Dining table ideas – 15 fabulous ideas for you dining room

Inspiring dining table ideas that are both practical and stylish.

dining table idea with benches in a country style home - neptune
(Image credit: Neptune)

In search of perfect dining table ideas? Dining tables are an essential purchase – unless you love the idea of a frozen meal on the couch every night? 

We do as much as the next person, but you can’t beat a great dining table that works with your dining room idea.

'Now more than ever – the kitchen and dining room space remains the central hub for families,' explains Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design for The Home Depot.

Dining tables need to work hard – not only are they having to deal with mealtimes three times a day, but also homework and of course, the recent lifestyle change of working from home.

Dining table ideas

We’ve sourced 15 super stylish dining room table ideas that will suit any scheme whether you love a classic feel, minimal or maximalist look, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Go for painted black for a touch of drama

black dining table with rattan chairs and lighting

(Image credit: Pooky)

If you love contrasts and your existing scheme is on the paler side, a black painted wooden table will look great. Just take a look at these black kitchen ideas for more inspo. 

It can work as an accent color so use black again to tie it in, like this black jug, the artwork and the black legged rattan chairs.

2. Match your table to your benches

dining table and benches in a farmhouse with open fire rustic styling

(Image credit: Neptune)

It’s important to create a cohesive look in your dining room, so consider matching your table to your benches – if they’re your chosen seating. 

Although this table is in a traditional dining room idea, it’s actually got a contemporary design, this is also something to look out for, because if you like to change your look often, a classic table shape that won’t date will be a great buy.

3. Choose crisp white in a modern scheme

white dining table with retro metal chairs and painted walls

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Nothing beats fresh white if you’re after a sleek contemporary look – if you're not convinced these white dining room ideas will prove it to you. 

This dining table's slightly glossy top will make for easy cleaning too. The slightly chunky legs give it substance and the beauty of white is that it will lighten up a dark dining room, and for some reason, we always feel that accessories look great on them as the colors ‘pop’ perfectly.

4. Tone things down with a rich, warm wood

wooden dining table, wooden shutters, rattan dining chairs, dark grey and white colour scheme

(Image credit: California Shutters)

Let the tone of your wood be the star of your dining room. This tapered legged table has the perfect warming wood shade and look how well it works with the shutters.

And not forgetting the rattan chairs too. Copper accessories on the table add to the ‘color’ and the overall look is warm and welcoming despite the dark grey and white paint – a failsafe fall table decor idea that will also work year round.

5. Opt for the palest Scandi look wood

pale blond wood dining table in a yellow and green paint scheme dining room

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Pale blond wood is synonymous with iconic Scandinavian interiors and this table design is ideal for creating that look in your home. 

Perfect as a modern dining room idea, the matching chairs and bench tie the seating area together perfectly whilst the black metal legs give them a modern edge. 

6. Add character with good old-fashioned style

enamel top dining table with chocolate brown cabinetry in kitchen

(Image credit: Little Greene)

If you’re rather fond of vintage style furniture over modern designs, then consider scouring antique stores. Full of character, they most definitely have more of a unique feel.

This table has an enamel top which gives it a charming appeal and of course, makes it practical and easy to maintain.

7. Make space for a table for two

small round dining table with two chairs in a dark dramatic dining room

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

We don’t all want huge table tables to seat many, a table for two works perfectly especially if you live in a small home or apartment.

A round table is ideal when space is at a premium, it allows you to move around it without bumping into corners, always a bonus.

Choose chairs with a curved back to carry on the visual flow, it will also make them easier on the eye.

8. Think about going round and retro

round retro dining table with matching chairs

(Image credit: George Home)

The mid-century modern trend has become a classic, just like its style. And if you love it as much as we do, then investing in a ‘retro’ style table and matching chairs will be on the top of your list. 

The tapered legs give it a slimline feel and the chairs mimic this design too, making it a winning mid-century modern decor idea. Accessories with retro shaped tableware and glasses too.

9. Upcycle a vintage table

pink and off white painted wooden table with olive green painted chairs and walls

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

This is a fabulous idea if you love upcycling, you can paint an existing table or buy one from a vintage shop that has potential. You can give old furniture a new lease of life with our guide to how to paint furniture.

The colours used here are Annie Sloan’s Scandinavian Pink a beautiful dusky shade used on Scandi furniture, and Old White – a chalky off-white that works with any color.

10. Opt for a marble look on a budget

small terrazzo dining table with bright chairs and a bright dining room

(Image credit: Habitat)

If a real marble topped table is way out of your budget – let’s face it, marble is pricey – then consider a terrazzo top instead. The multi-colored chips give a marble feel but without the price tag and it still looks fabulous. 

A contrasting white base finishes off the elegant look and it’s neutrality ensures it can work with any color scheme. 

11. Look for square tables for compact spaces

square black table and chairs in small dining area with wallpaper

(Image credit: Ikea)

To make a statement go for a design that’s bold like this square dining table. It will easily seat four and the jet black means you can’t miss it. 

This shape works well in a small dining room idea, it’s neat and tidy and the pine table top with neutral chair seat pads offer contrast to soften the look. 

12. Blend style and subtlety

yellow kitchen with pale wood dining table

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Sometimes, a table needs to blend it rather than be a statement piece. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, it’s simply there as the workhorse of the dining room.

The beauty of a classic dining table is that they can be a blank canvas, you can change up your scheme anytime and it will work – be it in a bright sunshine yellow space like this. Just take a look at these yellow rooms for more inspiration.

13.  Choose a long rectangular shape for entertaining

white rectangular dining table in modern dining room brightly coloured

(Image credit: Nest)

The shape of your dining table should be determined by your needs – a long table like this is ideal if you have a big family or love to entertain, whereas a round table will not fit as many people around it.

Your interior style is also a factor, sleek and modern with slim table top and legs will lend itself naturally to a contemporary setting.

14. Suit a farmhouse style home with worn and rustic

rustic dining table in farmhouse/country cottage style kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

A table crafted from reclaimed timber will always lend itself well to a country setting, rustic and worn, it will add character where a modern design simply won’t.

Dress it with linen napkins, coir table mats and artisanal tableware to carry the rustic dining room idea through.

15. Add a table to a bench seating area

round wooden dining table with black chairs and bench seating

(Image credit: Living with Lolo/Life Created)

When you have several shapes going on in one space you need to give your table design thought. 

The L-shape of the bench seating in this open plan kitchen idea contrasts well against the chunky table. To help soften the overall look, the round bowl and pendant light all being circular really help this dining area work visually. 

How can I make my dining table look nice?

Your dining table can be a thing of beauty all by itself if you choose a stylish design. 

But to enhance that you can pick benches and chairs to complement the table’s design, place it on a striking rug, hang a statement pendant light above it or simply display a selection of candles on a tray.

What should I put on my dining table?

When you’re setting your table ready for guests, the key essentials for your table are place mats (you don’t want scorch marks on your table top), a table runner or table cloth, napkin holders and napkins, charger plates, glasses and tableware. 

How do you dress up a dining room?

'From family gathering spots to office spaces and homework areas, the dining room table has become a multi-faceted space. It’s important to consider your family’s lifestyle when selecting the style, size and function of your dining room table,' explains Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design for The Home Depot.

Once you've chosen your table the rest is rather like you’d put together a scheme for any other room, you start with the basics, like a color palette. 

Once you’ve chosen that and you know the style you want to go for, then start to create your look. The key ingredients will be lighting, seating, artwork and accessories.

Which top is best for a dining table?

Wood is probably the most popular choice and the most versatile. It’s hard wearing and antibacterial, that’s why it’s used for countertops too. Find out how to clean and polish wood naturally.

Glass is another option, though one that’s used less currently. Marble is a popular design choice, however it’s pricey and can scratch, a better option is a quartz or terrazzo style finish.

Sophie Warren-Smith

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