9 folding room dividers for renters and roomies who want their own space

No need to hit up your landlord

A white woven room divider in a room
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We're all about making our space go further at Real Homes. In fact, helping you turn a rented humble abode into a nuanced, multi-faceted home is our very expertise. Our game is finding affordable but undeniably chic furnishings to break up and enliven any apartment. Enter: all of the folding room dividers we're currently loving. So, whether you want your bed and your desk to feel like they are in two separate rooms (and to switch up your Zoom background), or you're looking for something to split your studio apartment in half in style, I've got you covered.

While your standard room divider does the job, I'm in the market for something a little more refined, not to mention adjustable. Granted, there's plenty to be said about the different ways we can divide our rooms, but this foldable (and easy to stack and move) way definitely won't upset my roommates. Indeed, I rarely go a week without tinkering with the setup of my living room, so the packable, lightweight characteristic makes it vital for someone like me. I mean, sure: standalone bookcases are great for splitting things up, but they don't exactly travel well. 

Working with a modest budget and room size, I've picked out a range of folding room dividers, from bright and airy solutions to let the light shine through your space to cooler finishes and more homey options. Scouring the likes of Wayfair, Amazon, Target, and more, you won't want to miss these. Plus, much like our ever-ingenious bedroom storage-saving ideas, they won't wind up your landlord!

9 chic folding room dividers you and your roomies will thank us for

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How else can I divide a room?

Zoning an open-plan space is easier than you'd think. And while the folding room divider is a brilliant way to do this, some of us might prefer a lighter or more open method of doing so. Ultimately, it comes down to being resourceful, looking around for quick fixes you might already have at home, or some savvy investments. For example, a well-placed rug goes miles in elevating a small space. You might also want to try out some smart shelving ideas to break up sections of your home. Or, it could be even simpler. Try a DIY plant stand or add your hanging plants to a rail, and there you have it: an enriched space. As Holly put it in her tips for room dividing, "Any excuse to add to the plant babies' brood." 

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