11 mudroom laundry ideas – style the perfect combo

These mudroom laundry ideas make the perfect combo for a streamlined washing routine and an organized, mud-free home.

A grey mudroom laundry area with two washing appliances, butlers sink and bench
(Image credit: Humphrey Munson)

A mudroom laundry room combo is a great feature to have at home. Used to take off your footwear and any outerwear that may have become soaked or soiled from rain or mud – it's a great space to keep Mother nature out of your nice and clean spaces – while you stay organized and on top of that never-ending laundry pile too.

Though mudrooms provide a space for families (and pets) to unload dirty outwear, keys and more belongings, you wouldn't want paw prints or small footprints on freshly-laundered clothes... So you need to be clever with the layout of your mudroom laundry space to ensure that it works hard at being practical and good looking too. These designs include both contemporary and traditional schemes so you can look after your linens in a stylish and organized setting.

Mudroom laundry rooms for a clean and organized home

'Mudrooms have evolved beyond pure functionality. A mudroom is a place where you can stop before you start each day and literally, as well as figuratively, gather yourself and your belongings. Regardless of where you put your mudroom, as there are several routes you can take depending on the layout of your house,' says Sal Graci, digital marketing manager, at Philadelphia based, The Closet Works, Inc.

'Having a particular place for each and everything offers peace of mind for those derailed by the slightest sight of clutter. Located in an entryway, garage, laundry-room or even a spare room, your mudroom will contribute to the removal of all things muddling your life.'

1. Add a small shower or basin

A blue mudroom laundry area with blue tiles, wallpaper and dog shower

(Image credit: Dina Bandman)

How epic is this mudroom laundry area by Dina Bandman, founder of Dina Bandman interiors? The combination of navy blue subway tile and patterned wallpaper is giving us all the elegant and aqueous Grecian vibes.

We think you'll agree that the pup looks pretty comfortable in this dog shower too? So there's space to wash off muddy paws and garments in this multi-functional setup and lots of shelving space for laundry detergents and pup shampoo.

2. Save space by moving appliances off the floor

A blue mudroom laundry area with four electrical appliances and butler's sink

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson)

If you've got a large family, or one that likes to get involved in muddy outdoor sports, it can be hard to keep the laundry schedule under control. Sportswear like team jerseys, long soccer socks and sneakers with studs or designed for artificial turf surfaces can take a battering. And before you know it, you're dealing with heaps and heaps of washing. If you've got multiple washers and dryers on the go, this can make your mudroom laundry area just look darn-right messy.

Keep your appliances, washing loads and detergents off the floor and out of reach of young children by installing built-in mudroom storage and spaces to plug in your white goods. 

3. Smarten up your space with navy surfaces

A navy blue mudroom laundry area with tiled flooring and walls, navy cabinetry, round mirror and printed blue wallpaper

(Image credit: @nicolezarraassociates / Photography by Kerry Kirk)

We don't often associate mudroom laundry areas as elegant or neat spaces, but the combination of navy painted cabinetry and ornately-detailed floor tiles give this space a chic update. Having an eye for detail and knowing how to pick floor tiles definitely gives this home launderette a luxury look.

The owner has even invested in dark blue appliances to match the rest of her decor. Thinking outside the box (or rather, outside this interior scheme), Houston-based interior designer Nicole Domercq Zarr, founder of Nicole Zarr Associates has chosen a gorgeous hallway wallpaper idea to create a sense of coordination between the two separate rooms.

4. Add a runner rug for style and practicality

A mudroom laundry area with two washing machines and an ethnic-inspired patterned rug

(Image credit: @kassandradekoning)

Your mudroom laundry area is the cleaning HQ of your home, so it’s no surprise that it would get filthy and disorganized over time. Though tiled flooring is quick to mop up, a runner rug can also stop you bringing dirt and debris being dragged into family spaces like the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Or, if you don't like cold, hard surfaces, use this runner to kneel on while you sort your whites, lights, darks and brights to pop in your washing machine.

5. Cram storage opportunities into a small room

Marble tiled mudroom laundry area with sink, wooden shelving, twin washing machine and baskets

(Image credit: @themisfithouse)

Mudroom laundry areas don't have to be massive, despite being a traditional space in larger, rural homes. This stunning execution of the utility style room by @themisfithouse balances style and substance.

As well as a mudroom basin, there's natural wood shelves, basket weave marble floor tiles, and woven baskets to store dirty or clean garments ready to go into the wash or be ironed. There's even a bench and colorful cushion to sit and enjoy some sparkling water while you wait for the timer to go off, and check out that wall light that sits just above your head – perfect for reading washing symbols and instructions, or a magazine. Is there anything that hasn't been thought out?

6. Hang pet-inspired patterned wallpaper

A mudroom laundry idea with dog print patterned wallpaper, chocolate labrador and jute runner

(Image credit: @karrbick_design / @photographie_by_li/)

Whether you're feeding your pup in a separate room away from the family, keeping an excitable dog away from fearful guests, or hosing them down after a muddy forest walk, let's face it, your furry friend is going to spend a lot of time in your mudroom laundry area. So when looking to design this room, pay homage to man or woman's best friend with a dog motif wall covering.

Bathroom wallpaper ideas are best for this space, not only because they have washable benefits to wipe off mud, but also because it's the perfect material if you've installed a dog shower (hidden in the background in this picture).

7. Freshen up floors with mosaic tiles

A mudroom laundry area with two black washing machines and a mosaic tiled floor

(Image credit: @jennasuedesign)

This mudroom laundry room by Jenna Sue, founder of Jenna Sue Design is so fresh and so clean – it simply needs to be spelled out. Using small tiles from Bedrosians Tile & Stone, she created an intricate mosaic design for her entryway.

The sage green wall paneling on the ceiling and wooden shelves also reinforce this fresh forest feel. One of the benefits of houseplants is that they can oxygenate this space and purify the air, which is especially important if you're handling detergents which can sometimes have a strong and synthetic smell. 

8. Add seasonal touches to your mudroom laundry area

Autumnal fall themed mudroom laundry room idea with pumpkins and leafy decor

(Image credit: @fancyfixdecor)

Once you've invested in furniture for your mudroom laundry area, the styling can often be neglected. After all, it's a functional space where you just want to get your chores done, right? However – errands or no errands – you can still inject seasonal style into your scheme with a few fall decorating ideas or spring flowers when brighter days come around.

'Waste of space is what I thought when we moved into this house! I thought this could have been an extra bedroom. But... This serves as a mudroom, laundry room, office, craft room, and pantry! So really it’s a great use of space because we got 5 rooms in one!' says interior designer, Nicole aka @fancyfixdecor.

'The peel-and-stick wallpaper terracotta blooms are from Wall Blush, wash and dry decals on the washing machines from Etsy, my husband made the laundry pedestal from some wood sourced at Home Depot and my my tile wood floors and cabinets are from there too. And that Bonjour mat is from BSEID Blue Sky Environments.'

9. Add a bench to make entry and exit easier

A grey mudroom laundry with washing appliances and bench

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson)

In order to successfully remove dirty shoes before continuing onto the other areas of the home, good seating like an entryway bench or chair is a must. 

Choose a standalone piece or look to DIY a built-in bench. We like the look of this grey seat design by Humphrey Munson. But if you're based in the USA, you could take a look in Lowe's.

10. Use dark wood cabinetry for low-maintenance

Boot room idea with washing machine, butler sink and dog shower

(Image credit: DesignSpace London)

Mudroom laundry areas are naturally mucky. Soggy coats, wet wellington boots and the dog shaking off residual mud after jumping into puddles are common scenes we're all used to. So it pays to carefully think about the color of your storage surfaces and the different types of flooring available, before you invest in this space.

Dark brown, built-in storage can help to disguise fingerprints and flecks of debris pets and children bring in. And when it comes to the floor, you'll want something wipeable, resilient and good looking like LVT. That way you won't be scrubbing real wood or stone and certainly won't be harboring germs like carpet can do. 

11. Go light and bright for an airy atmosphere

A mudroom laundry area with off-white decor, pendant light, and Samsung washing machine

(Image credit: @alexisandraaustin)

Light-colors work in these spaces too, especially if your mudroom laundry is on the small side – often the case. Decorating with white or cream can help a mudroom laundry room combo appear bigger than it actually is, adding lightness to the space.

In this scheme by Alexis Andra Austin, a Missouri-based lifestyle blogger and founder of Curio Press, cabinets have been painted in Hot Spring Stones by Benjamin Moore, giving this space a clean, calm and relaxing vibe to tackle your domestic duties. 

A jute indoor door mat catches and collects any water or debris that might fall from the sink too.

What is a mudroom laundry?

'A mudroom laundry combo is a double duty, transitional space that serves as a buffer between the outside environment and the comforting interior of your home,' says Caroline Harmon, trend strategy manager, Lowe’s.

'It’s a place where you can shed layers and keep outside germs from the rest of your living space by immediately tossing them into the wash.  This is an area in which you can store a laundry basket or bin for wet clothes and dirty shoes in addition to easily cleaning them within the same space. A sink can do double duty for washing hands or soaking tough stains.'

'A mudroom laundry combo is perfect for keeping messes out of the rest of the home. Storage is key to hide the clutter, and keep the space tidy. It is also great for storing seasonal items, as an extra closet for coats, scarves and gloves in the winter or pool towels and flip flops during the summer.'

'This is also a great space to infuse personality and style- some wallpaper, cool lighting or patterned tile floor can be the perfect welcome home. A light paint color will keep the space feeling larger. Lighting can also help brighten the space.

'Hang a flushmount or chandelier in the center of the room, and use a sconce or a pendant over the sink area to maximize light. Don’t forget a few plants (faux, for easy maintenance or if the space doesn’t get a lot of light) to add some warmth to the room. A performance rug is soft underfoot and not scared of messes.'

What is the purpose of a mudroom laundry combo?

'The importance of a mudroom in the countryside should not be underestimated,' says interior designer Emma Sims Hilditch, founder of Sims Hilditch.

'It acts as an important gateway between the outdoors and your home, and is usually designed to withstand dirt, avoiding it being transferred into the main body of the house.' 

'However, this isn’t to say that a mudroom should be ignored in terms of the design aesthetic. We treat this space as part of the house, so its design will be in keeping with the rest of the interior.'

And Harmon adds: 'For busy families, the mudroom is a great drop zone for school bags and sports equipment. Create a space for each child to place their things before running inside to play. A bench seat is a great addition and works for putting on shoes, or a full laundry basket. Pillows on the bench add pattern and texture to the space.'

'Pet showers/baths are also trending in these spaces to make sure muddy paws are clean before jumping up on the couch.'

How do you make a mudrooom laundry look bigger?

Light, airy colors often trick the eye but otherwise, making the best use of space in a small laundry mudroom will naturally enhance the look and size of the room itself. 

‘Maximizing space is key,’ say Sims-Hilditch. 

‘Bespoke joinery is a great way to make the most of these awkward spaces, allowing us to create storage solutions with in-built pigeon holes which hold wicker baskets, as well as drawers and pegs for coats. You might even consider including in-built bench seating with hidden storage within. 

‘It should still remain in keeping with the aesthetic of the rest of the home, in terms of the color scheme, flooring and styling.’

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