Best quiet washing machine 2020: 4 best buys for noise reduction

Shopping for the quietest washing machine? We've rounded up the best quality and best prices buys

Quietest washing machine
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Looking for the quietest washing machine? Whether you live in a small apartment and are tired of encountering sleepless nights (or disgruntled neighbors) thanks to a noisy machine, or if you're looking for a quieter replacement for a machine in a closet or adjacent to a master bedroom, we've researched the best low decibel washing machines with you in mind.

Often, when it comes to buying a washing machine, we tend to overlook the importance of quietness – focusing instead on the programs available, the capacity, the energy rating and so on – which can lead to dissatisfaction further down the line when our washing machines shakes the house during a spin cycle. The good news: manufacturers have become wise to the annoyance noisy machines can cause, and many now have noise reduction technology built in.

Some features to look for include anti-vibration, inverter motors and TrueBalance, all of which significantly help in noise reduction.

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What is the best quiet washing machine?

When it comes to choosing a quiet washing machine, our top recommendation is the Bosch 800 Series 24 in. 2.2 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Front Load Washer, which is perfect if you're looking for something with lots of features to take the effort out of doing your laundry. It's also small enough to fit into an apartment or hall closet, an important consideration since if you're looking for a quiet machine, there's a good chance it's because you live in a small space. Keep scrolling to find out more. 

The best quiet washing machines you can buy right now

best quiet washing machine

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1. Bosch 800 Series

Best quiet washing machine for apartments: Noise-reduction technology plus smart washer features

Capacity: 2.29cu.ft.
Energy Star rated: Yes
Spin speed: 1400rpm
Finish: White
Dimensions: H33.25" x W23.5" x D25"
Reasons to buy
+24" size+Anti-allergy+Smart technology
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey-Smaller capacity

This machine may be quiet, but it doesn't sacrifice power for silence. The Bosch 800 series washing machine has an EcoSilence motor that's extra quiet but still manages to deliver a powerful 1400 rpm (one of the fastest we reviewed).

Eco-Silence motor

The Eco-Silence drive technology that powers this washing machine can generate sounds a low as 47 decibels, which is quieter than the sound of the sea (That comes in at 55 lb).

Ideal for small spaces

This washing machine is ideal for small spaces not only because it's quiet, but because it's just 25" wide, and stackable, too (i.e. perfect for putting in a closet or bathroom). It's also one of the few compact models that are rated by Energy Star. It uses sensor-controlled automatic washing programs and ActiveWater technology to ensure efficient energy and water usage. 

A cycle for everything

There are 14 wash programs built into the Bosch 800 series, including permanent press, quick wash, hand wash/wool, whitest whites, sanitize, and a super quick 15-min wash. It also has a drum cleaning feature.

Smart technology

If you're into smart home technology, you'll love this washer. It uses the brand's Home Connect smart technology, so you're able to start your laundry with your phone. Its EasyStart feature also guides you through selecting the best setting for your clothes you don’t have to guess.

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quiet washing machine

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2. LG WM9000HVA

The best quiet washing machine for large families: Lo decibel technology plus a roomy drum

Capacity: 5.2cu.ft.** (Great for families)
Energy Star rated: Yes
Spin speed: 1300rpm
Finish: Graphite steel, white
Dimensions: H41.25" x W29" x D25.75"
Reasons to buy
+Intensive stain removal+Loaded with smart technology+Extra-large drum+Steam function
Reasons to avoid

If you need a larger washing machine than our top pick will allow, the  LG WM9000HVA will be a contender. This mega washer has a 5.2cu.ft. drum capacity, plus a ton of fancy extras, and still manages to be incredibly quiet.

Speed and noise level

The machine features LG's TrueBalance anti-vibration and LoDecibel quiet operation systems, to ensure the spin cycle isn't disruptive, even though it'll spin your clothes at a super-fast 1300 rpm. In fact, LG says a LoDecibel washer is so quiet, "chances are you may not even notice it."

Big, but energy-efficient, too

The large capacity of this machine makes it ideal for a family (even a big one!). The machine is also incredibly energy-efficient, too. The LG WM9000HVA machine was rated one of Energy Star's most efficient of 2019, thanks in part to its load-sensing water usage and TurboWash® technology, which cuts the wash time of large loads by up to 30 minutes.

Smart technology

Thi wifi-enabled washing machine is compatible with LG's THINQ® app, which allows you to control it from your phone.

Wash options

No matter what kind of laundry you're doing, this machine is likely to have a setting for it. The LG WM9000HVA features 14 different wash programs, including ones for delicates, towels, and bedding, plus speed wash, heavy-duty, and sanitary cycles. It even features an Allergiene cycle that operates at a high temperature and is designed to kill the most common household allergens.

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quiet washing machine

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3. LG WT7800CV

Best quiet top-loader washing machine

Capacity: 5.5 cu.ft.
Energy Star rated: Yes
Spin speed: 950 RPM
Finish: Graphite steel, White
Dimensions: H44.5" x W27" x D28.5"
Reasons to buy
+WiFi enabled+Anti-vibration technology+Large capacity+Remote start+Under $1,000
Reasons to avoid
-Slower spin speed than top two picks

In general, front loaders are quieter than top loaders, but the LG WT7800CV is an exception. Outfitted with the same LoDecibel technology as our number two pick, this washing machine is incredibly quiet for a top-loader.


A big reason for the popularity of this washing machine model is its 6Motion quick-washing technology, which uses six different washing motions to ensure that fabric is cleaned and cared for effectively and in shorter cycles (as little as 29 minutes). 

Deep-fill options & cold wash

While the LG WT7800CV is designed to conserve water by default, it also features a convenient Water Plus deep-fill option for the times when you need more water to properly clean a large load. Its cold wash technology ensures that your clothes are cleaned as effectively on energy-saving cool water settings as they are on warm or hot ones. 

Smart tech

We're all for anything that makes doing the laundry easier, which is why we love LG's THINQ app, which allows you to control your LG appliances (including the WT7800CV washer) with your smartphone. You can do things like start and stop a load of laundry, select a wash cycle, and get notifications when your laundry is done. 

Energy efficient

On top of all this, the LG WT7800CV is Energy-Star certified and comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor, too.

quiet washing machine

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4. Samsung WF42H5000AW

The best budget quiet washing machine

Capacity: 4.2cu.ft.
Energy Star-rated: Yes
Spin speed: 1200rpm
Finish: White
Dimensions: H38.75" x W27" x D33"
Reasons to buy
+Large drum for bigger loads+Eight wash cycles+Great stain removal
Reasons to avoid
-No smart tech features-No steam function

Our pick of the best quiet washing machine for those on a budget is the Samsung
. It doesn't come with a ton of bells and whistles but features a high spin speed, eight wash cycles, and noise-reduction technology all for under $800 (and we've often seen it on sale for under $600).

Nice & quiet

Thanks to the machine's VRT™ technology, reviewers rave that it's quiet even on the spin cycle, while the manufacturer says the tech "all but eliminates" noise.

Smart care app

While the machine isn't wi-fi enabled and won't work with smart devices, it does come with access to Samsung's Smart Care app which interacts with your washer for troubleshooting.

Plenty of wash programs

There are eight programs that include all the standard cycles you would expect, plus a few handy extras like activewear, bedding, and a quick-wash cycle. It also has spin-only cycles, and a self-cleaning and delay start feature.

How to buy the best quiet washing machine

Shopping for a washing machine, and more specifically a quiet washing machine can be something of a minefield. We'd recommend bearing the following features in mind during the course of your search:

Low decibel washing machines

Quiet washing machines will display their noise level for both washings and spinning in decibels (dB) so the lower it is, the quieter it will be. As a guide, a decibel level in the 40s is low. Another feature to look for is anti-vibration, which helps to reduce noise.

Special wash cycles

While finding a quiet washing machine might be your priority, you'll want to ensure the washing machine you choose fulfills all the other basic functions, too. Think carefully about the type of laundry you do on a regular basis, as some washing machines come complete with programs designed to tackle pet hair, tough stains on sportswear, work gear, and school uniforms.

Energy ratings

If you're looking for a low energy option, ensure that any models you're considering come complete with a good energy rating and reasonable water consumption levels.

Smart washing machine features

Some washing machines – quiet or otherwise – have smart features as part of the package, including the ability to be controlled by you, from your smartphone. They're typically a little more expensive than non-smart washing machines, but over time, we suspect this will change.

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