10 cozy bedroom ideas that are cute and comfy

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A colorful cozy bedroom with a bed, nightstand, and yellow curtains
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My fave room in the house is the bedroom. All day, every day. It’s warm, it’s snug, it’s a vibe. With a few extra finishing touches on and around your bed frame, you really can make it a cozy haven to snuggle up in.

I’ve lived in my fair share of dorms and rental bedrooms that have looked seriously uninspiring when moving in. I’m talking white walls, scratchy carpets, and dirty lampshades. Eugh. So, I know how hard it can be to see the vision.

Whether you’re looking for zhuzh up a place, or just want to give your bedroom a bit of love, I’ve got you. These cozy bedroom ideas cover a range of different parts of the room and are all renter friendly too. Because yes, it’s gotta look cute, but you can’t be upsetting the landlord.

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10 beaut bedroom ideas that give all the cozy vibes

I’ve looked through TikTok and Insta (yes, my job is so hard sometimes), and rounded up some seriously gorgeous inspo. I’ve also shopped some items too, just in case you wanna get the lewk.

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1. Choose comfy pillows

A colorful bedroom with a yellow bed with fun cushions

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Pillows are such a fun way to add color and personality to your bedding. Not only that, but you can obvi kick back on them when you aren’t ready to go fully under the covers. I really like having a plain colored sheet, and then layering up the decor with pillows to add color and texture. This way, you can switch up your sheets while keeping the room aesthetic consistent. Total goals. 

2. Throw on blankets

A bedroom with a pink and blue bed, wall art, shelves, and an accent chair

(Image credit: @eli_at_home)

Adding blankets is one of the best ways to add instant coziness, IMO. Yes, getting under the comforter is cozy — but getting under the comforter and blankets? Now that’s game-changing. You can layer up textures such as fur, crochet, and velvet, which add decor as well as provide snuggly warmth. They also make great covers if it’s hot and you don’t want anything too heavy. 

3. Lounge on an accent chair


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If you’re living in a dorm or a shared house, it can be easy to just use your bed as the only place to chill. But, as great as beds are, you can have too much of a good thing. Instead, go for a beaut accent chair that you can curl up on and read your fave book (or scroll through TikTok — I’m not judging). Having a different space to relax in will also help you separate activities from your bed. That way, when you get into it, you can actually cozy up and sleep properly. 

4. Look after some plants

A beige and orange bedroom with lots of plants, and a black cat

(Image credit: @thegreenmadhouse)

Channel your inner Tumblr girlie and surround yourself with plenty of plants, which are perfect for filling the space up in a cozy way without making it feel messy. They freshen up the space, both in terms of style and in terms of providing literal oxygen. Make sure to go for resilient plants that will forgive you for not watering them, as this probs isn’t on your mind when you’re heading for some Zs.

5. Add fairy lights

A colorful bookshelf with fairy lights and wall art next to it

(Image credit: @dopaminedesignbymila)

My decor motto is: when in doubt, add fairy lights. They were the first thing that I hung up in my room in college, and they instantly made the room feel more like home. They’re also a super inexpensive way to add a gorgeous glow to your room — yay to saving dollar! They can be hung up vertically, put in bottles, or even weaved along headboards for a romantic twinkle. 

6. Light a few candles


Blue hour and cozy bedroom vibes 💙🕯️✨

♬ I Giorni - Ludovico Einaudi

At Real Homes, we’re firmly team candle in the candle versus wax melts debate. They just add so much more to the ambience of a room, with their flickering flames and soft lights. You could go for candle colors that match your room style, as well as ones that smell delish. Or, if you’re a klutz like me and worry about knocking them over, you could always bag flameless candles instead, which still look aesthetic AF. 

7. Decorate with art prints and books


♬ genesis - ☆

Got bare walls, shelves, and window ledges? These don’t need to be boring, you know. By adding art prints (I like looking on Iamfy and Desenio for inspo) and books, you’ll be able to showcase your interests and tastes in your room. This will instantly make you more relaxed in there, as it will actually feel like yours — whether you’re renting or not.

8. Opt for blackout curtains

A colorful bedroom with a bed, table, and yellow blackout curtains

(Image credit: @letsby.avenue)

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t sleep if there’s even a peep of light. I just find it so distracting. I know that waking up with the sunlight is supposed to be healthy or whatever, but I’m not built for that. That’s why I love having blackout curtains, as you can just fling them shut and they create instead darkness, which for me equals instant coziness. I love @letsby.avenue’s floor-length ones, which accentuate the vertical space and add serious drama, mama. 

9. Spritz room spray


♬ M to the B (TikTok Classics Version) - Millie B & Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg

Looking for an easy way to make a room feel more inviting, without really lifting a finger? Say hey to room sprays and air fresheners. They instantly change the atmosphere of a room and don’t require any redecorating either. I personally go for classic cotton scents and lavenders, as they instantly make me feel relaxed and think of sleep, but you should def go for whatever your fave scent is. 

10. Lean back on a headboard

A cup of tea in a coral cup, with a colorful bed with a pink headboard in the background

(Image credit: @raw.home.interior)

Let me tell you, there ain’t nothing cute about waking up and bopping your head on a hard headboard. That, my friends, is the opposite of being comfy and cozy. Instead, go for a cushioned one, that you can rest your head on without giving yourself a headache. They also make for a beautiful accent in the room, which you could have as a standalone bold statement or have complementing with sheets, pillows, and blankets. 

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