The new Beautiful Drew Chair by Drew Barrymore is perfect for small spaces

If you can't fit a sofa in your space, the Beautiful Drew Chair may be the solution

Beautiful Drew Chair on left, Drew Barrymore on right
(Image credit: Drew Barrymore)

The new Beautiful Drew Chair is here to make life easier for those in small spaces looking for a cozy place to rest. If you're in a compact apartment and can't fit a giant sectional sofa into your space, a comfy oversized seat may be the perfect solution. 

The Beautiful by Drew Barrymore line is full of clever home essentials from versatile kitchen gadgets to multi-use furniture. The boucle Drew Chair, available at Walmart from $300, is no different and it's just as comfortable as it is practical and gorgeous.

Now available in three colorways, we take a look at this genius small living room idea to get the low down.

Everything you need to know about the Beautiful Drew Chair

We were scrolling TikTok when we noticed Drew Barrymore came across our FYP with this new launch. Drew demonstrates how the comfy item in her line is a brilliant  living room upgrade as it's big enough to snuggle up with your pet, but not big enough to swamp the room. As small space pros, we knew we had to investigate.


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Beautiful Drew Chair details

The Beautiful Drew Chair is an oversized accent chair complete with three fluffy throw pillows. It features soft boucle fabric and is available in three colors — charcoal, cream, and sage (with charcoal being the latest to release). It would be perfect as a reading nook seat, or a good substitute for a large sofa in a small studio apartment.

The best part? It's on a swivel base, so no matter where you position it in the room, it can turn to face wherever you need to look.

Where to buy the Beautiful Drew Chair

The Beautiful Drew Chair is available at Walmart for just under $300 — a pretty great value for money considering how versatile it is. The new gray colorway is exclusive to Walmart, but you can also pick up the sage and cream version direct on the Beautiful by Drew website, where you can also sign up to hear about special events and new collections.

No matter your small living room layout, there's always a way to find a seating solution. To style this sofa substitute, we'd suggest adding a few extra accent pillows, a textured throw blanket, or a fluffy sheepskin rug. Big enough to fit you and your pet, this reading nook will be a snuggly oasis in no time.

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