Christmas card display ideas – 16 ways to turn cards into decor

Let these Christmas card display ideas transform your cards into gorgeous decorations

A gallery wall made up of framed Christmas cards using gold tape
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Looking for DIY Christmas card display ideas? It's always tricky to know what to do with Christmas cards, they always look so pretty but you don't necessarily want them covering every surface in your home for the month. So we have rounded up the most creative ways to turn your cards into stylish decorations.

Yes, simply displaying them on a shelf or windowsill is classic, but it only takes a gust of wind or a curious cat to knock your greeting cards off your surfaces. So, have fun creating some handmade Christmas decoration ideas to secure them in place and make them a star feature in the home.

Christmas card display ideas to inspire

'Small changes can make a big difference so enjoy an environmentally-friendly Christmas this year with sustainable, hand-crafted, wood, recycled glass and papier-mâché decorations,' says Daisy Coombes, marketing manager, Sass & Belle.

'Smart shopping is high on Santa’s list – from sending plantable Christmas cards, using an LED ‘twig’ tree and even renting a Christmas tree to using recycled glassware to reusable crackers.'

'Sustainability decorations are also a must have, consider artisanal, hand crafted, wooden, recycled glass and papier-mache decorations which are fast becoming a firm favourite in many house holds.'

'Just because they’re sustainable option, this doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on color, texture and the sparkle of Christmas. Rich hues, opulence and glitz are still on the agenda.'

1. Hang your Christmas cards from ribbons

A green wall with assortment of metallic Christmas cards hung using red and gold gift ribbon

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

If you like traditional Christmas decorations displaying your Christmas cards from pretty ribbons will fit your look perfectly. 

You can easily DIY a ribbon card hanger using a thick ribbon and pegs, but if you don't think your crafting skills are up to that fear not, you can pick up packs of assorted gift ribbon from John Lewis & Partners. Not just in red and gold, they come in icy blue hues, verdant green shades and pastel materials too.

A green organza ribbon used to display Christmas cards on door

(Image credit: Bloom)

Alternatively, this gorgeous deep green decor with bow detail is just £9 from Bloom. It is a  charming way to display your festive greetings and each strip has enough space to display up to six cards.

2. Hang your cards on a twig tree 

A tree cutting inside a long, tall glass vase with Christmas cards hung off branch

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Jazz up your Christmas window decor and keep prying eyes from peeping into your home with this cute tree cutting to hang your cards on. While it might take a bit of time to forage in the forest (park or backyard), this eco-friendly idea is stylish and economical. A brilliant way to 'branch' away from the usual plastic-based festive finds.

Simply take a cutting from your chosen tree, then 'plant' it in a tall glass vase. Combine this wood-inspired idea with other woodland decor. Think mini fir ornaments, toadstools and pinecones.

A gallery wall made up of framed Christmas cards using gold tape

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

These days, Christmas cards are absolute works of art. Simple snow scenes and pleasant, picturesque designs have been swapped for wow-factor masterpieces commissioned to well-known designers, artists and illustrators.

So treat them like you would an expensive portrait or painting by creating a gallery wall. This is a sustainable way of repurposing cards with glitter decor (not to mention containing the mess) or non recyclable greetings. This 'framed' wall doesn't use picture frames however – instead, the borders are created using tape – a brilliant small apartment Christmas decor idea.

4. Prop them on your modular storage

Living room with Christmas tree and storage boxes under stairs with cards displayed on top

(Image credit: Wilko)

Make your modular storage boxes and shelves work harder by turning them into a decorative living room Christmas decor idea. The position of this furniture uses up empty or otherwise dead under the stair space that isn't tall enough for the tree to fit.

By displaying your Christmas cards in close proximity to the tree, you can be sure to show gratitude to your guests by giving these pieces of paper a prime spot in your sitting room. Hang ceiling lights or decor to add interest and draw the eye towards this area.

5. Create ambience with a neon light backdrop

An angel LED light with Christmas cards and candlesticks in candlestick holders

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Make sure your cards stand out by lighting up the corner where they are displayed. This glowing angel from John Lewis & Partners is made from moulded PVC and lit with LED chips for a wonderful wall decoration to light up an area of your home home.

If you don't want to go for this sweet cherub design, homeware stores also have adorable robins, reindeers, penguins and star designs to cater for all different Christmas color schemes – and we want them all.

6. Upcycle a hula hoop

An upcycled hula hoop spray painted in gold paint and used to display Christmas cards

(Image credit: Hallmark Canada)

The best use ever for that hula-hoop sitting in your garage: A giant wreath to display holiday greetings. To create this budget Christmas decorating idea, you'll need to prime and spray paint the hula hoop, following manufacturer’s instructions (we'd recommend Rust-Oleum). Follow the how-to: 

  • Mark the center top and bottom of the hula hoop and cut a ribbon to fit with enough extra to wrap around the back side for gluing. Cut two more pieces of ribbon to fit on either side.
  • After that, glue one end of each ribbon to one side of the hoop. Pull tight and glue the other end to the other side. Then, use brass wire (for fresh greenery) or the glue gun (for faux foliage) to attach greenery to the top of the hoop. Start with the 'base' greenery, then attach focal pieces to finish.
  • To finish, hang cards on the ribbon using clothespins. And, if you’d like, make a loop for hanging using the brass wire and attach it to the top of the wreath, hidden in the greenery.

7. Create a clothespin wreath

A christmas card wreath made from green spray painted pegs, red beads and printed red and white ribbon

(Image credit: Jess Christian (Craftiness is not Optional))

How cool is this Christmas card display idea by Jess Christian, author of Craftiness is not Optional blog? You can recreate it by following this how-to:

  • Use an empty diaper box to firstly spray some pegs green, leaving them for a day or two to dry. Then, cut the hook off a wire hanger, shaping it into a circle.
  • After that, alternate pegs and red pony beads onto the wire, continuing the process until the wreath is almost full, and the wires overlap about 1.5 inches. Then, use glue to fix the ends together. 
  • To create a hanging mechanism, cut a piece of ribbon (roughly 12″ long), and tie it around the wire, then trim the ends and glue that to the wire. Finally, using the rest of your ribbon, tie a bow and glue that on top of your hanger.

8. Use a wooden ladder

A wooden ladder with garland and Christmas cards used as a display feature

(Image credit: Hallmark Canada)

Wooden ladders are great for hanging towels and blankets or, you know, reaching things on high shelves. But, for a festive take on a display unit, repurpose it as a rustic Christmas decoration to show off some holiday cards.

To dress this idea up, wind a garland around the handrails and through the rungs. Use wire to attach it if needed. Add greenery or other accessories, and then use binder clips to attach the cards.

9. Create a quilted Christmas card holder

A red and white quilted Christmas card holder with cards inside pockets

(Image credit: Melissa Nayler)

'My talented friend Melissa made this Christmas card holder, I thought I'd share it with you in time for the festive season!' says blogger Debbie Shore.

'An easy to make project using an alternative “flying geese” method, which can be made to your own size requirement, this version holds a minimum of 25 cards (I often double up by placing smaller cards in front of larger ones).'

'The whole project can be sized down to hold photos. You don’t need to be a quilter to make this. It’s quick, easy and you can embellish any way you wish. The best thing about this holder is the cards don’t fall out!'

10. Use a collapsible holder

Folding floor standing christmas card holder that holds up to 100 cards

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Don't struggle for somewhere to put your Christmas cards this year. Instead, get this handy folding Christmas cardholder from Wayfair. It’s a tall freestanding unit that folds to half its size for storage but when in use can hold up to 100 cards.

Not just for your living room, this is a great way to spruce up your sleep space, so use it in an empty corner for a creative Christmas bedroom decor idea.

11. Clip your Christmas cards into a garland

How lovely is this Christmas card display idea from @mandyenohome? If you have a Christmas garland going up your stairs, along your mantlepiece, or like this around your doorway, peg your Christmas cards into the foliage for a personal touch. Just pick up some small wooden pegs cheaply on Amazon to secure them in place. 

12. Hang your cards on a festive string 

A stag shaped peg and twine Christmas card holder with light brown cards with metallic stag stickers

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

And if your surfaces are starting to fill up, simply hang your Christmas card on string. It's cute and rustic and really easy too. This set is from Ginger Ray – you get the string 16 wooden stag shaped pegs for just £4.99 and we love the idea of pegging into some greenery too to make it even more of a feature. 

13. Display your cards on a glittering snowflake

A snowflake wire decoration with Christmas card displayed on it with background with white shiplap wall decor

(Image credit: Next)

This snowflake card holder from Next would look lovely as just a stand alone decoration, but it doubles up as a cute way to display your Christmas cards. Ooh, and you could also wind some little battery-powered lights around it to make it extra festive.

14. Create a Christmas card tree

A Christmas card 'tree' with fairy lights draped in triangular shape

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Use your cards to create a Christmas card 'tree' – it's perfect for adding a festive touch to rooms that get a bit neglected when it comes to Christmas decor, like the kitchen for example. Again, we would take it even further and add in some battery powered fairy lights too. 

We have loads of alternative Christmas tree ideas over in our gallery so be sure to check that out too.

A Christmas card display organized in tree shape with duck egg blue shiplap wall decor

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

15. Use your Christmas cards to decorate your hallway

A hallway with blue wall panel decor, white chest of drawers, and Christmas card display

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Speaking of rooms that can be tricky to decorate at Christmas, hallways!  You usually can't squeeze a tree in there, but you can give it some festive vibe with some fairy lights and your Christmas card collection. 

Obviously, you can just use string or ribbon, but these adorable pom pom lights from Dunelm add a little extra festiveness. 

16. Pin your Christmas cards to a memo board

Christmas cards displayed on wire memo board with grey wooden desk, chair and fairy lights

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Oh to have a dedicated wrapping station in your home! We are aware most of us will be turning the home office into our own version of Lapland so make your desk area extra festive by displaying your Christmas cards on your memo board. 

This memo board is from Garden Trading and you really could hang it anywhere to display your cards – add in some decs and sprigs of holly too.

17. DIY a ribbon board for your Christmas cards

Of course, Martha Stewart would have a solution to the, as she very aptly calls it 'blizzard' of Christmas cards. These boards look so pretty and are so easy to make, plus they can be used all year round in your kitchen, hallway or office for storing notes and post.

Simply cover a cork memo board in a fabric of your choice, either stapling or gluing it in place, then run your ribbons over in whatever pattern you like, again securing at the back of the board. You can then slide your cards behind the ribbon and pin them in too.

How can I display my Christmas cards creatively?

'A Christmassy decorative idea using fairy lights is one of our favourites; and it's been very popular indeed,' says Lucy Kirk, creative and photography manager, Lights4Fun.

'Create your own fairy light wall by knocking a few picture hooks into a bare wall, before hanging your string of fairy lights from each hook. To finish, hang some Christmas pegs from your fairy light wall and use it as a Christmas card display.'

'Once the festive season passes, simply swap the Christmas cards for some photos or notes and voilà; you have your own all year round fairy light wall!'

While Karen Thomas, head of design, home and beauty at Marks and Spencer says: 'We created a ceiling-hung garland by stringing up a bough of pine (you could also fix across the top of a window or door frame) and decorating with an arrangement of festive greenery (mistletoe, holly and eucalyptus leaves), show-stopping Christmas tree baubles and Christmas cards. Simply punch a hole and string up with different lengths and styles of ribbon.'

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