Christmas bedroom decor – 29 ways to make your room festive

Add holiday hype to your den with some Christmas bedroom decor

Grey printed bedding on a bed in a grey bedroom with wall panelling christmas decor by by the bedside
(Image credit: Dunelm)

We're going all out with our Christmas bedroom decor, now that the holiday season is well and truly here. And making sure leave no space untouched. While the hallway and living room might be prime traffic areas, our to-do list also our sleep spaces too.

That includes new bedding, festive foliage and lots of creative lighting looks that we wouldn't be able to get away with for at least ten months of the year.

If you're not sure how to dress your bedroom up for the holidays, let this be your guide. It's tricky to strike the balance between all-out stylish bedroom ideas, and practicality when it comes to Christmas decorating ideas, but with these Christmas bedroom decor ideas we've rounded up manage to do just that, creating the perfect wintery haven with serious festive flair, that doesn't feel too too novel.

Christmas bedroom decorating ideas

'Wrap some fairy lights around your headboard for not only a festive feel, but an awesome all year round accessory,' says Lucy Kirk, creative and photography manager, Lights4Fun.

'Use warm white lights for instant cosiness or go wild with colour with some multi coloured fairy lights. If you don't have a bed frame that's easy to hang lights from, you can always hang some connectable fairy lights above your bed that you can admire when you're all tucked up. They look fabulous at night too, giving you a proper Christmassy starry night feel.'

1. Add some festive pompoms

Annie Sloan Christmas Bedroom Pompadour Wall Paint Chalk Paint In Amsterdam Green Old White And Pure

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Pompoms, pipe cleaners and other haberdashery materials aren't just for kids. If you're good with your hands and have an artistic flair, create a pompom garland to dress your bed with.

This Christmas bedroom decor is so easy and only uses two traditional colors (red and green) in a white room to create a quintessential Scandinavian Christmas decorating scheme. But, you can work in more colors to suit the trend you're following this year. For example, use pastel blue and icy silver materials to create a magical scene that a fan of Disney's Frozen would fall for.

2. Add some festive curtain lights

A warm white micro LED star curtain light on cream framed window

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Look to your windows to add festive coziness to your bedroom. Christmas window decor is not only cute, but is a great way to add a little color to a neutral bedroom.

'Christmas isn't complete without some stars around the house, so why not hang some star fairy lights around the bedroom for that added twinkle?' asks Kirk.

'Hang them around a mirror, chest of drawers or even a window for a super gorgeous festive touch.'

3. Dress your bedroom fireplace

A teal blue bedroom with a fireplace and Christmas decor on the mantel

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies © Future)

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your space like this beautiful teal bedroom, dress it up to the max with a garland and hang your stockings from it for a more traditional take on Christmas mantel decor.

No fireplace? No problem. Hang your Christmas bedroom decor from the handle of your wardrobe door, on the edge of your bed, or prop up nicely in a corner, and keep your fingers crossed that it soon fills up with treats.

4. Add a red-colored bouquet by the bed

Red Poinsettia plant in beige ceramic vase in bedroom

(Image credit: Dunelm)

If you're after minimalist ideas, adding a red bouquet to your bedroom side table is a subtle Christmas bedroom decor idea. Whether you opt for berries, red roses or the quintessentially Christmassy plant, the choice is completely yours – but there's another decision to be made: real or faux?

While we love the smell, texture and tonal differences in a red bouquet – chances are that in the winter you're likely have the heating on which can wreak havoc with your blooms' longevity. So we say go for longevity with an artificial arrangement.

But, if your heart is set on something real, read our guide on how to care for a Poinsettia.

5. Keep cozy with a layered Scandi scheme

A four-poster bed in bedroom with floral decor and layered bedding

(Image credit: B&M)

When the weather drops a few degrees, most of us will want to snuggle up with a fluffy robe, some fresh PJs and a hot drink. And so, we should apply the same practice to our bedroom Christmas decor. 

Layer your bed with your best bedding set, then add multiple faux fur and textile throws, pillows and scatter cushions. Just when you think you've added enough... add more to nail the Nordic decorating trend.   

This look really celebrates the sheer indulgence of Christmas. And with the paneled bedroom walls adding even more texture and tactility, we are so here for it.

6. Create a sweet candy-cane inspired scene

A pink Christmas-themed bedroom with candy cane bedding and white bed frame with ornate detail

(Image credit: George)

We're not usually ones for saccharine pink rooms, but we can get onboard with this sweet bedroom decor with candy-cane motif bedding. Rather than feeling childish, this feminine bedroom is multi-tonal and multi-dimensional with fluted glass light by the bedside.

The white bed frame with its ornate detailing and wall panels add chic chateau vibes. So if green and red is a bit too Grinch-like for you, try this alternative Christmas color scheme.

7. Incorporate humor with a sassy sprout motif

A bedroom with pink duvet with sprout motif and mini tree

(Image credit: Skinny Dip / TK Maxx)

Brussels sprouts cause quite a stir around dinner tables across the globe. This mini boiled or stir-fried brassica is the bane of many children's plates, often sadly left to the side or reluctantly eaten.

But... on a duvet cover? Different story. This mini cabbage becomes the cutest repeat pattern. From TK Maxx for a single set, this pink and green, machine washable bedding is a budget christmas decor idea that's an absolute cracker on style. 

Add a mini Christmas tree to reinforce those festive feels, a letter board and a locker style sideboard for retro back-to-school vibes. Find a similar one from Mustard Made.

8. Create that Santa's chimney feel with exposed brick

A bedroom with green wall paint decor, Christmas tree, rattan and black framed headboard and rattan side table with jute rug

(Image credit: Dunelm)

We love the warm and inviting feel of a fireplace. But not everyone is lucky to have one bang in the middle of their bedroom. If you're not a fan of the overtly glitzy Christmas style, keep things classic with exposed brick wall. 

Perfect for period homes, this rustic Christmas decor idea can be repurposed into an industrial Boho scheme past December. That's the magic of the wood and rattan side table and headboard.

9. Create a dark grey Grotto in a small apartment

A dark grey bedroom with Christmas wreath on wall, Christmas tree, light wooden floorboards and grey velvet ottoman

(Image credit: Dunelm)

It can be hard to know how to style a condo – especially if your floor space is at a premium. But if your bedroom is the biggest room in your apartment, then go all-out there instead.

When looking at apartment Christmas decor – don't be afraid to go dark. Dramatic and atmospheric, this charcoal grey room is festively indulgent and a feast for the eyes – great for a silent night-style scheme. And, a Chesterfield-style, buttoned Ottoman is the perfect place to hide presents from your partner or kids.

10. Capture the spirit of Christmas with a bookshelf

Traditional red and green Christmas bedroom with bookshelf and LED fairy lights

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Whether it's a book about a snowman or a Dickensian novel, Christmas is one of the best times to get the kids into literature. Because, let's face it... How many times can they watch the same festive TV reruns or play with the same toy with the same level of enthusiasm?

Beautify their bedroom bookshelf with LED fairy lights or a standalone statement nightlight. The not-so-secret style revelation here is to keep things classic. Traditional Christmas decorations in green and red work best because its a scheme that children are familiar with.

11. Introduce jewel-like colors into the bedroom

A dark grey bedroom with wall paneling and assortment of layered colorful throws and patterned bedding on bed

(Image credit: Future)

If there's any time of year to add a little glitz and glam into the bedroom, it's Christmas. Aside from the obvious lighting and star decor, add some bold brights into your color scheme by opting for sapphire blue and jewel-like purple or magenta.

The homeowner of this gorgeous bed has opted for a variety of vibrant colors and muted patterns. Some of which remind us of Christmas candy wrappers. These hues are the definitely the star of the show in this dark grey bedroom

12. Create a vintage Christmas bedroom

A vintage brown and grey bedroom with calligraphy wallpaper, wooden side table and storage trunk

(Image credit: Future)

The holidays can sometimes involve a little more travel, but we can assure you, that if our bedroom looked like this – we're staying put.

Grey calligraphy bedroom wallpaper, a classic wooden side table, decorative pinecone and cardboard garland all contribute to a vintage bedroom scheme that feels like a homely guesthouse. And that printed trunk at the end of the bed... Too, too cute.

14. Go for a glam scheme with sequins

A grey and taupe Christmas-themed bedroom with metallic decor and sequin homewares with chesterfield style button headboard

(Image credit: Future)

If you want to 'sleigh' your Christmas bedroom decorating ideas – add some sequins. We love the abundance of metallic decor in this bedroom, from the scatter cushion, to the throw, that copper-brass table lamp and, of course – not forgetting the teddy bear. All of this looks so chic against the chesterfield-style headboard in this women's bedroom.

However, as an item that is made from plastic, fashion editor and TV presenter, Amber Jackson says: 'Sequins are for life, not just for Christmas. They are terrible for the planet, so please look at them as investments you'll have forever.'

15. Create a quaint, woodland scheme

A red and green bedroom with printed owl motif wallpaper, tree-motif cushions, black low-hung ceiling light and fresh floral bouquet arrangement

(Image credit: Future)

Whether it's a forest walk with a hot chocolate in hand, a quick park catch-up with a PSL or a beach stroll after a substantial Christmas feed, the cold weather doesn't stop our love for nature. So creating a biophilic scheme full of foliage, birds and organic colors is right up our street.

Using a woodland bedroom wallpaper design as your foundation, build a fort full of cushion decor for an elevated treehouse-style aesthetic. Then, set the mood with a low-hanging ceiling light and a fresh floral arrangement. If you look really closely, even the floor features a holly-like motif.

16. Keep cool with a themed cotton bedding set

A feminine bedroom scheme with raised reindeer motif bedding, metallic silver lampshade fixture, faux fur rug, and brass-framed glass side table

(Image credit: Dunelm)

It can be hard to keep the temperature at a comfortable level around the holidays. While your partner may be too hot, you may be freezing. So choosing a sleeping material that's natural rather than synthetic can be the first compromise to take in a bedroom you share with a significant other. 

Polyester, for example, is a non-breathable synthetic material that can leave some people sweating in the night.

But before you think linen and cotton are just for the summer months – let this be our gift to you. Add a touch of glam to your bedroom decor with this White Tufted Reindeer Bedding Set from Dunelm.

Beautifully crafted from 100% cotton, this bedding set is super soft, durable and machine washable. In a white colourway, this bedding set will compliment any interior beautifully. And, starting from just £35, it won't break the bank. So important in a month where we are spending on others.

We love this feminine room, complete with the Art-Deco inspired mirror, metallic lampshade and brass-framed, glass table. To make this Christmas bedroom decorating idea look cozy, rather than too polished, add a a faux fur rug, some paper decorations and perhaps a statement slogan cushion for a touch of sass.

17. Dress your mirror in festive foliage

A bedroom with floor length mirror decorated with various Christmas-style flowers, with adjacent velvet chair and throw

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Christmas work parties, family get-togethers and impromptu catch-ups over dinner with friends. Our social calendars are jam-packed in December.

However, just because you're heading out – don't give your mirror design the cold shoulder. Have fun creating garland that will add a little something to your full-length looking glass. There are no hard and fast rules when figuring out how to make a Christmas garland, but we'd personally go hard or go home with as many different varieties of flowers, twigs and leaves can take (while ensuring your mirror still serves its reflective purpose).

The most important rule here is to keep everything light and bright. That way you can create a Scandinavian bedroom, without taking the lengthy trip to Lapland.

18. Swap your usual bedside table for a bar cart

A brass bar cart in the bedroom with smoked grey glass jar, white hardback books and plant

(Image credit: Ella James)

As Christmas approaches, we love to make a little more effort in our homes and that includes fancy homewares and furniture. After your guests have gone home for the night, repurpose your living room Christmas decor in the bedroom.

While we don't suggest an alcoholic nightcap (it's a nightmare for sleep), use this wheelable table setup to place books, a cup of tea and maybe some houseplants by the bed to create a hospitable sleep space that takes influence from the Art-Deco era.

Convinced? The best bar carts are rolling off the shelves right now. So be quick.

19. Share the love with cute accessories

Traditional country Christmas-themed bedroom with check bedding and green cushion with slogan

(Image credit: Wilko)

Christmas is such a special time for couples. And it's a great opportunity to tell someone how much you mean to them. But, with busy family schedules, lots of travel to different households and general chaos – it can be hard to express gratitude to your better half.

So... let your Christmas bedroom decor do the talking. This country bedroom is the perfect cozy cabin-style scheme. But what makes this a romantic bedroom idea is the green 'Let's keep cosy together' cushion. It's lovely handwritten typography gives it that personal touch. The lovely, chunky-knit hot water bottle and throw combo is a coordinated and compatible extra that feels oh-so snug too.

20. If straying from traditional colors – stay on theme

A bedroom with grey concrete-effect wall decor and ocher check and stag motif bedding

(Image credit: Next)

While yellow is usually associated with sunny months, and maybe mustard for Autumn, it's seldom seen around the snowy season. But, if the traditional red and green holiday colors make you grimace and icy blues feel too cold  – opt for ocher.

There's one exception if you make this decor decision – and that's to choose a pattern or motif that feels festive. A new take on Nordic, this reversible check and Stag Duvet and Pillowcase Set by British designer Catherine Lansfield at Next is the perfect finishing touch to this yellow bedroom idea... And means you get two designs in one.

21. Hang up string lights for a twinkling effect

A dark grey bedroom with iron bed and decorated for christmas with faux greenery

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Is there anything more instantly festive than string lights? As a bedroom lighting idea, they make a great addition to any space come winter, and as a bonus, they act as mood lighting for some serious ambience.

String up along a headboard, lay across your window sill or dresser or hang along the wall over your bed for the most perfect bedroom Christmas decor around.

22. Make a statement feature with over-the-bed decor

A grey bedroom with concrete effect wall decor, DIY Christmas decoration above bed, grey faux fur throw and star LED lighting decor

(Image credit: Dunelm)

If you have the time and the inclination, getting crafty by creating your own festive feature for your bedroom wall or ceiling is a great way to get in the holiday mood. 

We love a natural take on the trend like this rustic bedroom idea, which uses twigs and leaves as a base from which to hang and Osby star window lights by Lights4Fun.

23. Add a wreath

A shared bedroom with two single beds made with check/tartan bedding sets, Christmas wreath in between beds, shiplap wall decor and cream rectangular rug

(Image credit: Primark)

Christmas wreaths aren't just for your front door – a tasteful dried arrangement, or even a freshly-made one, can look beautiful hung up in any room, but especially over a bed in a bedroom. You could also make mini wreaths, usually crafted from a brass wire and minimally adorned, to place on top of a pillow or at the end of a bed.

This is how to make a Christmas wreath if you want some entertainment!

24. Switch up your bedding with something subtly seasonal

A bedroom with white wall panel wall decor, Christmas garland, textured cream carpet, tartan red, white and black duvet and various Christmas themed cushions

(Image credit: Bed Bath and Beyond)

The easiest and perhaps cheapest way to update your Christmas bedroom decor is by switching up your bedding with something a little more festive. 

Tartan-inspired designs like this bedding set, by Bed Bath & Beyond is a classic, or opt for something with a simple festive pattern or subtle embroidery for a gentle nod to the season. Also a quick and easy way to spruce up your space if you're not keen on introducing bedroom paint colors.

25. Go all-out with a fully festive slogan

A bedroom with red slogan 'Merry and bright' bedding set and grey button-backed upholstered armchair

(Image credit: Matalan)

Not interested in being subtle this season? We hear you! There's no time like Christmas to go for something a little louder when it comes to your decor, so go all out with a bedding set that screams 'IT'S THE HOLIDAYS' from the rooftops, if that's your bag.

26. Hang baubles up high for an easy festive shelfie

A bedroom with dark green wall paint decor, leopard print bedding and shelfie with baubles and plants

(Image credit: Very)

We love baubles adorning a tree, but they work just as well hanging off a shelf, headboard or mirror, too. 

This stunning design features quirky patterned baubles, including our favourite leopard print design, hung amongst lush trailing plants for a festive jungle feel. Perfect for a green bedroom, but will work just as well in any other colored scheme.

27. Get cozy and snuggle up with textured layers

A bedroom with red, cream and grey check throw, Berber-style cream and black rug, red and white Christmas themed bedding and faux fur throw with woven baskets at end of bed

(Image credit: George Home)

You've likely added a few throws and cushions to your bedroom decor now it's winter, but if not, make it top of your to-do list now. 

Wool blankets, knitted cushions, patterned bedspreads and sheepskin all layer up for a truly wintery bedroom scene – and with cold weather on the way, you'll never want to leave your super snuggly bed, or your cozy bedroom.

28. Keep it simple with pared-back festive accessories

A bed with grey oversized headboard against concrete-effect wallpaper with white and oak modern bedside tables

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

We can't all be maximalists, so if your style is more 'peaceful winter scene' than 'Christmas factory explosion', this one's for you. 

If you're struggling to find the balance on how to decorate a bedroom for Xmas, keep things simple with a few tasteful additions that tie into your scheme while nodding to the holiday season, too. This silent night-style bedroom uses subtle paper star decorations and a sprinkling of festive string lights to achieve a pared-back festive look.

29. Add an adults-only Christmas tree to your scheme 

A grey and white Christmas-themed bedroom with color blocked shiplap paneled wall and reindeer themed bedding set with Christmas tree in background

(Image credit: Wilko)

Okay, so this one isn't for those of us with tiny box rooms, but incorporating a Christmas tree into your bedroom – whether it's full-sized (lucky you) or a mini tabletop version – is a way to fully embrace the season.

Use it to display all the baubles that are too delicate to be anywhere near your child/cat/dog, or to place presents from you and your partner to each other for later in the day, after the chaos of the kids' present-opening time.

Whatever team you're on, just know we're in the know about the best real Christmas trees and the best artificial Christmas trees too.

How can I decorate my bedroom for Christmas cheaply?

'There's nothing more festive than a hanging in your humble abode, so why not give any existing Christmas wreaths you've got lying around a revamp?' says Kirk.

'Entangle some battery fairy lights in the wreath for instant sparkle or use battery operated copper wire lights for more of a contemporary look. What's more, you won't have to worry about messy wires if you use battery lights for your Christmas wreath revivals!'

'Hang your wreath above your bed as a centrepiece or hung from the door for a real Christmassy welcome. If you've got any lonely-looking shelves or ledges in your bedroom, why not embellish a lovely Christmas garland in fairy lights for added glitz?'

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