Shoppers have spoken: These are the best clothes racks if your apartment doesn't have closet space

No wardrobe? No problem.

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Don't get me wrong, moving out of your family home into an apartment or dorm is great. But there are drawbacks. After all, you downsize hugely and often find yourself with less personal space than before — sharing a rental is never plain sailing. Don't fret, though. You don't need a Carrie Bradshaw walk-in wardrobe to be happy (though it would help) or a huge bedroom to keep your life in order. Whether it's investing in some genius closet organizers or reading up on bedroom storage techniques, there are plenty of ways to alleviate a gargantuan clothing collection (guilty as charged).

It seems obvious now, but the clothes rack, in particular, saved me. Yep, it turns out my life wasn't missing Miss Bradshaw's behemoth storage room, but rather a handy rack that wouldn't hog precious floor space. Fortunately for you, I'm sharing the fruits of my research. Go ahead. Dive into a carefully curated pick that spans the eternally trending industrial racks to portable and rolling options, plus wooden or heavy-duty pieces. Shoppers love the picks I've featured below and trust me when I say that you will, too.

The best clothes racks for closet-free living

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How do you make a clothing rack look good in a room?

It's a good question to consider before picking yours. Clothing racks are big enough to make a statement in your bedroom, so getting the vibe right counts. Monica Friel, a pioneer in the professional organizing sector and founder of Chaos to Order gave some pointers. First and foremost, she emphasizes the importance of curating your wardrobe — remember, this is a showcase of your style. "When a clothing rack is filled with a menagerie of random clothes, it’s hard to make it look very good," she says. "Make sure the hangers are all uniform — that will give some visual consistency. Then organize the clothes by color, light to dark usually looks best."

How do I maximize my clothing rack?

Luckily, organization cognoscenti Monica Friel was able to offer her wise words. She advises being "very judicious about what you keep on it." That means if it's a rarely worn T-shirt or that sweater you never really liked, pop it in a drawer or — even better — recycle or donate it. "Don’t keep empty hangers on the clothing rack, and use good, thin hangers so you can fit as much as possible," she adds. There you have it. Edit and distill!

How we chose these clothes racks

Ultimately, your voice matters the most, which is why we sourced a list of only well-reviewed products that have genuinely improved shoppers' lives. While we're still yet to test the furniture ourselves, you can trust the reviewers to give an honest report on the product. As such, we've handpicked each one, checking it does indeed match its purported function. And it goes without saying: none of them scored lower than four stars.

Where to buy clothes racks

Still not found your perfect clothes rack? Don't sweat it. Head to our trusted pick of retailers below for the best in the game.

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