Jamie Oliver’s 6 top healthy snacks – cheap, easy, tasty and include crisps...

Food to fill the gap that’s good for you? These healthy snacks are it: perfect for summer picnics, garden parties and even lunchboxes

Healthy snacks
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'Healthy snacks' sounds sooo boring, right? But we all get peckish in between meals, and it can be hard to know what to snack on without resorting to food that really isn’t good for us (biscuits, we're looking at you). But as well as being healthy rather than harmful, what else do we ask of a good snack? Well, it has to be filling enough to see you through to the next meal, and it has to be tasty, too. Bland is out (even if it is food that’s good for you).

So, with a tick list that says a great snack must be delicious, a good gap-filler, and healthy as well, we turned to our favourite chef, Jamie Oliver, for advice. These ideas will deliver all of the above and, even better, they won’t inflate your shopping bill either.

Scroll down for Jamie’s brilliant ideas and discover more tips and recipes for snacks, meals and even treats on our food hub.

  • Special thanks to Tesco for sharing these tips with us

1. Snack and get extra veggies

Supercharged corn

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Corn on the cob makes a scrumptious snack, but Jamie’s suggestion ensures it’s a whole lot healthier than when it’s slathered in butter. It’s also a great way to tempt veg-averse kids into chowing down. All you need to do is roll the cooked cobs in yoghurt, then in a mixture of cheese and breadcrumbs, which will stick to the coating. Find out how to make this yummy corn on the cob recipe in our guide.

2. Create a delicious dip


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You know you should snack on veg, but how to make it a mouthwatering option? Easy. Just make Jamie‘s dip. You’ll need a jar of roasted peppers, some feta cheese, and a little extra virgin olive oil. Blend together, then chop your chosen veg into crunchy sticks and dip freely. 

3. Eat crisps – but these are made from beetroot

Beetroot crisps

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You want to snack on crisps, but you know that they don’t count as healthy. Try this alternative from Jamie to satisfy your craving for a crunchy treat. All you need to do is slice a beetroot thinly, toss the pieces in olive oil and thyme, and roast them in the oven for 15 minutes. These crisps are great for dipping into hummus if you want some plant protein, too. Don't miss our easy from-scratch hummus recipe.

4. Try a spicy yoghurt

Veg yoghurt

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Here’s another way you can boost your veg intake while enjoying a snack. Jamie cuts up veg with crunch – we’re talking carrots, radishes, peppers, celery – ready to dip into plain yogurt. Swirl the yogurt with a little tahini or, if you like a bit of a kick from your snack, harissa first. Want to know how to make yoghurt? Try our easy, hands-off method.

5. Marinate cucumber

Marinated cucumber

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Cucumber is a fresh nibble that’s ideal for hot weather, but this idea from Jamie makes it a satisfying snack. Chop a cucumber into chunks first then toss with low-salt soy sauce plus sesame oil, rice vinegar, toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes. We've got an easy pickle recipe, too, if you want to take this dish a step further.

6. Dunk asparagus

Griddled asparagus

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This is one for the high protein snackers among you. Jamie suggests griddling asparagus to create the perfect dip for your boiled eggs. Result? Protein from the eggs, and extra healthy veg. Find out how to cook asparagus – we've got four tasty recipes to try.