Neon lights are back for 2021! Here are our top picks...

Pinterest says neon lights are in, so neon lights are in! And we really aren't mad about it

The best neon lights
(Image credit: Audenza)

Neon lights hey? Who knew there would be making a comeback, we thought we'd left that vibey LED-lit room with a lava lamp in the corner and tie-dye wall hanging back in the '90s, but according to Pinterest they are back. And who are we to judge the powers of Pinterest? Apparently search for neon rooms and LED lights have gone up eight times what they were last year, so naturally, despite our apprehension, we thought we would delve right into this new trend with a gorgeous gallery to inspire you that neon has in fact had a 2021 glow up...

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1. Pucker up 

Lips Neon Acrylic Box Light | £129 from Audenza

Who fancies a smooch? This beautiful box light is handmade and features pink, red and white hand-blown glass neon encased the box. It will look fabulous on your mantle or sideboard and as it’s table-mounted you can move it around from room to room as you wish - all you need is a plug socket. 

2. Disco vibes

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Beautify)

DISCO Pink Neon Acrylic Box Light | £94.99 from Beautify

If you fancy a disco dance then this light is for you! The pink neon letters are reminiscent of a Seventies-style font so dust off the record player and put on some tunes. It’s mains powered so pop it near a plug and away you go. We think this would be fab as living room lighting, popped on a mantle of a side table. 

3. Feel good lettering 

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Yellow Hello Sunshine Interior Neon Wall Light | £69.99 from Lights4fun

No negative Nellie’s here - wake up to these happy positive words every morning. It’s cheery and fun and will look fabulous on plain painted walls - go bright and contrasting to create an impact. 

4. Light up art work

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

Frida Neon Poster Print | £32.50 from Limelace

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a light, but it looks like it is right? It’s actually a poster of the fabulous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo and we think her neon headpiece is amazing! So this is for those of you who want to add neon brights in your space but without needing a plug socket, you could hang it as part of an existing gallery wall or let it take pride of place above a mantle. 

5. Puuurfect lighting 

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Red Candy)

Purrfect Neon Table Lamp | £20 from Red Candy

This little chap will keep you company when working from home, or cooking a meal for the family - but you won’t find a paw appearing in your sauce. You can move him/her around your home too as this fab light is USB or battery powered which is a bonus we think.

6. Keep it simple

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Nest)

Neon Tube LED Light | £45 each from Nest

We love these beauties because you can create a single statement or group 3 or 5 together - top stylist tip - always group items in odd numbers! They come in warm white, yellow, pink, red and ice blue so you can mix and match them to create a modern design. Mount them on the wall, place in the corner or as a centerpiece on a table - be creative! 

7. Perfect for the bedroom

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Dream Big Neon Sign Wall Light | £69.99 from Lights4fun

We’re all for positive thinking at Real Homes, and we love this neon light! We should all aim high right? The soft-blue shade is dreamy and we think this is the perfect bedroom lighting. The lead is a generous five metres which means you can still wall-mount it even if your light socket is a stretch away and because the neon glow is created by energy efficient LEDs the flex won’t get hot to the touch. 

8. Over the rainbow

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Amazon)

Mobestech Rainbow Light Sign | £10.06 from Amazon

So this ‘may’ be aimed at children, but we believe it’s perfectly acceptable to have a rainbow light on a living room shelf, bedside table or used as a design feature on a mantlepiece in the living room - do you agree? This pretty neon pastel coloured rainbow of delight is battery operated and will be loved by all!

9. Made for royalty

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Audeza)

Sequin Queen Neon Acrylic Box Light | £99.95 from Audenza

This gorgeous box light features ‘Queen’ lettering in hot pink hand-blown glass AND a background of multicoloured glistening sequins! What a winning combo! The sequins are iridescent too which means they will catch the light and reflect the colours around your room. It’s a table mounted design so you can place it anywhere and it’s powered by an EU adapter plug. 

10. Light up your fave lyrics 

The best neon lights

(Image credit: Bags & Bones)

Cuddles In The Kitchen | £355 from Bag & Bones

Inspired by the lyrics from cool indie band Arctic Monkeys, ‘Cuddles in the Kitchen’ neon light comes in stylish plain white or fancy rainbow. If you want to create an uber cool focal point in your room then this is for you! Bag & Bones also customise lights so if you have a favourite saying, lyric or quote then you could have it turned into a super fab light that’s unique to you.

Sophie Warren-Smith

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