Scandi Christmas decorations: 17 ways to hygge up your home this festive season

Be inspired by these Scandi Christmas decorations to go for so something a little different this year...

Scandi Christmas decorations
(Image credit: H&M )

Looking for some Scandi Christmas decorations? Of course you are because no one decorates for winter like the Scandis and it's our favorite way to deck our halls – it’s cold outside; the fire is going; mulled wine is on the stove and you can pretend for just a second you are actually living in that Norwegian cottage of your Pinterest dreams. 

So to keep your dose of hygge high, we have rounded up the loveliest ways to bring some of that Scandi-style into your home this Christmas, from easy paper decs, to minimalist (but still rustic) tree decorating ideas...

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1. Bring some festive Scandi vibes with a ton of texture 

Cosy Christmas living room by Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

A really easy way to get a Scandi look is by adding a load of texture, easily done at this time of year really. Take inspiration from this room by Neptune and pull out the (faux) pelts, pile up the chunky blankets and stack up the logs. The more texture the better we say.  

Give your room a festive feel with candles, displays of baubles, evergreen sprigs on every surface and of course a Scandi-approve tree. 

2. Easy Scandi christmas decor? Light plenty of candles

The White Company Winter fragrance collection

(Image credit: The White Company)

If there isn’t an abundance of Christmas candles dotted around, can you even call it Scandi? The White Company is of course smashing the holiday candles this year, and while the classic Winter will always have a place in our hearts, we are also loving the comforting, earthy smell of Highland Escape

3. Or switch out candles for LED lights  

Staircase with lights and greenery

(Image credit: Neptune)

And since having constantly lit candles dotted around your house probably isn’t very realistic, recreate that cosy glow with plenty of artificial lights. Obviously fairy lights are a given at Christmas, but also pick up some LED candles from (Amazon do some really realistic wax ones) that are also perfect for recreating candlelight. We love how candles look dotted up the stairs in hurricane vases. 

4. Create a Scandi feel with an alternative Christmas tree

Ladder used as an alternative Christmas tree

(Image credit: Marquis and Dawe)

As much as we love the smell of a real Christmas tree, this year we are really feeling the alternative Christmas tree. This simplistic white washed ladder has been decorated with an array of baubles and we love the understated (but of course still very festive) look. 

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5. Or just keep your tree super simple

Garden trading Christmas dining room

(Image credit: Garden trading)

If you simply can’t live without a real tree, just keep decorating to a minimum. We aren’t dismissing your pink tinsel and techno coloured ornaments, but if you want all the Scandi vibes, leave those in the loft this Christmas. Keep your color scheme simple and neutral and choose three or four bauble designs to decorate with. 

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6. Evergreen. Literally. Everywhere

Evergreen decorations in a dining room

(Image credit: Wyevale Garden Centres)

We are talking wreaths, garlands and trees – as soon your house starts to resemble Narnia you are about halfway there. Scandi Christmas decorations are all about bringing the outside in, especially at this time of year. And if you can’t make it, fake it with our pick of the best artificial Christmas trees.

7. Hang things in abundance

Rustic style Christmas decorations by B&Q

(Image credit: B&Q)

Forget hanging stuff off the tree; in every Pinterest image of Scandi Christmas decorations there is something beautiful hanging from the ceiling. If you are lucky enough to have beams in your house, try hanging decorations and bits of foliage from it to re-create this look.

8. Bring some Scandi Christmas decorations into the bedroom

Festive bedroom by Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

And if you can’t manage hanging a forest from your ceiling, try wrapping some evergreen around you headboard instead for a similar, more low maintenance effect. We'd go fake though – pine needles in your bed = ouch! Check out our picks of the best Christmas garlands for more inspiration. 

9. Or just keep things simple with a string of lights

Christmas bedroom

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

White walls, slubby bedding and a simple string of fairy lights – the beginner's pack to creating a festive Scandi bedroom. Add in a touch of greenery for contrast and you are done. 

10. Check out Ikea for Scandi Christmas decorations (obv)

Dining table decorated for Christmas with a Scandi theme and LED star lights overhead

(Image credit: Ikea)

You can get creative with paper and scissors to make your own paper stars or you could definitely cheat with these decorations from Ikea . They come in the very Scandi friendly shades of white and red so you can't really go wrong...

11. Opt for a minimalist monochrome theme

White star hanging

In keeping with the whole minimal mantra, try sticking to a monochrome scheme with your Scandi Christmas decorations. Just balance out the black and white with various hues of grey and add in some wood accents or just bring in a few boughs of fir (or a store bought pine garland would do the trick). 

12. Go traditional Scandi

Nordic Christmas decorations

(Image credit: Jan Constantine)

So far we have been all about the neutral Scandi Christmas decorations but you could try out a more traditional Nordic look and introduce some colour (when we say colour we do basically mean red). These gorgeous hand embroidered decorations are from Jan Constantine but Ikea are also great for more traditional decorations. 

13. Add festive feels to furniture 

Annie Sloan Christmas kitchen dresser painted in Old White

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

String ivy over the tops of wardrobes, drape boughs of evergreen along a dresser, tie holly to kitchen shelves. As we have said many a time, Scandi Christmas decorations are so much about making use of natural materials, so just adding a few touches of evergreen plus some fairy lights and a scattering of Christmas ornaments to bigger pieces of furniture will give your home a rustic, festive feel. 

14. Give your Christmas table setting a Scandi touch

Nordic style table setting by George Home

(Image credit: George Home)

We know we have gone on a lot about bringing the outside in, but it really is such an effective, inexpensive way to make a space feel more festive. Try strewing your Christmas table with some branches, stems of eucalyptus and pine cones for an on-trend Nordic look. 

We've got plenty more Christmas table setting ideas for all styles if you are looking for some inspiration... 

15. Add in some warmer hues 

H&M Home Christmas

(Image credit: H&M )

Scandi Christmas decorations don't have to all be about cool wintery tones and monochrome colour schemes. Try adding in some warmer colours – just something as simple as switching up your cushions and throws could add a load of cosy vibes to your living room. All these cushions are from H&M Home so they are a super affordable way to give your space a toasty makeover. 

16. DIY paper decorations for a rustic look 

Christmas dining room

(Image credit: Noa and Nani)

Easiest, DIY Christmas decoration out there. You know how it goes. Get your piece of paper, fold it up and just get chopping into it. Ok, maybe it's a bit more technical than that, here are some steps: 

1.  Start with a square piece of paper, fold it in half diagonally and then fold it in half again to create a smaller triangle.

2. Fold the triangle into three. You can do this by taking one corner of the triangle and fold it into the middle, then take the other corner and fold it over the top.

3. Cut the top off at an angle.

4. Chop into it to create the shapes in your decoration. Use scissors to cut out whatever shapes you fancy. 

5.  Gently open it out and just wait for the ooooh and ahhhhs. 

Alas the beautiful decorations you see above, are not hand made by the Real Homes team (the ones we just made with Post-It notes are far less intricate), but you can cheat and buy them online – no judgment here. 

17. Double up on your trees

The White Company Scandi Christmas decor

(Image credit: The White Company )

Yep here we are again banging on about greenery, but it really is the key to that Scandi feel at Christmas. So why have one tree when you can have two? This look is so cute with the larger decorated tree as the focus and then the smaller, simple tree in the window – it creates quite a cocooning and comforting feel. 

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