7 Christmas cookies we're loving this year – the best festive biscuits for the holidays

These are the Christmas cookies we're loving this year. Festive, tasty and a joy to make – from no-bake options to Martha Stewart creations – get your apron on and up your cookie swap game this year

snow globe cookies
(Image credit: Mama Jots)

The holidays aren't complete without Christmas cookies in our eyes. And these aren't just your average biscuit either. Oh no, Christmas cookies are a thing of beauty, a tasty creation that is sure to bring the spirit of Christmas right into your home... Plus, making cookies is a super fun Christmas craft that the whole family can get involved with too.

Whether you want no-bake cookie options to serve up after Christmas dinner or something a little more fancy to really impress your loved ones (or Santa) this year, the cookie ideas below are a joy to make over the festive period and will make this year's cookie swap even more fun. From candy bakes to spiced cookie tastes, all the glitter and more low key options, grab your apron, keep scrolling and have yourself a merry little Christmas.

1. Martha Stewart's pistachio wreath cookies

Wreath Christmas cookies are a must around Christmastime and the pistachio on Martha's bakes make them oh so festive looking. As expected, Martha makes these look easy to make, but if you need some Christmas wreath cookie making advice we've rounded up some top tips for your. Bake these beauties and make them part of your cookie swap this year!

2. The Biscuiteers' stained glass window biscuits

stained glass window biscuits from the biscuiteers

(Image credit: Biscuiteers)

A perfect addition to your tree and to your Christmas table decor in our eyes, these stained glass window cookies that the Biscuiteers say were inspired by their Nutcracker Collection are simply divine. Full of candy, colorful and sweet, these are the perfect Christmas cookie treat. 

3. Snow globe Christmas cookies

snow globe cookies

(Image credit: Stephanie Merriman)

Another cookie that will totally take the biscuit on your cookie swap – see what we did there? – Real Homes' Stephanie Merriman tried out a new tradition in her home this year with these gorgeous snow globe cookies and we are definitely following suit! It's such a creative and clever Christmas cookie idea that will have your home feeling magical and Christmassy in no time at all.

snow globe cookies

(Image credit: Stephanie Merriman)

4. Ornament cookies

ornament christmas cookies

(Image credit: Lauren Gardner)

Christmas cookies must be tasty, but above all, they must be gorgeous to look at also and these ornament cookies are beyond cute and festive. They are actually candy-coated Oreos, which call for chocolate, sprinkles, edible glitter and more delicious ingredients to give you gorgeous looking and tasting results. These cookies are a great no-bake bake for kids and they make sweet Christmas gifts also. 

5. Sugar cookies

Sugar cookies

(Image credit: Jo Smith/Unsplash)

A classic cookie which makes the perfect sweet treat around the holidays, plus, if you're into minimal interiors, these will fit into your Christmas decor scheme perfectly. Sugar cookies are so simple to make, but there really isn't another cookie quite like them.

6. Ginger snaps

Ginger snaps

(Image credit: Getty)

Warming, festive and perfect with a little brandy as you're sat by the fire, ginger snaps will be on our Christmas cookie lists for evermore. 

7. Christmas tree cookies

Christmas tree cookies on a bed of decorative straw

(Image credit: Photo by Valentina Dominguez on Unsplash)

Perfect for both eating and decorating the tree with. This Christmas tree cookies recipe comes from a top British baker and GBBO winner, David Atherton, and it's really not one to be missed this Christmas!

How soon before Christmas can I make cookies?

With most cookie dough recipes you can make the dough and store it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days until using it. You can even freeze some cookie dough. These cookies will keep for a few days when stored in an air tight container, while the Christmas tree cookies are specially crafted to last a little longer as they decorate your tree and make a great treat!