Walmart backyard furniture picks from just $25 that will keep out nosy neighbors

No sneak peeks, please and thank you! These Walmart backyard furniture selections will give you a sense of privacy

Walmart backyard furniture buys including two types of privacy screens, one in a backyard with two chairs, another on a balcony surrounded by plants
(Image credit: Walmart)

No onlookers in sight! Walmart backyard furniture selections from as little as $25 can assist when you have neighbors and nearby tenants who are a little too invested in your BBQs and gardening activities. 

From fences and gazebos to screens and umbrellas, Walmart's outdoor offerings will not only add style to your space, but they'll protect you from unwanted spectators and the strong summer sun. Who doesn't appreciate some multitasking?

If you'd prefer to keep your alfresco activities to yourself and your loved ones, shop the backyard privacy ideas from the retailer that will feel like a lifesaver.

Shop Walmart backyard furniture for privacy picks

Walmart has everything necessary to bring your outdoor space to life once the warm weather hits. Shop equipment, decor, and everything in between:


What to shop

No small backyard ideas are complete without some sense of seclusion. These privacy picks will add flair while keeping your space free of curious next-door neighbors. 



How can I add privacy to my backyard?

The most obvious privacy staple is a fence, but it doesn't have to be boring. Get creative with fencing ideas in your small backyard by going the live route with a bunch of greenery and florals. Additionally, you can keep screen panels stacked together, or even large hedges, to create a makeshift fencing structure and obstruct neighbors' views. If you're working with a bit more room, consider a pergola, but if space is scarce, the best garden parasols can assist, too. 

Does Walmart backyard furniture go on sale?

Plenty of new items have just hit shelves, but Walmart is also slashing prices on its outdoor buys as well. Shop these current sales: 

Don't forget to explore the Walmart Flash deals across all categories of the retailer, which can see up to 65% off items. But fair warning: you'll have to act fast with these savings.

Want more from the mega-retailer? We scoured the shelves for new Walmart balcony furniture and Walmart patio furniture that you'll love. That mint-green bistro set? Need it!

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