Bobby Berk's knife sharpener recommendation is the internet's tool of choice — here's why everyone loves the viral pick

Bobby Berk's knife sharpener recommendation is worthy of the fuss, we reckon. Here’s why the tool is becoming a kitchen must-have

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Bobby Berk's knife sharpener recommendation is a cut above the rest, and at-home chefs are taking note of the useful gadget. 

The interior designer and former Queer Eye star took to social media with his Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener, available on Amazon, to prove just how helpful the tool can be. Meanwhile, one chef called it "legit" on TikTok, whilst adding it’s well worth the money and time, and users labelled it the "best purchase."

Last month on Amazon alone, 4,000 of these babies were sold. Could it soon become one of the best knife sharpeners on shelves? If you're planning a steak dinner in the near future, keep our culinary expert’s tips in your back pocket — and consider this nifty gadget for your kitchen drawer. 

Bobby Berk's knife sharpener rec is more proof that the Tumbler is beloved

As far as knife sharpeners we've seen go, this looks simple to use and we particularly like that the gadget has two options for angles to sharpen on.  One side of the block is set up at 20 degrees for sharpening knives you work with daily, fand 15 degrees for specialty knives. When you're short on space and budget, multifunctional tools are definitely for the win.

If you haven't used one before, don't be intimidated. Even the best kitchen knives experience some wear and tear, so rather than work with a dull knife, which can be at best frustrating, at worst quite dangerous, learn how to take care of the tools you already have. 

"A sharp knife should take all the work out of your prep work," says Amy Hand of The Skillful Cook. "If you're finding yourself pushing down with force when you chop, it's a sign you need to sharpen your knife."

And that’s where a convenient gadget such as the Tumbler can assist. Crafted from high-quality material, the tool is fairly easy to work with and isn't a kitchen task that feels time-consuming or tedious. In fact, this compact product makes the sharpening process quite simple and quick, which omits the need to send the utensils to professionals. 

Whether you cook often or you're just beginning your culinary adventures, the rolling system is ideal for anyone looking to sharpen their blades. Reviews indicate that customers' knives were "given new life" after working with the "remarkable" viral product, but a handful of commentary says it doesn't work quite as well with smaller knives. 

Psst: to keep blades in tip-top shape, consider a new storage system, like the Hereof Magnetic Strip from Amazon or Williams Sonoma's Wüsthof 17-Slot Knife Block.

How to use the Tumbler knife

Grab your metal knife and attach it to the side of the magnetic knife sharpener that is best suited for your usage: more angled for day-to-day knives, and less angled for special-use items.

From there, take the Tumbler rolling sharpener, make sure your utensil is flush with the table, and begin to sharpen by rolling the sharpening cylinder against it, just as Bobby does in his demonstration video. As you'll see, it also cuts paper — a claim to fame that's all over TikTok FYPs and review commentary. 

Utilizing a knife sharpener like the Tumbler could save you from purchasing new knives that you don't actually need, which is something we can all appreciate. A sharpener is definitely something that can be overlooked in the grand scheme of things, but it's a large and small kitchen must-have. Considering it's so frequently purchased on Amazon, you can rest assured that it's a good investment. And, thanks to the gorgeous packaging, makes a great housewarming gift, too. 


How do you know if your knife needs sharpening?

If you have to apply force when cutting your food, you can potentially get cuts and injuries, which is a telltale sign your blade needs some TLC.  

The simplest and quickest way to determine if your knife needs sharpening is by assessing its performance," says Jecca Chantilly, former chef and food blogger. "My culinary instructor always reminded me that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife."

How often should you sharpen your knives?

Typically, those who like to cook should sharpen their knives two to four times per year, but if you're frequently in the kitchen and giving your products a lot of use, the knives could benefit from more, even monthly care, according to Jecca. 

"Generally speaking, sharpening your knife every month is ideal," she says. "Having a monthly maintenance routine will ensure the knife performs well and is safe to use."

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