These Martha Stewart Christmas wreath cookies are (almost) too good to eat

We’ve fallen for a seasonal Christmas wreath cookie recipe from Martha Stewart. Want to try it, too? Use these tips

Martha Stewart Christmas cookie recipe
(Image credit: Kari Shea on Unsplash)

Some food looks too good to eat – well almost – and the pistachio Christmas wreath cookies America’s most famous homemaker, Martha Stewart, shared on Insta recently definitely fit the bill. With their wreath shape they just say happy holidays.

We didn’t hold back, though (how could we?), once we’d admired the festive loveliness of the batch we made. And, yes, these Christmas cookies did taste as wonderful as they look, so we made them again. We’ll be baking many more over the festive season, too.

Scroll down to take a look at these delicious treats, and for more festive recipes for the season and year round, visit our food hub. 

  • We found pistachio wreath cookies on Martha’s site – go check it out (plus all her other delicious recipes). Below, we’re sharing the top tips from Martha’s cookie recipe that we found particularly useful – plus a few of our own.

7 top tips to make Martha Stewart’s pistachio wreath cookies

1. Martha makes 48 cookies from her recipe so there are enough to feed the family. If you store them in an airtight container they last for up to a week, she says. In our experience, they won’t hang about that long. 

2. The cookies are shortbread style and easy to make. Martha mixes together butter, confectioners’ sugar and a little salt in a food processor to start with.

3. Once the mixture is smooth, Martha adds flour and pulses the mixture to make a dough. After that she stirs in pistachios. 

The nuts need to be coarsely chopped, and we made life easy by pulsing them in the food processor before we made the cookie dough. Make sure you don’t over-process them, though, as they’ll be too fine. As an alternative, you can chop them with a knife. Use a large sharp knife and turn it so the flat of the blade is facing you. As you chop, use your other hand on the top of the blade near its tip to help you rock the knife through the nuts.

4. Martha divides the dough into two disks next, wrapping them in plastic, and putting into the fridge for around an hour until they’re firm.

5. Martha then takes one disk at a time, rolling it out then using a round fluted cutter to create the wreath shapes. She uses a smaller round cutter to cut out the centers.

6. Martha puts the cookies on to lined baking sheets and freezes them for 15 minutes before baking for around 10 to 12 minutes. She cools them on wire racks when they’re done. 

7. Martha’s iced the cookies on her Insta feed, and finished them with silver and gold chocolate pearls. We made royal icing for one of our batches, using meringue powder rather than raw egg whites to make things easy. We loved this version, too, but we promise you’ll adore these cookies either way.