Rustic living room ideas – 15 ways to give your space a cozy revamp

These rustic living room ideas will make your space extra cozy and inviting

exposed brick wall with large white sofa cushions and soft rug -
(Image credit: Ikea)

Looking for fail safe rustic living room ideas? When the days get shorter, and the temperature starts to dip, our minds go straight to all the cozy ways we can update our living rooms. 

The warmer tones, the fur rugs, the log piles, oh it's all just so inviting. So we thought we would actually put our daydreaming to good use and create a gallery of rustic living room decor that are perfect for fall and winter. 

As per, all our rustic ideas are super simple and can be incorporated into your current living room quickly and affordably. Keep scrolling to get inspired and feel all the warm and fuzzies, and for more styles check out our living room ideas feature. 

1. Add aged natural materials

aged sideboard in a white living room with Mink Heather carpet - Carpetright

(Image credit: Carpetright)

Create a rustic look with aged natural materials. This white living room idea features a distressed sideboard that works in unison with the various tones of wood within the space. 

Carpetright have teamed the look with natural looking mink heather carpet and a single open shelf featuring sculptural, trinkets and treasures from travels. 

2. Include natural stone 

stone effect tile floor in a living room with crittall style doors - Porcelain Superstore

(Image credit: Porcelain Superstore)

As a fireplace idea or as decoration, adding natural stone to a living room will add a rustic edge. Team with antique home accessories and aged wood for optimal style points. 

Or if you want to go all out with natural stone, why not consider a stone floor? Sylwia Jacob, Marketing Manager at Original Style explains, Natural stone floor tiles are great for incorporating natural textures and neutral hues to create a rustic interior scheme. Choose from limestone, slate and even real marble, all of which provide an authenticity that will reward you for years to come.’ 

Or if your budget won't stretch to real, there are plenty of natural stone effect tiles that will look the part like these from Porcelain Superstore. 

3.  Create a rustic look with plenty of texture

exposed brick wall with large white sofa, cushions and soft rug -

(Image credit:

To create a warm and inviting rustic space, layering various textures like an exposed brick wall, beams and a soft rug with leather, wicker, wood, and linen to create a stylish and personal rustic space.

Nick Atkin, Director of Atkin and Thyme says, 'mix different textures to create contrast. Use warm, earthy colors to create balance and serenity, and opt for reclaimed wooden designs to bring a sense of history and charm. Fusing velvet and cane materials such as our Emmeline Armchair combines luxury and authenticity. Back against terracotta colored walls or exposed brick for an industrial edge.' 

4. Go for rustic paint effects

rustic paint effect living room walls - Lights and Lamps

(Image credit: Lights and Lamps)

A fail safe rustic inspired look can be easily created with a plastered wall effect paint finish. Go for freshly plastered walls or get creative with a paint idea, which will set the tone perfectly for country style decor.

5. Adorn walls with rustic wood

exposed brick wall and rustic shiplap wall in living room with rocking chair -

(Image credit:

Create a feature wall idea with wall paneling like this wood shiplap wall, or wood effect wallpaper to create subtle rustic charm. If you're feeling extra brave, you could go for a full wall paneling idea and engulf the living room in wood for a country scheme.

6. Warm up your color palette 

A modern rustic living room with octagonal wooden table, geometric rug and stone feature wall

(Image credit: One Kings Lane)

A super easy way to create a more rustic feel to your living room is to warm up your color scheme. Switch out your cushions, throw down a new rug, you could even get the paint out – note how these walls have been painted halfway up with a, now very trendy, beige. 

Keep things looking fresher by adding in plenty of white or lighter colors too, you don't want the space to become too gloomy and plenty of contrast will prevent this. 

If you are after more fall color schemes to inspire you living room makeover check out our guide.

7. Welcome texture with exposed brick 

A living room with exposed brick wall, modern black fireplace, and bull wall ornament

(Image credit: Carpetright)

Exposed brick and rustic interiors go hand in hand as they instantly bring that textured, unfinished look to a room. Now if you haven't been blessed with raw bricks in your home, you can actually expose them yourself, just be warned it can be a messy job and you might want to get a pro in to help you. 

Amy Hillary, Content Creator at WallSauce explains. 'Whether you have a large home or are struggling to find décor for a small apartment, an open brick wall is always a good idea. It's quintessentially rustic and suits an array of décor whether you love all things modern or timeless vintage pieces.'

Alternatively, there are some really realistic brick wallpapers floating around the internet that you could hang instead. Check out Wayfair for some top picks. 

If you want any advice or more ideas on exposed brick walls, head over to our full guide. 

8. Create a classic rustic living room with warm wood walls

Log cabin living room with wall panels on walls and ceiling

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Cladding and ship lap are everywhere at the moment, everyone seems to be having a go at DIYing this classic look. It is a really lovely way to create a warm, rustic feel to your living room, and you don't have to go all out and plank the walls and ceilings, even one paneled feature wall would work. 

Hillary says, 'Wood feature walls, whether paneled or logs, are especially cozy and more importantly, totally rustic.'

For more wall paneling ideas head over to our feature. 

9. Go for a lighter take on rustic interiors 

a rustic living room with wall panels and painted in Little Greene pale green paint

(Image credit: Little Greene)

We know so far we have focused on the warmer, more traditional take on rustic living rooms, but if you prefer a lighter more contemporary look you can still bring those cozy vibes into your space. Check out this living room, the colors are light, almost cool toned but the worn leather furniture, the logs and the textured rug all give it that rustic feel. 

Check out all our living room paint ideas for more inspo. 

whitewashed living room with wall paneling, wood burner and natural furnishings and accessories

(Image credit: Ikea)

10. Look out for salvaged furniture 

A grey living room with fireplace and grey tartan checked carpet

(Image credit: Carpetright)

Slightly worn, vintage furniture will instantly 'age' your living room and bring in that rustic style. Keep an eye out for pieces you can upcycle on eBay, antique stores, or even thrift shops. 

Remember they needn't be perfect when you buy them, look for shapes and styles that you love rather than say, what they have been upholstered with or what color they have been stained – you can always change these features. 

The chair in this rustic living room actually has had the upholstery fabric removed to reveal the old base cloth – we love the unfinished look.

11. Mix traditional and rustic for an elegant look

A period style Swedish lakehouse living room with white shiplap wall decor and framed wall art

(Image credit: Anne Nyblaeus / A Design Features)

Don't be afraid to mix rustic elements with other styles, just check out this living room! How cool is the mix-matched, not quite sure what style is going on here, feel? 

There are definitely rustic elements with the clad walls, the sloping ceilings and the cozy fireplace – plus the furniture and picture frames have a rustic feel too – but it's so elegant and traditional. 

This rustic hybrid style is shown throughout the rest of this gorgeous Swedish lake house so make sure you take a tour. 

12. Create rustic displays in your living room

A white living room with books stacked on shelf and assortment of framed wall prints

(Image credit: Ikea)

Another very simple, yet really effective way to create a rustic living room is with displays. That can be anything from a gallery wall to a collection of dried flowers, whatever adds texture and personality to your space. 

The colors here are perfect for creating that cozy vibe, but what we like most is the 'pile' on books almost floating on the wall that adds a 3D element to this wall display.

If you need more tips or gallery wall ideas, don't miss our feature.

13. Add in hints of color

A Victorian cottage living room with large grey sofa and scandi style decor

(Image credit: Future)

Rustic living rooms are traditionally pretty void of much color, but you can, of course, bring color into your space. 

Just keep them on the more muted side – think dusky pinks, mustard yellows and olive greens

14. Add pattern to a rustic living room with wallpaper

rustic living room with distressed sofa, nature inspired patterned wallpaper and antique style furniture

(Image credit: Sandberg)

How dreamy is this living room? We love the subtle green tones and all that lovely rustic furniture. Sandberg have so many gorgeous prints that all fit in perfectly with the rustic aesthetic so be sure to make that your first point of call when picking a new wallpaper

You'll find plenty more living room wallpaper ideas over in our gallery so be sure to check that out too.

15. If in doubt pile up the logs

How to use exposed brick: cosy rocking armchair in front of fireplace with exposed brick, and a grey and white rug and round mirror

(Image credit: Katie Lee © Future)

And of course, don't forget to bring some of the outside in and add a log pile to your living room. Hey, so what if you don't actually have a log burner, they make a cute feature and bring in some of that natural texture that rustic living rooms are all about.

What makes a living room rustic? 

 A rustic living room exudes comfort. Almost always featuring a fireplace or wood burner, you'll usually find exposed brick, natural stone and a mix of textures that creates a warm retreat to relax in. 

You'll usually find sumptuous sink-in sofas and chairs, natural materials and enveloping velvets for extra warmth. A mix of traditional prints like tartans and nature inspired motifs can be mixed with modern details to dramatic effect. Combine aged, distressed furniture and antique style decor for added relaxed vibes.

Add cozy accessories like knitted throws, a plush pouf and keep the color palette to soft, muted earthy tones.

What is modern rustic style? 

For a modern twist on rustic living room style, look for subtle rustic nods like simple organic shapes, imperfect live edge wood coffee tables, on trend dried flowers and plenty of decorative objects of interest.

Punam Chada, Carpetright Carpet Buyer says, 'Natural materials, soft colors and strong architectural features, combined with contemporary design touches, form the basis of the modern rustic aesthetic.'

'Although look and feel is casual and relaxed, it’s important to consider the core elements of your design. Flooring holds the look of the room together so start by considering which type you prefer. Choosing a textured carpet in a neutral tone will create a welcoming look that is timelessly stylish.'

'Alternatively, for a more traditional feel, opt for rustic engineered wood which has natural grains and knots for that authentic look and feel.'

Opt for handmade furniture made from reclaimed materials mixed with modern pieces, dotted around an airy open plan living room. Bring the outdoors in with plenty of light and indoor plants. You'll find more creative ways for how to bring nature into your home with our Content Editor's top tips.

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