.

Complete with two shelves and dividers, this Panda rattan wall shelf from Beaumonde is perfect for your little cubs room.

12. Keep his nursery tidy with a storage box

Toy storage box in boys nursery idea by Bloomingville

(Image credit: Bloomingville)

Let's face the facts. We don't expect babies to have long attention spans, so lots of toys are essential to keep them entertained.

From bunnies and teddies to electronic gizmos and gadgets, toy storage ideas are an absolute essential if you want to keep your boy's nursery tidy.

And don't just buy one type of storage - mix things up with a multitude of baskets, bags, boxes and more.

Keep large ticket items such as cabinets and drawers plain and simple as these can be upcycled once they he hits toddlerhood with a lick of paint or some decorative stickers.

13. Pick a color scheme that's going to grow with them

Wallpaper in a kid's bedroom

(Image credit: Etsy/CopyanPasteWallPaper)

If the nursery is going to be where your child sleeps and plays well after they are just a baby, you are best choosing a color scheme that's going to suit them as they grow. So to avoid constantly having to repaint the walls, opt for a scheme with staying power. Pick a neutral color palette that will serve as a blank canvas to more decorative accessories and the ever changing preferences of the room's occupant.

A simple palette doesn't mean no color though – we love this blue and grey scheme and the cute wallpaper is sure to last well into childhood too. 

14. Use prints and toys to add personality 

Child's bedroom with monochrome patterned feature wall and fun Scandi-style bed covers and cushions

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

This boy's bedroom is so fun and creative – it feels like a child lives there, which is so important when designing your nursery. Let your style have some input but remember the room has too be kid-friendly too. Make sure some of their toys are always on show or easily accessible, baskets and shelving are a stylish way to do this, and pick out decor that reflects their personality.

15. DIY a wall mural in a boy's bedroom

Scandi-style child's bedroom with white cot, white walls, brown floorboards and mountain-effect pattern on walls with grey paint

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

A wall mural is perfect for adding some interest to a baby boy's nursery. You can DIY this look so easily too, all you need is some masking tape and some paint. Just create your mountain shapes with masking tape and paint in between the lines – easy peasy and you can go with whatever colors you like. 

16. Add coziness with a canopy 

Nursery with faux fur accessories by Icon

(Image credit: Icon)

Canopies are all over Instagram at the moment, and they are a lovely thing to add to a kid's room. The look great and add some texture and coziness to the room, but they also are good for creating the perfect nap space and even a den as your child gets older. 

You could also add a canopy to one of the best nursery chairs, for extra shielding from bright daytime light.

17 . Create a statement with a stylish wallpaper 

First-time buyers Amanda and Jess Cotton added a loft conversion and swapped the kitchen and diner around to maximise the potential of a dilapidated two-bedroom terraced house

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

Okay okay, we know we said keep backdrops simple in a nursery, but if you don't mind redecorating every now and then, then have some fun with funky wallpaper! This nursery is pretty much cooler than all our bedrooms! Love the green color scheme, it's a nice change from the classic boy's nursery colors. If your nursery is on the small side and you are worried that a busy wallpaper will overwhelm the room, just wallpaper the top or bottom portion of your walls to create a chair rail effect.

'You can go wild with your imagination, nurseries should be fun and inspiring but also calming.' says Steph Briggs, TV celebrity interior designer and co-founder of La Di Da Interiors.

'Good sleep is key to a happy home with little ones and therefore I usually opt for muted and tonal palette of colors to keep it relaxing and soothing.

'For boys a starry celestial theme works wonderfully and you can add rockets and spacemen for fun.  Insects are fabulous and beautifully colorful.'

What is the best color for a baby boy's room?

'When decorating a boy’s nursery, don’t feel limited to only sticking with a traditional pastel blue color palette.', says Ruthie Osswald, senior associate of design and product development, Brooklinen.

'Try a more gender neutral palette of yellows and oranges and greens. These brighter colors will grow more easily with your child while they transition out of the baby stage into their toddler years.'

Brittney Levine, shopping expert at TJ Maxx and Marshalls says: 'We’re doing away with the traditional blue hues and welcoming colorful neutrals and subdued tones. Blue-greys, deep mauves, forest greens, and taupe colors are fun palettes that will pair well with any color scheme.'

'When decorating your baby boy’s room, you first want to make sure the room is a place you (and the baby!) enjoy spending time in.

'Don’t be afraid to incorporate color and texture into the room – like a macrame wall décor or wood beaded wall décor.' 

'It’s also important to have an affordable, comfortable chair for you to sit in with the baby – like a cozy fuzzy option or a cushioned accent chair.'

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