Ashley Tisdale's kitchen island embraces "luxury boho style" according to interiors experts

Recreate the look of Ashley Tisdale's kitchen island with our styling tips

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If your cooking space is in need of a refresh, turn to Ashley Tisdale's kitchen island for inspiration. This standout feature makes a huge difference and can make over the look of your whole kitchen. 

The singer and High School Musical star shared a glimpse of her immaculate kitchen on Instagram and we couldn't help but be inspired by her styling.

See how to get the look with our kitchen island ideas and decor tips. You'll be cooking up a feast in your new and improved space in no time.

Ashley Tisdale's kitchen island style

Ashley Tisdale's kitchen is a great example of mixing different design features to create a unique look. In a new Instagram post, you can see the star relaxing and enjoying a glass of green juice on top of her showstopping marble kitchen island.

She styled her kitchen island with leather bar stools, hanging pendant lights, and a rustic sink basin. The luxe marble is paired with eclectic touches for a contemporary finish. 

"You can really see Ashely's personal style in her kitchen. The boho kitchen island works perfectly with dark colors and high-end materials," says content editor, Danielle Valente.

The large marble surface makes a strong impact to the overall look of the room alongside the contrasting decor elements. "Ashley's luxury boho style is apparent in everything from the antique-looking sink to the minimal leather stools. It's a really modern kitchen island take," says Danielle.

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Danielle is the content editor at Real Homes, and she loves sharing styling tips and researching the latest interior trends. Before her time at Future, she was the editor of Time Out New York Kids. Her work has appeared in Domino, Chowhound, and amNewYork, among other outlets.

How to recreate the look

If you'd like to bring these kitchen island trends into your home, start adding boho decor and luxe touches. "First begin with the kitchen island itself. If you can't spring for a marble countertop, you can easily get the look on a budget with peel-and-stick marble print contact paper," says Danielle. 

This contact paper from Amazon is a great affordable option for a marble effect.

Stuck in a tiny kitchen? For small spaces, try a portable kitchen island. Not only are they smaller than a built-in design, they're pretty budget-friendly, and can be moved around the room to wherever you need it. If you can't install a sink on your kitchen island, you can get a similar look with a rustic bowl.

Once your kitchen island is finished, you'll need to add some pendant lighting. "Look for minimal designs like Ashley's hanging lights. The contrast of the black fixture really stands out against the white ceiling," says Danielle. 

Then all you need are some comfy bar stools to complete the look. "Leather bar stools will wear really well over time. For an alternative, keep an eye out for natural materials like suede," says Danielle. 

There are plenty of small kitchen upgrades that make a big difference in your space from new light fixtures to a fresh coat of paint.

This isn't the first time we've taken inspiration from Ashley's design skills. From Ashley Tisdale's entryway to her dining table, her pad is filled with great decor ideas.

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