Amazon Warehouse — everything you need to know, plus exactly how to find the best deals on offer right now

Buy what you need at Amazon Warehouse, with brilliant bargains to boot

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Amazon Warehouse should be on your radar when shopping for deals online. 

Showcasing used, refurbished, and open-box products across 26 categories, all in great condition and retailing at jaw-droppingly good prices, Amazon Warehouse deals include bargains on home and kitchen products, electronics, tools and home improvement, garden and outdoor and plenty more. 

The Amazon Warehouse motto is, "Treat yourself to great deals", so if you can't wait for the next Amazon sale, find out everything you need to know, including where to discover the best discounts, right here.

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What is Amazon Warehouse?

Deals under the Amazon Warehouse section still enjoy the great benefits of Amazon fulfilment (meaning reliable delivery), customer service support if things go wrong, and your right to return items. 

The difference between this and the rest of the Amazon site is the items have lower prices because they have been used, pre-owned, or are 'open-box' products. This means a customer bought it, opened the box, and returned it for resale.

Are products on Amazon Warehouse worse quality than usual?

Every returned item goes through quality-control with Amazon's team before being made available to purchase via Amazon Warehouse. Each item is thoroughly tested for function, as well as the physical state, and marked by workers as Like New, Very Good, Good, and Acceptable to give shoppers a clear understanding of what to expect when shopping these items.

What do Amazon Warehouse product condition labels mean?

Depending on the condition of the listed item, you'll find Amazon's product conditions clearly marked to help you decide if this condition is acceptable for you and to avoid any surprises once it arrives at your door.

Based on the condition of the item, you might enjoy even steeper discounts.

  • Used — Like New: These items will be in perfect working order though you might find the packaging is damaged or a bit tired. If the item comes with accessories usually, they will all be available and everything will function as expected.
  • Used — Very Good: These items will likely have had very little use by the previous buyer and will be in full working order. They may however have a few minor aesthetic issues. It might be delivered to you in alternative packaging if original was too damaged, and might be missing some non-essential accessories. If anything is missing, the individual item description will let you know to save you having to take a punt and hope for the best!
  • Used — Good: These items, which will have had moderate use, may be missing valuable accessories, have damaged packaging or be entirely repackaged, plus, have minor visible damage such as small scratches. Check the individual listing description for details before taking the plunge.
  • Used — Acceptable: These will have clear signs of usage but still work as per their main intended functions. There may be signs of previous use, cosmetic damage, missing some valuable accessories, components or spare parts. You might find you have to purchase a part separately in order to be able to use it. Again, missing parts are listed in the individual item's description.

Can I return Amazon Warehouse deal items?

In short, yes. Just like anything else you buy from Amazon, your Amazon Warehouse orders are covered under the retailer's returns policy

If you're not happy with the purchase, you can return it for a refund. But, unlike other sales on the main retailer website, you may not be able to get a like-for-like replacement, though there might be something similar in stock as a suitable alternative.

Is Amazon Warehouse the same as Amazon Outlet?

We love a short answer: no, Amazon Warehouse is different to Amazon Outlet.

While Amazon Warehouse offers items that have been used, pre-owned or are open box returns available for purchase at a discount, the Amazon Outlet offer new items that are on clearance, or overstocked products the retailer is hoping to shift quickly and therefore has discounted.

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