9 room divider ideas – innovative ways to zone an open plan space

These room divider ideas are perfect for creating stylish zones in an open plan space, no matter what size room you are working with...

room divider ideas
(Image credit: Ikea/Lisa Cohen)

Finding room divider ideas that are just as stylish as they are functional, is often easier said than done. But, if you live in an open place space, maybe it's a studio apartment or perhaps you have a kitchen and living room in one situation going on, you will know the importance of creating 'zones' (rooms within rooms). And the best way to create those zones is by means of room dividers. So we have found plenty of stylish and super easy ways to separate your space almost instantly, just keep scrolling...

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1. Use shelving as a room divider idea

We reckon this is the easiest of room divider idea – use a shelving system to create the illusion of a wall. And in fact, this is way more practical than just having a wall. Can a wall double up as book storage? Can a wall display all your cute knick-knacks? Can a wall be personalized to perfectly fit your space and your storage needs? No didn't think so, but a shelving unit can!

2. Hang a curtain as a room divider 

Room divider idea

(Image credit: Benjamin Edwards/Ikea)

If you want something softer looking to work in the bedroom or even around your bed area if you live in a studio flat, curtains are your best bet. IKEA sell a curtain rail that you can mount to the ceiling and create a track that completely wraps around your bed. Pick out a soft, slightly sheer curtain to create a really gorgeous relaxing sleep space that's separate from the rest of the room. 

3. Create a wall with wooden beams

Room divider ideas

(Image credit: Ikea/Benjamin Edwards)

This room divider idea is a bit of a DIY project (or you could get a joiner to help out), but the overall effect looks so fab. In this studio apartment, the homeowners have created a divided with reclaimed wooden beams, it clearly separates the living room for the kitchen, but doesn't block off any light so the space still feels light and airy. 

4. Simply put up a screen to divide your 'rooms'

Open plan studio

(Image credit: Ikea/Lisa Cohen)

How gorgeous is this apartment? And you can take quite a few room divider ideas from it actually – by far the easiest is the screen between the living room and bedroom. Pick on that's semi-transparent if you still want the light to flow around the space and basically go unnoticed. You can find similar room dividers over on Wayfair

The collection of large house plants and the vintage ladder work as a 'wall' on the other side and the living space being slightly raised only helps encourage that feeling of separate rooms. Find our picks of the best indoor plants in our buying guide.

5. Rearrange your layout to create a natural room divider 

Open plan living room

(Image credit: Ikea/Lina Ikse)

You might find you don't even have to buy any new room dividers and you can make the furniture you already have work for you. We have a habit when deciding on our living room layouts of pushing everything to the edges, but if you have a larger open plan space, then all you are left with is a big empty space in the middle of the room. 

We like how here the sofa has been placed in the middle of the room, acting as a room divider. By adding the storage unit against the headboard, it only created more of a feel of these separate zones, making the room feel cozier and clearly zoned.

6. Create a 'green wall'

This would work as room divider in any room – it's used here in a bedroom but we think it would look so cool in a kitchen. This is just a Rigga clothes hanger from Ikea with some hanging plants and a few pots popped at the bottom. Easy peasy. 

7. Design your kitchen to be a room divider

open plan kitchen diner with yellow accents and woods by malcolm menzies

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

The shape of your kitchen can easily be the starting point for dividing up and creating zones in your open plan kitchen space. If you want the kitchen to feel slightly separated, design a kitchen with a breakfast bar or add a kitchen island to divide the cooking area from the dining and living area. 

8. Keep the open plan feel with glass doors

Open plan living and dining space with internal French doors

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

And if totally open plan isn't quite working in your home, you can create that effortless flow between rooms using glass doors. In this 1930s house, opting for more traditional internal French doors looks lovely – they are a real feature of the space. If you are after something more modern, the ever popular Crittall style doors would do the trick. 

9. Try a glass door in an unexpected room

Bedroom with glass door divider

(Image credit: Ercol)

How dreamy is this bedroom? We love the Crittall-style metal doors that separate the sleeping part of the room from the rest of the space. A full glass wall won't break up the space either, or stop the light flowing around the space, it will just zone off that part making it feel more cosy, private and luxurious. You could always hang a curtain too if you want the area to feel even more separate.

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