How much could you be getting paid for your Christmas chores?

All that cooking, cleaning and being sociable is surely worth something...

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Ever wondered, as you wrap pigs in blankets (sure, they taste great but that is such a gross job) and clean your house within an inch of its life, that surely someone should be paying you to do all this? 

Not that you are a Scrooge or anything, of course you do all this willingly because it’s Christmas, but it would be nice just to know how much you could have earned from all those hours of slaving away getting in the festive spirit.

Well thanks to a new online tool, Your Christmas Salary, you can figure out exactly how much you’d earn doing all the chores that lead up to the big day, from buying and wrapping presents to cooking dinner and cleaning up afterwards.

Just pop in your age and all the hours you’ve put into different festive chores and, based on the minimum wage, the tool will calculate just how much you could be earning this Christmas. 

For instance, if you're over 25 and have spent four hours shopping for Christmas gifts, you've 'earned' £31.32. Spent three hours cooking Christmas dinner? That's £23.49. What with these totals, visiting relatives (oh yeah, that's chargeable), clearing up and wrapping gifts, you could have earned £180+ over the average Christmas by our reckoning.

Go over to to work out your ‘wage’, just don’t let it go to your head...