This Amazon wall sconce is a favorite of the Design Twins — "draw on its simplicity and clean lines" for a modern look

Embrace a "modern yet timeless" style courtesy of the Amazon wall sconce circulating #FYPs

The Amazon wall sconces hanging from a black hook on a green and gold geometric background
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For a bright idea, turn to the Amazon wall sconce taking over TikTok #FYPs and earning shoutouts from the Design Twins. 

Jodie Kammerer, one-half of the creative duo, took to social media to show off her modern, rechargeable Amazon jengush Battery Operated Wall Sconce that's part lighting source, part work of art. Naturally, we had to learn how to style the viral statement maker from our team of experts. 

For a sophisticated take on small living room lighting ideas, these babies have you covered. 

How to style the Amazon wall sconce that the Design Twins love


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Start small when searching for easy upgrades for a small living room. Something like a light fixture is the perfect way to make an impact without much work. And Jodie has given the green light (get it?) to the wall sconce, which she has placed on her emerald green walls, in the living room alongside her black shelving unit. 

"The round silhouette of these sconces, coupled with the sleek chrome finish, offers a modern yet timeless appeal," says designer Nina Lichtenstein. "The chrome finish enhances their contemporary look, making them ideal for various design styles, from industrial loft to eclectic chic."

It's a great way to modernize a small living room and add an interesting style element. Here's how to make it work in your home.

1. Think about placement

 Arguably the most important question of all is, "Where should I put my sconce?"

"Draw on its simplicity and clean lines, and really think about its placement relative to furniture and architectural features," says interior designer Bree Steele of RJ Living.

If you want to draw your eye to a focal point in the room, place it near artwork. Otherwise, Bree suggests positioning them on opposite sites of a bookshelf for a sophisticated approach, similarly to Jodie's setup. 

2. Select the right room color

Curious about the best colors to paint a small living room? When working with this look, Nina suggests going all out. 

"Embrace the bold color options — red, blue, green, or classic white — to make a striking statement in your decor," she says.

3. Play with the brightness

Since you can control the amount of light in the room, use it to your advantage when setting the tone. 

"Warm color tones create a welcoming atmosphere for relaxation, while cooler hues add vibrancy and focus to work or study areas," Nina adds. "With remote-controlled dimming, you have the flexibility to adapt lighting to different activities and occasions effortlessly."

4. Clean when needed

Of course, like any other piece, it's going to require a little upkeep. Make sure to have some of the best cleaning supplies on hand. 

"Modern sconces are pretty easy to clean because of their finishes, so they are easy to maintain with regular upkeep," Bree notes. "Regular dusting with a soft cloth can prevent buildup on both the fixture and the bulb. For glass, a glass cleaner can remove fingerprints and smudges without damaging the surface."

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As much as the fixture has become a beloved product on social media, Amazon does note that it is a frequently returned item. Should that deter you, have a look at a few similar buys to the jengush sconce. 

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Bree Steele
Bree Steele

Bree Steele is an interior designer and trade accounts manager for the interiors brand, RJ Living. She has over nine years of experience in the design industry and has styled 100+ residential homes and investment properties.

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