Hate your dining room now you're WFH or homeschooling there? Try these revamps

Be inspired by these on-trend dining room ideas, from unique tables to statement lighting

Dining room ideas that are on trend for 2020
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In need of some dining room ideas? Whether you've got still got a separate dining room or you've gone open plan,  you've come to the right place. As part of the Real Homes Show, we asked interior design expert Sian Astley (opens in new tab) to share the three interior design trends that will help you transform your dining area in 2020. 

'Whether you’re lucky enough to have an open-plan space featuring a dedicated eating area or are using your kitchen table to feed the family, work and entertain, modern day dining spaces work hard for their money,' says Sian. 'Here are three key design trends for dining rooms that we'll be seeing everywhere in 2020.'

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1. Be creative with your dining table

Choose banquette seating to maximise space in your dining room

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 Whether you have an open-plan space or not, consider banquette seating which zones an area and utilises space well. This type of seating can also be used as storage, whether in the seats or behind the back rests. You’ll need a specialist carpenter if your DIY skills aren’t up to it, but actually it’s not that hard to do, with the right tools. Don’t forget to factor in the upholstery for seat pads, which are far more comfortable than cushions. 

If you have limited space, it might be possible to combine your island with a table area at a lower level. Finally, if you can’t find a table you love on the high street, consider making your own using anything from sanded scaffolding planks to a breakfast bar worktop with hairpin legs.

2. Light up your life

Choose statement lighting for your dining room

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Secondly, choose lighting that’ll take you from weekday toast to Sunday roast. It’s all too easy to simply stick a pendant over a dining room table but there are SO many more interesting ways to illuminate an eating area. Always try to incorporate two different forms of lighting into the dining area – task and mood. I love Dowsing & Reynolds (opens in new tab), Factory Lux, (opens in new tab) Industville (opens in new tab), but if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with BHS.

When you next eat out, look around at restaurant lighting ideas, as commercial space designers have got this look nailed. Whether directional pinpoint LEDs, industrial feeling filament cage lamps or low to the table oversized shades, there’s a look for every style of home. 

3. Embrace Japandi style

The Japandi trend is a great way to update your dining room on a budget

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Finally, the cheapest way to update any dining area is to invest in new accessories. Japandi is the trend you’ll be hearing about everywhere in 2020 and it blends elements from both Japanese and Scandinavian design to create a look that’s all of its own. 

If you already have an oak dining table, then monochrome tableware with a Japanese influence will tie this look together perfectly. You could then add faux fur cushions to dining chairs and a hessian runner to introduce Scandi texture, and then place a tatami mat rug beneath the table to tie the look together. This look is the perfect fit for our busy, modern lives as its very calm and functional, but has added warmth thanks for the Scandi influences. 

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