How long to microwave Christmas pudding? The question is: should you microwave it at all?

Want to know how long to microwave Christmas pudding? We have the answer, plus some advice on how to get the best out of your pud

How long to microwave Christmas pudding
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Wondering how long to microwave Christmas pudding when you want to reheat it? All is not as simple as it seems: some people report that whenever they've tried microwaving their Christmas pudding, it 'seized up' and went dry. Others say that they always microwave their pudding when reheating it without any problems.

Why this discrepancy in results, and should you microwave your pud? With Christmas pudding, its quality is always all about how moist it is (you could also say how boozy it is). So, there's an easy way to make sure your pudding doesn't 'seize' in the microwave: just make it extra moist when steaming it for the first time (check out our slow cooker Christmas pudding recipe to see how). That way, it's less likely to dry out when you come to reheat it in the microwave.

And how long should you microwave your pudding for? We say: three minutes on high, maximum. Make sure the bowl your pudding is in is micowave safe, and that it's covered with greaseproof paper. Stand for two minutes before serving.

The other method is microwaving individual slices for no longer than 30 seconds each (we recommend 20 to 25 seconds). Or, you could lightly fry your pudding slices in butter. Naughty but very nice. 

Still, the best method for reheating your Christmas pudding is to steam it again. You can do this in your slow cooker: just put your Christmas pud in its (oven safe ceramic) bowl into the slow cooker half-filled with water in the morning, and steam away on low until it's time to serve it.